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Will Coach Holtmann Try to Add a Big Man to the Incoming Class?

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February 19, 2019 at 9:20am

Said he was open to the possibility of adding a new player or grad transfer. Before the season began I think this was not his intention. Kaleb Wesson had to be rested a few times vs MSU. LeDee has not been the backup option as of late. Kyle Young, while a banger under the boards, is not prototype big. Got a couple rangey guys next year in Liddel and Gaffney, but one wonders if Holtmann watches the bruisers opposing teams in the BIG throw out on the floor and just says "Wtf? We need a guy like that." Anyways, this is a throwaway thread, so have at it...and, oh yea, YANKEEBUCKEYE, chill on the derogatory descriptive adjectives with regard to Wesson.

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