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  • SPORTS MOMENT: First Ohio State game I went to was in 2002 against Texas Tech. After Mike Doss returned it for a TD I knew we would win it all that year!
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
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Comment 04 Apr 2019

I could see Alabi starting as well.  Bowen gets a medical RS and comes back and starts 2020, with NPF at the other T.

Comment 02 Apr 2019

Sport for the Spectator is a must.  History of Rock and Roll was pretty cool too.  I think there is a backpacking class and a white water rafting class too (at least when I was there in the mid 2000s).  Basketball was nice for a workout, and racquetball was just a lot of fun.  

Comment 10 Mar 2019
I agree. I always have wanted a battle of ohio tournament. UC, Xavier, OSU, Miami, BG, Toledo etc. Get 8 teams, play a round Robin style to start the year. I think it would be great for us fans.
Comment 18 Feb 2019

23/270 works as designed for the most part...remember, Highways are KING.  Traffic can easily get off of 270 to go north on 23 now...all this did was move the parking lot off the highway and onto 23.  Unless a new highway is built going north (wont ever happen), this is the best it will be, outside of some traffic signal system timing updates or if they ever get rid of the split phased signal at Campus View (again won't happen).  Coming southbound, yeah, it is sort of dumb.  An easy fix would be to have 315 traffic AND 270 WB traffic in the outside lane, and then only 270 EB traffic in the inside lane...the pavement is there, just resign and re-stripe it (pavement markings)....The problem though, again, is that highway is KING...FHWA has rules for how much traffic you can dump onto the highway, and often times this traffic is "coinstrained" on purpose.  Take the Polaris exit for example.  Polaris would operate much more smoothly if all the SB traffic could enter into their own lane to continue southbound, but instead traffic from Gemini and Polaris Parkway merge together before they can merge onto mainline 71 south... on purpose.  It regulates the amount of traffic that can get onto 71 at any given time. Thanks FHWA!

Comment 06 Feb 2019

LOL; I was "incredibly" hungry one night in college and didn't have enough for a full bowl of each ,so I just dumped them together and the rest is history.

Comment 15 Jan 2019

What gave it away for me, was when Dr. Strange asked Thanos if he gave up the time stone, if Stark would live.  After having mentioned that looking into a million different outcomes, only in 1 did the Avengers win...and then fro him to get a confirmation from Thanos that Stark would live.  

Comment 03 Jan 2019

Great stuff everyone!  I enjoyed reading these posts, as well as the rest of the threads form this past year.  l always am looking for new recipes and to bounce ideas off others.  

Comment 02 Jan 2019

Regarding the LBs...Harrison is solid.  Yes he still makes mistakes, but I am glad he is coming back.  Experience matters, and a senior at LB that has played a ton will pay dividends to some of the younger guys that could be new starters next year.  Get a competent LB coach, and open up the competition.  I am sure Werner and Borland are fine individuals, but their play was not up to OSU standards IMO.  Let's see what a hopefully new overall scheme does for the LB play next year, as I think Schiano's scheme was not right for the defense this year.