Skull Session: Joey Bosa Talks With Tom Brady, K.J. Hill's Goals, and Buckeye Athletes Bring in Big Bucks

By Kevin Harrish on January 15, 2019 at 4:59 am
Wavy Dub is now a starter in today's Skull Session.

I think it's about time we start referring to Keyshawn Johnson as "Michael Thomas' uncle."


Word of the Day: Intransigent.

 “STOP GETTING TO ME SO FAST.” I'll admit it – I'm at least a little peeved that we didn't get to see Joey Bosa drive Tom Brady into the turf on Sunday, and from the sound of it, Big Bear was too.

From Hayden Bird of the Boston Globe:

After the game, Bosa relayed a humorous moment he shared with Brady amid his frustrations during the game.

“He did a really good job getting rid of the ball,” Bosa admitted. “I mean, every single time I won — which, I won a few pass rushes here and there — the ball was gone. We made a joke, we were talking to each other and he just patted me on the back and I said, ‘Stop getting rid of the ball so fast!’ He said, ‘Stop getting to me so fast and I won’t have to get rid of it!’ Their O-line, they did a good job. I wasn’t getting much in the first half. Every time you win a rush and you look up and the ball is gone, it’s a little demoralizing. But I just kept going and I think our defense fought that whole second half. Came up very short this time.”

The good news is there's sill a chance for Brady to throw a demoralizing interception to a former Buckeye in the Super Bowl, and that's really what's keeping me going in these NFL playoffs.

 K.J.'S #GOALS. I was so surprised by K.J. Hill's decision to come back that I didn't even have an article prepped for his return, just his declaration.

I mean, the dude daggered Penn State, nearly single-handedly slayed Goldy, caught a touchdown pass against Michigan (granted, who didn't?), and had eight games with five catches or.

Buckeye receivers have bolted for the NFL after far, far less productive seasons. But it sounds like Hill just ain't done accomplishing things, and I definitely respect that.

From Tyler Fountain of

Hill’s goals for next season are simple “I want a 1,000-yard season, to become team captain, win a championship and become the all-time leader on catches at Ohio state”.

Yeah, he only needs 48 catches to pass David Boston on Ohio State's all-time list. He had 70 last season. I think that's a fairly safe goal. I'd also be shocked if he didn't have 1,000 yards receiving this season as the clear starter at h-back.

I'm also incredibly stoked to see what Brian Hartline does to this unit with a full offseason of development. The guy stepped in just before camp this year and the receivers were better and more disciplined than they've been since at least the 2014 season.

And with Justin Fields (presumably) at quarterback, mark me down as extremely intrigued. Will tune in.

 BUCKS BRINGING IN THE BUCKS. I knew Ohio State's athletes brought in an absurd amount of money, but the actual number made me damn near fall out of my chair.


Ohio State University sports programs brought in $167,510 per athlete in revenue in 2016, meaning its athletes on average generated the most sports revenue of any school in Ohio that year, according to a analysis of U.S. Department of Education data.

The university’s sports programs brought in a total of $175,885,823 in 2016. 

$167,510 per athlete. That number isn't per football player or even per starter, it's per athlete – everybody who competes in any varsity sport at Ohio State.

Obviously, that's revenue and not gross profit. There are expenses to account for and all of that, but holy hell that number is a lot bigger than I was expecting.

 FLIP BOTTLES. I have important news.

Yesterday was the last day for players to declare for the NFL Draft and Drue Chrisman made no such declaration, presumably turning down first-round money to punt footballs for the Buckeyes again next season.

It looks like he's celebrating the only way he knows how.

With Chrisman, Liam McCullough and Blake Haubeil all returning, the keystone of the team is in place. I smell a natty coming.

 DABO WITH THE SHADE. Clemson's evisceration of Notre Dame had folks across the country riled up about how the Irish had no business being in the playoff in the first place.

But after what Clemson turned around and did to Bama afterwards, maybe it's Nick Saban's squad that should have been left out.


The hilarious thing is, he's got a point. Clemson really only dominated the second quarter against Notre Dame, right after the Irish lost their best player in the secondary. Outside of that, it's a 10-3 game.

Bama just got proper massacred from start to finish.

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