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Trivia Time: Week 12

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November 25, 2019 at 6:20am

Welcome to Trivia Time, the community quiz that will unequivocally prove how smart the community is...or not. We believe that Eleven Warriors is home to the most knowledgeable Buckeye fans on the planet. It is now time for you to prove it.

Below, you will find 10 questions. The answer with the most votes for each question will be the "community answer". The answers and community grade will be revealed at the bottom of next week's Trivia Time.

Saturday, Ohio State heads north to take on Captain Khaki and his band of mild "men". The Buckeyes have won seven-straight in the series and Vegas has them as a 9-point favorite.

Before heading off to be with friends and family on Thursday, flex your Ohio State knowledge on the little quiz below. 

Today's questions are based on Ohio State's past performances against That Team and some general knowledge about this week's foe.

In between this week's questions, you will find the results of last week's Trivia Time based on the Ohio State and Penn State series.

Two simple rules: Please use your brain (not a search engine) and only play once.

Difficulty: 1st and goal from the 1
Last Week's Questions 

Where is Penn State's main campus located?
University Park.....99.5%

The university was established in 1855 and has 96,408 students (46,723 at University Park).

Who is Penn State's head coach?
James Franklin.....99%

Bill O'Brien............0%
Joe Paterno..........0%
Jerry Sandusky.....1%

Franklin was hired in January of 2014 after O'Brien bolted for the Houston Texans.

Difficulty: 2nd and 5
Last Week's Questions   

For big special night games, fans of Penn State will wear what color in the stadium?

Navy Blue.....0.5%

The White Out started in the Penn State student section for a game against Purdue. In 2007, the entire stadium participated in the White Out for the first time.

How many times has Penn State defeated Ohio State this decade (2010-18)?


Twice, the Nittany Lions won in 2011 and 2016. After Saturday's win, Ohio State holds an -2 advantage this decade. Since Penn State joined the Big Ten in 1993, the Buckeyes lead the series 18-8.

In 2014, the Buckeyes started the series with a 56-17 win in Columbus.

Difficulty: 3rd and 10
Last Week's Questions 

What year did Penn State start playing football in the Big Ten?

Penn State joined the Big Ten in 1990, but did not start playing football in the conference until 1993. Host Ohio State defeated the Nittany Lions 24-6 in their first game as conference opponents.

Which Ohio State coach listed below did not have a winning record against Penn State?
Earle Bruce......55%

John Cooper.....38%
Urban Meyer.....1%
Jim Tressel........6%

Bruce only played the Nittany Lions once and his Buckeyes lost 31-19 in the 1980 Fiesta Bowl. Cooper went 5-3, Tressel 7-3 and Meyer 6-1.

Difficulty: 4th and 15
Last Week's Questions 

What does the “Nittany” in Nittany Lion represent?
A cat …............14%
A color..............7%
A man...............1%
A mountain.....78%

Mount Nittany overlooks the university and is the namesake for the mascot.

Can you identify the Ohio State player that has the team-high for sacks against the Nittany Lions in a single-game?
Joey Bosa..........69%

Nick Bosa..........8%
Noah Spence.....17%
Chase Young......6%

In 2014, Joey Bosa recorded 2.5 sacks. Last year, Chase Young had 2.0 and Noah Spence matched that number in 2013. Nick Bosa only had 1 sack in his three games in this series and that was in 2016.

*Young had 3 sacks on Saturday and now has the single-game record against Penn State. He also has the single-season record with 16.5 sacks this year.

Difficulty: Hail Mary
Last Week's Questions 

Which running back listed below has the most rushing yards for an Ohio State player against Penn State in a single game?
Derek Combs....9%
Ezekiel Elliott.....20%
Eddie George....31%
Dan Herron........40%

In 2010, Herron rushed for 190 yards and a touchdown in Ohio State's 38-14 home victory.

Who was the interim coach for Penn State after Joe Paterno was fired in 2011?
Tom Bradley.....58%

Tom Brady.........1%
Bill O'Brien........40%
Bill O'Reilly.......1%

Tom Bradley began his Penn State career as a graduate assistant in 1979. He never left the program and was called upon to be the interim coach for the remainder of the 2011 season after Joe Paterno was fired. Bradley interviewed to become the permanent coach, but was not hired. He left the program in January, 2012 for a position at West Virginia. Following a stop at UCLA, Bradley is now the defensive backs coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Last Week's Grade: A+ (100)

Your second straight A+...if I didn't know this was home to the smartest fans on the interwebz, I'd be suspicious.  

Congrats to the community for earning back-to-back weeks of A+. Some of you might have noticed that last week's test had a little pattern, D, A, D, A. That was done in honor of Ohio State being Penn State's daddy on the football field. football field. 

Through 11 weeks, there have been four A's earned, three B's, three C's and a D. All in all, pretty good. 

Time to give it your best. This week's quiz is based on The Game and That Team. 

Remember, the correct answers and community grade for this week's Trivia Time will be revealed at the bottom of next week's quiz.

Overall Grade: B (82)

Weekly Grades
1 9 1 A- (90)
2 7 3 C (70)
3 8 2 B (80)
4 7 3 C (70)
5 8 2 B (80)
6 8 2 B (80)
7 10 0 A+ (100)
8 6 4 D (60)
9 7 3 C (60)
10 10 0 A+ (100)
11 10 0 A+ (100)
TOTAL 90 20 B (82)

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Feel free to talk about last week's quiz in the comment section. However, please do not disclose your answers for this week's Trivia Time.

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