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Comment 15 Jan 2019

Word on the street is that Tate tried to quit last summer, but Day talked him into staying.  So, I think this was a mutual parting of the ways.  

The big difference is how both parties are reacting to the break up.

Comment 15 Jan 2019

She blasted out a series of tweets that were like those ecard memes and they were all about people lying, or lying to your face, or liars trying to convince themselves they're telling the truth - stuff like that.  After someone put them into a collage and tweeted them out, she protected her account, but it wasn't a secret who she had on blast (Day and tOSU).

Comment 15 Jan 2019

Her twitter barrage.  It's widely believed the trail of memes and ecards about liars were all subtweets at Day and Ohio State.  I don't think that the interaction was confined to social media.  I've read that his dad was very "in touch" with coaches about Tathan's every move on the team, so I can't imagine momma was much different.

Comment 15 Jan 2019

I think that his social media cleansing came factory equipped with some not so pleasant conversations, which leads me to believe him breaking up with Ohio State on social media like a 15 year old burned the bridge.

Comment 15 Jan 2019

There is absolutely no way that Tate will be offered his scholarship back.

If that bridge wasn't already burned beyond repair, Tathan's momma detonated a bomb on that m-effer.

Comment 15 Jan 2019

Bellagio Conservatory Gardens and shops.

I've actually never been in there.  I think that's going to change this time. 

Comment 15 Jan 2019

The items on display are awesome! They have Jimi Hendrix's sports jacket he was wearing the night he died, and Elton John's glittery Dodgers "uniform" from his epic performance in Chavez Ravine.

Comment 15 Jan 2019

I've never been to the Rio, it got left hanging out to dry when everything over there went belly up.  I heard the baseball stadium rumblings, too, and think it would be a bittersweet deal.

Now, if the Hard Rock moved over to the Cosmopolitan, I think I'd be ok with that.

Comment 15 Jan 2019

I hope you have a great time! Try to take in as much as you can.

If you want to see the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, which is pretty cool, this trip will likely be your only chance.  I just heard last night Richard Branson bought it and it's going to be a Virgin Atlantic something-or-another.