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Comment 10 hours ago

NO, tomorrow is Guess my mother's maiden name.  Wednesday is, What was the name of your childhood pet? Thursday is, Who was your childhood best friend?  THEN, we get to your thread...

Comment 14 hours ago
This was something of a no-brainer for me, because Terry Bradshaw is the first person I think of when I think of an athlete wearing #12.  He was one of my favorite players growing up, and probably the reason I am a Steelers fan.  Hartline was the first player I thought of when I thought of all time greats who wore #9.
Comment 29 Mar 2020

Welcome home and happy Vietnam veterans day! 

Here's to many more days on the 11W boards! 

Comment 28 Mar 2020

Most are figuring a 0.8-1.3 over all fatality.

I do not see America continuing unsustainable social and economic structures if these numbers are accurate. Something will change. Does that mean sports, no sports? I don't know. But, I think it means that capacity numbers at stadiums will drop, no more standing room only tickets, and maximum capacities in public places like bars and restaurants are going to be slashed.

There are definite changes coming, and we're going to see them sooner rather than later, me thinks. 

Comment 24 Mar 2020

They may be forced to make the seats larger than seven inches wide.  

I do think that one thing that will come from this is a reduced capacity in not only stadiums, but also in the national fire code.  By reducing the number of persons permitted in a building, you can reduce contact.  Airplanes may also have to make the seats larger than the industry standard which is basically a toddler car seat, but for grown-ups.

Comment 14 Mar 2020

This is the same connection Little 3M told me about. Honestly I hope it's enough. We need the depth. 

Comment 27 Feb 2020

I"m going to the tourney, but I'm in no hurry to see them on day one!  It wouldn't hurt my feelings not to see them play until Friday.

Comment 21 Jan 2020

Oh, I don't think of him as a victim either.  He is a straight up sociopath who lacked any feeling of empathy for another human being.  Everything else - his upbringing, drinking, drugs, sexual orientation, and CTE is all just eye wash.  He operated without any consideration of others.  

I simply thought that the filmmakers sought to make him out to be a victim.