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Trivia Time: Week 11

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November 18, 2019 at 6:15am

Welcome to Trivia Time, the community quiz that will unequivocally prove how smart the community is...or not. We believe that Eleven Warriors is home to the most knowledgeable Buckeye fans on the planet. It is now time for you to prove it.

Below, you will find 10 questions. The answer with the most votes for each question will be the "community answer". The answers and community grade will be revealed at the bottom of next week's Trivia Time.

Saturday, Ohio State hosts Jimmy Franklin and his band of kitty cats as a 19-point favorite. It might be surprising to some that the margin is that large, especially when the Buckeyes won the last two games in the series by one point. However, if you do some digging, Ohio State has dominated the school from Pennsylvania three out of the last four times the game was played in Columbus.  

Today's questions are based on Ohio State's past performances against Penn State and some general knowledge about this week's foe.

In between this week's questions, you will find the results of last week's Trivia Time based on the Ohio State and Rutgers.

Two simple rules: Please use your brain (not a search engine) and only play once.

Difficulty: 1st and goal from the 1
Last Week's Questions 

Where is Rutgers' main campus located?
Jersey City....1%

The university was established in 1766. It was formerly known as Queen's College (1766-1825) and Rutgers College (1825-1925).

How many times has Rutgers defeated Ohio State in football?

Zero. The schools first played in 2014 and the Buckeyes have won the first five in the series.

Difficulty: 2nd and 5
Last Week's Questions   

Who was the head coach of Rutgers at the beginning of this season?
Chris Ash.........97%

PJ Fleck...........0%
Kyle Flood........2%
Greg Schiano...1%

Ash was hired as Rutgers' head coach in December of 2015. He signed a guaranteed 5-year $11 million dollar contract. He was let go as head coach a day after losing 52-0 to Michigan.

What year did Ohio State and Rutgers first play each other in football?

In 2014, the Buckeyes started the series with a 56-17 win in Columbus.

Difficulty: 3rd and 10
Last Week's Questions 

How many times has Rutgers been ranked when playing Ohio State in football?


The Scarlet Knights have never been ranked when playing Ohio State.

What is the name of Rutgers' mascot?
Scarlet Knight.........91%

Scarlet Letter..........0%
Scarlet Pimpernel...1%
Scarlet Scourge......8%

The mascot has been the Scarlet Knight since 1955.

Difficulty: 4th and 15
Last Week's Questions 

Who is the interim coach for Rutgers?
Chris Ash.................0%
Nunzio Campanile...80%
Kyle Flood...............19%
Greg Schiano..........2%

Campanlie started the season as the Scarlet Knight's offensive coordinator. Prior to coaching in Piscataway, Campanile was the head man at Bergen Catholic High School and won the New Jersey state title in 2017. He was also the offensive coordinator at New Jersey powerhouse Don Bosco Prep from 2000-09.

The original mascot for Rutgers was named Chanticleer. What kind of animal was Chanticleer?
A fighting fox..........31%
A fighting monkey...3%
A fighting rooster.....59%
A fighting turkey......7%

The Chanticleer was a fighting rooster from in the fable Reynard the Fox. There was some controversy for having a chicken for the mascot, so in 1955 the student body decided to adopt the Scarlet Knight.

Difficulty: Hail Mary
Last Week's Questions 

150 years ago, Rutgers is credited with playing in the first college football game. What team did Rutgers in that first game?

Rutgers and Princeton played on November 6, 1869. Rutgers won the game by a score of 6 runs to Princeton's 4. The rules of the game were believed to be closer to soccer than the football we are accustomed to.

How many times has Ohio State kept Rutgers scoreless?

The Silver Bullets kept Rutgers from scoring in 2016 and 2017 winning those contests by a combined score of 114-0. In the five games the teams have played, Ohio State has outscored the Scarlet Knights 273-27

Last Week's Grade: A+ (100)

Ohio State had an easy time on the field, and the community aced this quiz. 

Following a week in which the community was a vote away from a D, you guys come through with the second perfect score of the year. It appears that Rutgers doesn't have shit on Buckeye nation.

Through 10 weeks, there have been three A's earned, three B's, three C's and a D. All in all, not bad. 

I have a feeling that this week's quiz might be a reflection of the challenge the team will face against the Nittany Lions. You'll have to earn your A this time.

Remember, the correct answers and community grade for this week's Trivia Time will be revealed at the bottom of next week's quiz.

Overall Grade: B (80)

Weekly Grades
1 9 1 A- (90)
2 7 3 C (70)
3 8 2 B (80)
4 7 3 C (70)
5 8 2 B (80)
6 8 2 B (80)
7 10 0 A+ (100)
8 6 4 D (60)
9 7 3 C (60)
10 10 0 A+ (100)
TOTAL 80 20 B (80)

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Feel free to talk about last week's quiz in the comment section. However, please do not disclose your answers for this week's Trivia Time.

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