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  • SPORTS MOMENT: First Ohio State game I went to was in 2002 against Texas Tech. After Mike Doss returned it for a TD I knew we would win it all that year!
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Bluejackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Reds & Indians

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Comment 01 Aug 2019

I have a 2 1/2 year old son, and my wife is due with a little girl in a month, so I have plenty of time before sports come into play.  That being said, my wife and I have talked, and we are not going to steer him/her away from anything they wants to do, including football.  Look, I am worried about injuries, but injuries can happen at any point in time.  When I played football, I broke knuckles, sprained ankles, tore a groin muscle, hyper extended an elbow etc.  My older brother broke a collar bone.  My younger brother played up through college ball and was a QB; he actually broke his back, tore a knee up etc.  That all sounds horrible, yes, but I can list injuries suffered from family and friends that DID NOT play football, but rather ran track, played baseball/softball, soccer, and some that didn't play a sport and those injuries would sound similar.  

The fact is, injuries happen whether we like them or not.  When your kids learn to ride a bike, they will probably fall.  When rough housing around, someone may bang their head on the ground or on a table.  You could trip and fall, braking bones when the sidewalk is uneven.  The way I see it, we don't live in a bubble where nothing can go wrong.  If my son  and daughter want to play football, soccer, fencing, study karate etc., I will support them vs. telling them no out of a fear of the unknown.  However, I won't judge someone that does choose to say no, as it is not my choice/place.

Comment 17 Jun 2019

Born in 85, and grew up in SW Ohio.  Fridays was HS football, Saturdays was Buckeyes, and Sundays the Bengals.  My earliest memories are from the early 90s teams, especially Eddie George, Terry Glenn, Bobby Hoying, Pace etc.  Maybe 93 or 94 was the first year I really started getting into following sports, but was instilled in me as an infant and grew from there.

Comment 04 Jun 2019

I was biking with my son (towing him in his bike trailer) on Memorial Day, at Route 3/Maxtown intersection in Westerville. I was crossing Route 3 EB in the crosswalk, when this van proceeded to turn right off of Maxtown to go south on Route 3 and almost hit me/my son. He was texting, and not paying attention. 

As someone that rides a bike regularly, it irritates me that people have no respect for ANYONE else on the road. Pedestrians, bikers, motorcycles, other cars etc. People have no respect, period. I don't care if you are late Karen, wake up earlier next time so you can eat/put makeup on at home. Put your damn cell phone down before someone gets killed. If you don't like the fact that I, on a bicycle, am legally riding my bike on the road and you can't drive as fast...tough shit. Roads are not JUST for cars, unless legally posted such as on interstates. 

People have no respect, and are rude as hell.

Comment 29 May 2019
Comment 22 May 2019


2 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar
2 TBSP Organic Lemon Juice
8 oz. water
1 tspn cinnamon
1/2 tspn. ginger
1/2 tspn tumeric
1/8 tspn cayenne pepper
1 tspn baking soda

Mix it all up then drink; be careful it will fizz up.  Tastes horrible but makes you feel better throughout the day.

Comment 21 May 2019

I have a 32 oz. Yetti drink cup at my desk that I drink and refill 3 times throughout the day with a pinch of sea salt (for the electrolytes).  Drinking this much means I use the bathroom more often;  I choose to use the one on the 4th floor of my building (I'm on floor 2).  The extra sets of stairs throughout the day may not seem like much, but every little bit helps.  Combine that with NOT combining trips to fill up the cup with bathroom breaks...I add in 12 extra sets of stairs daily (try to but normally get about 10).  Really helps combined with my intermittent fasting (don't eat from 8 pm - 12 pm the next day).  I drink an apple cider vinegar/lemon juice/water "tea" in the morning when i wake up, do a quick 10 minute exercise, then get ready for work where I follow the water schedule above...it isn't even a schedule anymore, its my normal routine.  I've followed this for almost 2 years now, kept off the 30 lbs I lost easily.

I don't follow Keto, or any other type of diet; I simply watch my sugar intake.  Sugar is horrible for you, and there are countless studies out that explaining how it affects your body and mind.  The biggest takeaway I had was how addictive it is; as much if not more-so than cocaine.  It lights up the same receptors in your brain as well.  It also takes a toll on your immune system, which is scary to think about.

It isn't easy to do, but it is simple to understand these concepts.  Stay away from processed foods.  Limit your carb intake. Eat more low-carb/high fiber vegetables.  Drink water, not pop.  Move more often, even if it means parking farther form the front door or taking the stairs.   Realize it is a marathon, not a sprint.  

Comment 04 Apr 2019

I could see Alabi starting as well.  Bowen gets a medical RS and comes back and starts 2020, with NPF at the other T.

Comment 02 Apr 2019

Sport for the Spectator is a must.  History of Rock and Roll was pretty cool too.  I think there is a backpacking class and a white water rafting class too (at least when I was there in the mid 2000s).  Basketball was nice for a workout, and racquetball was just a lot of fun.  

Comment 10 Mar 2019
I agree. I always have wanted a battle of ohio tournament. UC, Xavier, OSU, Miami, BG, Toledo etc. Get 8 teams, play a round Robin style to start the year. I think it would be great for us fans.
Comment 18 Feb 2019

23/270 works as designed for the most part...remember, Highways are KING.  Traffic can easily get off of 270 to go north on 23 now...all this did was move the parking lot off the highway and onto 23.  Unless a new highway is built going north (wont ever happen), this is the best it will be, outside of some traffic signal system timing updates or if they ever get rid of the split phased signal at Campus View (again won't happen).  Coming southbound, yeah, it is sort of dumb.  An easy fix would be to have 315 traffic AND 270 WB traffic in the outside lane, and then only 270 EB traffic in the inside lane...the pavement is there, just resign and re-stripe it (pavement markings)....The problem though, again, is that highway is KING...FHWA has rules for how much traffic you can dump onto the highway, and often times this traffic is "coinstrained" on purpose.  Take the Polaris exit for example.  Polaris would operate much more smoothly if all the SB traffic could enter into their own lane to continue southbound, but instead traffic from Gemini and Polaris Parkway merge together before they can merge onto mainline 71 south... on purpose.  It regulates the amount of traffic that can get onto 71 at any given time. Thanks FHWA!