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Comment 1 hour ago

The 9-11 memorial is an absolute must.  I'd also recommend Ray's Pizza, they're all over the place and awesome.  The Museum of Natural History is also worthwhile.  Maybe grab lunch from a vendor and eat in Battery Park, with a view of the Statue of Liberty.

Comment 1 hour ago

Are Rick's "visions" of the future true?  If so, he and Negan are friends, based on Negan affectionately picking up Judith in the garden.

Does the new book that they received last night possibly parlay the mystery behind what the junk yard used to be, and make everyone have a light bulb moment, and see a way to build a real future, and tie in multiple story lines in doing so?

One thing is for certain, they're doing a good job of raising more questions than they're answering without losing my interest.

Comment 7 hours ago

Maybe about the same time coaches realize that the 'one and done' rule is killing college hoops.

That is a symptom of the disease. What is killing college basketball is that the game has evolved to a point where athleticism matters more than basketball skill. 

College basketball players simply aren't good. They are not good shooters, they're not good defenders, they play poorly in transition, they're frequently one-handed, but they can slash and dunk like nobody's business. 

This is the new state of college hoops. Like it or not, I believe this is here to stay. 

This tournament wasn't very poorly seeded, those highly seeded teams are simply all too capable of playing that poorly on any given night.  

Comment 12 Mar 2018

College basketball is so out of whack this year, I think the upsets will be a plenty. 

Comment 11 Mar 2018

That's the only way a B takes the court in an Ivy League game.