Skull Session: Billy Price Would Welcome Dwayne Haskins in Cincinnati, Ohio State No. 4 in Way-Too-Early 2019-20 Hoops Rankings, and Matthew Baldwin is a Loyal Buckeye

By Kevin Harrish on April 11, 2019 at 4:59 am
Josh Proctor is ready to emerge in today's Skull Session.

The Jackets did a thing, and now my good buddy Sam has to get the 1st Ohio Battery logo inked on his ass.

On the bright side, there are far worse things that could end up in, on, or around your ass as a result of a bet, so all things considered, this ain't bad. Count your blessings, brother.


Word of the Day: Gambol.

 BENGALS GOING BACK-TO-BACK BUCKEYES? The Cincinnati Bengals used their first-round pick on a former Buckeye last year, drafting Billy Price, and it sounds like Billy wants them to go to the well once more.

From Chris Roling of Bengals Wire:

“I think Dwayne is going to be a franchise guy later on, once he gets the offense rolling, once he gets complete control of what he’s doing in whatever program, whatever franchise, whatever type of offense he’s in,” Price said, according to Sirius XM Radio. “He’s going to be phenomenal. And I really look forward to watching him develop as he gets up in the NFL. Again, I’d love to see him close to home in Cincinnati with me whenever, you know, Andy (Dalton) decides to hang it up. But it’s going to be great. He’s going to be a very good player.”

Price is obviously a little biased when it comes to Haskins given their Ohio State ties. He also goes out of his way to clarify it hinges on Andy Dalton’s next move, whenever it may be.


Also tying into this is the Bengals confirming they won’t extend Dalton this offseason. Zac Taylor has said everything is on the table in the first round.

In other words, if Haskins is there when the Bengals pick, fans have an idea of what Price might be thinking.

And it's not just Billy, mock drafts and noted draft prognosticators across the country are starting to pencil Haskins' name in next to that striped B with pick No. 11 in the draft.

As a life-long Bengals fan, I've been trying so hard not to get my hopes up and keep reminding myself that while I want this for me, I really don't want this for Dwayne. But the more this becomes a realistic outcome, the more I consider having a custom jersey pre-made to wear on draft night just in case.

This Bengals/Browns AFC Title game is about to be nuts.

 ARE YOU... SURE? I have found it. I have found the one correct, absolutely flawless set of way-too-early men's hoops rankings.


Well. I guess that's one way to make damn sure Chris Holtmann doesn't shatter your expectations.

Our two years of complaining about folks underestimating the Buckeyes has paid off, although I'm not totally sure this is what I asked for either.

 THAT BALDWIN LOYALTY. In 2019, quarterbacks bolt when they don't win starting jobs. Like it or not, that's just the way it is – unless you're Matthew Baldwin.

I'm at least 97 percent sure there's no hidden meaning in these words, because that's just not Ryan Day's game, but that leaves a 3 percent chance this is some delightful shade at Tate Martell, and I would be absolutely here for that.

Regardless, it's good to see Baldwin's in it for the long haul. Even if he doesn't win the job this year, his time is coming. Hell, it could be one play away.

 BELICHICK IN MIDSEASON FORM. Greg Schiano's abrupt departure from New England was about as perplexing as it gets, and it looks like we're never really going to get clarity on the situation. Especially when you seek that clarity from a dude about as forthcoming as piece of lumber.

I don't know, Bill. I can't honestly tell you the last time I've heard of someone hiring a defensive coordinator for a defending Super Bowl Champion team only to have him decide about a month and a half later that he'd actually prefer to not be defensive coordinator, instead. That event seems weird as hell to me – the non-football coach – but maybe it happens all the time and I miss it.

I do applaud Belichick's deflecting abilities. He's in midseason form and it's barely April. Sometimes, I don't even know why reporters even ask questions at his pressers. Just hand him a mic and say "Anything you want to tell us?" cause you're getting the same information regardless.

 ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT. I went to college for half a decade and never once saw a boat in mirror lake, but apparently times change.

From Redditor brainmatterstorm on r/OSU:


There's a solid chance these aren't students, as some redditors pointed out they were spraying something in the water presumably to kill algae, but I still love the idea of two students just tossing a canoe into the lake and having themselves an afternoon.

 It also reminded me of this video, which is now 10 years old and is still by far the coolest thing anyone has done in Mirror Lake.

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