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By D.J. Byrnes on May 30, 2014 at 6:00 am
Aerial view of campus, 1969 via The Ohio State University archives

Who's ready to see what basic English principles, team nicknames and numbers I bungle today? Eleven Warriors dot com. I live for this

... Here are some things you may have missed yesterday:

.... And here are this week's NSFW Anti-Work #Bangers:

Y U NO PRESS, EXPLAINED. The streets were clamoring for press coverage from OSU's corners — I thought we were going to witness a self-immolation during last year's liveblogs — and it appears the streets are going to get their wish.

From Marcus Hartman of The Buckeye Sports Bulletin:

"You see it every Sunday -- All you see is Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson sitting there pressed up doing their thing, and that's what you dream of is just pressing up and being like, 'You're not catching the ball.' If you have that mentality every play, great things are gonna happen," [Armani] Reeves said.

Why didn't we see more of this last year? Well, Kerry Coombs has a solid explanation for that:

"It takes practice to play that way, and football is made up of a myriad of different schemes," Coombs said. "There's lots of different things, and it's not like you can just say, 'Hey, go put those guys up on the line of scrimmage and go play.' It's the scheme. It's how everything fits together. I'm not blaming anybody, but that was not what we were doing. We did it at times. It wasn't our base concept. It was an adjustment. Now, it is our base alignment and we will adjust off of that. So, in order to do that, you've got to do it. Every single snap of spring football we have lined up in press coverage, and that's the way we're going to learn it.

"I'm not blaming anybody, but that was not what we were doing." Interesting qualifier on Coombs' part. 

LEWAN'S EX DROPS A DIME ON HIM. Taylor Lewan is one of the most loathsome college football figures in recent memory. We can add liar to his resume now too.

From the Associated Press' Larry Lange

Top Tennessee Titans draft pick Taylor Lewan punched an Ohio State fan, despite his insistence that he was trying to break up a dispute last fall, according to his ex-girlfriend and an alleged victim.


According to a 36-page Ann Arbor police report obtained Thursday by The Associated Press, James Hughes of Denver said Lewan hit him in the face and Alexandra Dileo, whose brother was a teammate of Lewan's, said "Taylor is lying" about his actions on Dec. 1.

"He knocked the guy to the ground and he punched him," she told police in a telephone interview Jan. 29, according to the report. She recalled hearing Lewan tell his mother "I knocked a guy out" the next morning while they were having breakfast.

Folks, I am shocked... SHOCKED... Taylor Lewan is caught in a lie.

I suppose it's a good thing he was gifted a 6'4" 300 pound frame, because it appears the only life skills he has off the football field are knocking out guys half his size.

He also must've done something especially heinous to Miss Dileo if she's going out of her way to throw her ex-boyfriend under the bus.

But then again, she probably feels some moral responsibility to snitch for having dated him in the first place. (I'd rather have my [forever fictional] daughter bring home the corpse of the Unibomber, or worse, some dude named "Kyler.")

I must admit, however, I do enjoy the image of a last second loss to Ohio State causing Lewan to go home, reach for the peppermint schnapps bottle (oh, little doubt Lewan is a schnapps guy), drowning his sorrows and failures from that bottle and then going out and catching an assault case. What a putz.

Floyd Mayweather, by the way, has some NSFW words of advice for ol' Taylor Lewan (and TI). 

BASEBALL TEAM IS GOOD. The entire baseball team — yes you read that right — received an Outstanding Sportsmanship Award for testing their bone marrow to see if they could be a donor to their cancer-stricken teammate, Zach Farmer.

Taylor Lewan was unavailable for comment.

11 QUESTIONS FOR NO. 92. Remy's preseason countdown series is down to 92, so he snagged an interview with a No. 92, Buckeye great Matt Finkes. Reading Matt's responses is a solid way to start your morning.

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