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2019 Tailgate Fare Week 1 - Game Week

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August 29, 2019 at 9:57am

Game week is finally here, and It’s about damn time too!  Welcome to the new edition of the Tailgate Fare, where we can all take part in one of our favorite traditions while watching the Bucks: amazing food and incredible drinks.

Week 1 kicks off against the fighting Kiffins of FAU.  In honor of the curb stomping they are about to receive, we are making Cuban Sandwiches this week:

1 loaf of Cuban bread, sliced long ways (my wife likes to use Hawaiian bread; to each their own)
some butter
Honey Mustard & Spicy Brown Mustard, mixed (I typically do 2 tbsp spicy and 1 tbsp honey, depending on taste)
Honey Ham, sliced thin (I love honey glazed)
Roasted pork, pulled or sliced thin (I typically use pork tenderloin, cooked in a crockpot for a few hours - doing this on Friday, with typical Cuban spices of lime juice, orange juice, salt, pepper,  garlic, oregano, cumin etc. )
Swiss cheese slices
Pickle chips

Assembling your sandwich:  Butter the outside of both pieces of bread. On the inside of both pieces, spread honey mustard/spicy brown mustard.  On top of mustard, layer cheese, ham, pickles, roasted pork, and more cheese.  Stack bead together to make a sandwich, then add to a skillet, & cook it like a grilled cheese sandwich. If using a grill, just wrap in foil and toss on. 

3M and I welcome anyone else to contribute, as you can never have enough recipes or drink ideas.  So come one, and come all, and let’s get this season started right.

Go Bucks!

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