Skull Session: Nick Bosa is the Best Bosa, Reggie Bush to Recruit Urban Meyer to USC, and Parris Campbell “Isn't Fair”

By Kevin Harrish on May 1, 2019 at 4:59 am
Three NFL receivers are strolling through today's skull session.

Boston's cooked. Jackets in 5.

We could honestly save some time and just have the Stanley Cup parade this weekend if y'all are down.


Word of the Day: Licentious.

 THE BEST BOSA. I remember back in the day when Joey Bosa used to laugh at the people already proclaiming his little brother as the better Bosa before Nick was even a senior in high school.

Now, he's leading the hype train. He thinks ultimately, Nick will turn out to be the better of the two.

From Alden Gonzalez of

"When it's all set and done," Joey said, "I think he will be."


Asked in what ways Nick was better, Joey said: "There's a lot. He's more flexible than me at this point in his career, and I just think he's got a better understanding of the position right now. I mean, we'll see. I intend to improve a lot more throughout my career, and I hope he does as well."


Nick is fully healthy now, enough so that he plans to take part in the 49ers' rookie minicamp at the beginning of May. By that point, the Bosa brothers will no longer be roommates. The two spent many nights together on the couch over these past few months, watching TV and playing video games the way they did as kids.

Joey didn't impart much wisdom on Nick.

He didn't feel as if he needed to.

"People think we're having these, like, deep life conversations about all this stuff," Joey said with a laugh. "I mean he'll ask for advice every once in a while, but he's got stuff covered. He's smart. He's mature for his age, so he's got a lot covered. He always just watches and listens, just kind of has his own way about things. He takes what I did, or does, and he makes it better."

We'll probably be having this conversation for the next decade, but I ultimately don't think it really matters all that much. They're both plenty good enough.

 'KROOTIN URBAN. Urban Meyer's new coworkers at Fox seem to have already grown fond of the legendary head coach. – perhaps a bit too fond.

I don't personally care if Meyer does coach again, and I honestly think most Buckeye fans feel the same way. He came to Ohio State, had an undefeated season and a national championship, went 7-0 in the games that matter and left the program better than he found it. He can do whatever the hell he wants now.

What's hilarious, though, is that perhaps the two most influential football alumni of a legendary program already have a contingency plan in mind for when the upcoming season inevitably goes up in flames.

The season doesn't start for another four months and they're already plotting their current head coach's replacement. God bless USC.

 PARRIS IS UNFAIR. Remember when you were a kid and you got a new toy or video game and spent your entire day at school daydreaming about when you'd get to go home and play?

That's basically the Indianapolis Colts right now, except the toy is Parris Campbell and school is the offseason.

From Jake Arthur of

“It’s funny, I have said this to you guys before, but as a coach you always feel you so much love the guys you work with that I always think, ‘Hey, we don’t need anybody else. We already got the best guys in the world playing for us,’” Reich told reporters after Friday’s draft haul. “And then all of a sudden, now you’re giving us more? This isn’t fair. It’s not going to be fair.

"And then you get a guy that runs 4.31 and you just say, ‘It’s going to be fun to see these guys work together.’”


“Well, Chris (Ballard) will tell you the first time I saw him on film, I have my eye – there were several guys, Parris was the one guy that really jumped off the tape to me. Just his explosiveness. Playing in the slot, you see all the things he can do, but I really saw some abilities in him that I thought translate and make him not just a slot receiver that you can do a lot of different things with him,” Reich said.

“But the 4.31 speed, the high character, the intelligence and the high character is important because that has to be an unselfish room,” Reich continued. “We preach that all the time in that room they ‘Hey, we are an unselfish group.’ So he will come in and will have to earn his stripes, but certainly excited about his ability and his character.”

I can empathize. As a long-time player of NCAA14, I was absolutely stoked when my Eastern Michigan Eagles landed a five-star athlete that ran a 4.28.

If I could give the Colts some advice, play Parris at running back, motion him into the slot and have him run a deep seam route against the linebacker in coverage. The computer can never figure it out.

 MORE THAN A RECEIVER. One of my favorite things about Scary Terry McLaurin heading to the NFL is that I get to watch another team and fanbase swoon over all of his Terry McLaurin things for the first time.

Folks, they're learning.

From Kyle Stackpole of

... the Redskins also noticed the overarching impact he had at Ohio State, and they're excited to see how his persona manifests itself at the professional level.

"You’re talking about an all-around player, and that’s why we liked him so much," head coach Jay Gruden said during his post-draft press conference Friday night. "He’s a guy that’s been great in the locker room; he’s been a captain, a leader and sets the standard as far as work ethic is concerned."


McLaurin also prides himself on being physical, a trait that extends beyond just breaking tackles. He relishes flattening defenders for his teammates just as much as -- if not more than -- using those blocks to create big plays. As a gunner, he's capable of bringing down punt returners and pinning opponents deep inside their own territory.

At his post-draft press conference Friday night, Gruden said McLaurin was the team's No. 1 special teams prospect.

"I just believe that it gives me versatility," McLaurin said. "I believe it just adds value for an organization going through this process. I take pride in any time that I am on the field. Special teams or offense, no matter what I am going to give it my all. That’s the kind of approach I take to the game."

I know he was a third-round pick, but for all those reasons listed above I'd argue with anyone that he was the safest selection at receiver in the entire draft. He does too many things too well for him to be unable to help your team in some way. If he doesn't, that's honestly on you.

 WELL, HE IS A SENIOR. When I was in sixth grade watching Greg Oden play nerf ball on teens on my television, I never envisioned any sort of timeline that involved him having a senior year at Ohio State.

But boy is he having a senior year at Ohio State.

Shoutout to Greg for enjoying the hell out of college like you're supposed to, even if he did hit the pause button for a bit between his first year and the rest of the years.

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