Skull Session: Rose Bowl Reminiscing, Nick Vannett Hangs Out With Gee Scott Sr., and Brian Hartline Tweets Cryptic Tweet

By Kevin Harrish on December 26, 2018 at 4:59 am
Urban Meyer is ready for today's skull session.

Happy Boxing Day, folks. I hope you all had a delightful Christmas, but we're now less than a week away from the Rose Bowl.

Time to start getting your mind right.


Word of the Day: Brabble.

 REMINISCING ON ROSES. I just became fully aware that the 2010 Rose Bowl was NINE YEARS AGO, meaning we're more than two graduating classes removed from those players.

But given that it's been almost a decade, it's probably time to properly reminisce, so the fine folks at NBC 4 caught up with some of the Duck dumpers.

Jake Ballard didn't make a ton of catches in his career, but that one counts for about 64, at least. Hell, it's probably the sole reason he was our No. 86 player in our offseason 99 Warriors project.

That catch basically was his career, and I get the vibe he's more than fine with that.

 SCARY TERRY OWNS INDY. I might have shared this video in these here Skull Sessions before, but I can't get enough Scary Terry, so even if I did, I'm doing it again.

Folks, Terry McLaurin is the mayor of Naptown. And he worked damn hard to earn that title.

I'm going to miss everything about Terry McLaurin and can only pray another member of the receiving corps steps up and fills the "take out multiple defenders with one block" void that Evan Spencer and McLaurin have been holding down.

 VANNETT DRIVES WITH GEE. Hey, want to watch the father of Ohio State's most recent commit talk about the 62-39 beatdown of Michigan?

Here you go:

Gee Scott Sr., father of Buckeye Christmas commit Gee Scott Jr., washed cars in the Seahawks' parking lot for 11 years before a combination of hard work and opportunity led him to a gig interviewing players for in a car for the team website.

And one of the most recent players, coincidentally, was the only Buckeye on the active roster.

You can read all about the elder Scott's journey and how it rubbed off on his son at (young Gee once considered Notre Dame).

 CRYPTIC BRIAN HARTLINE. There ain't nothing like a few cryptic Tweets to read way too far into.

First, we have Dwayne Haskins:

Then Hartline hit him with this in response:

Everyone wants this to be about a Haskins return, but I ain't buying even a smidge of these Haskins return teases. I've had my hopes brought up then sent into a free fall like an amusement park drop tower too many times to buy into that.

Until the guaranteed first-round pick formally declares himself back, I'm assuming the next snaps he takes ain't going to be for free.

That said, either Hartline is trolling, or there's something else we don't know about.

Guess we'll find out at 5 p.m.

 HOOPS TEAM DOES GOOD THINGS. Chris Holtmann and Ohio State got the chance to make a young Buckeyes' dreams come true this week.

I hope they let him dunk on Greg Oden and turned it into a fathead for him to put on his wall.

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