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Comment 17 minutes ago
Yea i mean it seems obvious this is what she is saying, that the staff told Carton(who knows about Muhamad) to take a hike. Shes spinning but does not elaborate and sounds like she has an axe to grind. Do not know how else to interpret this. Whatev, over the both of them. 30 plus days of quarantine/lockdown/curfew kids home 24/7 no patience for over involved parents twitter.
Comment 18 hours ago
Probable wishful thinking on my part. But even as loaded as we are on wings, this kid is smart, son of a coach, all state 5A, and a real prototype long wing spanned shooting guard, with defensive skills. He broke his leg his junior year, and never got the hype of some others in Georgia. Holtmann stole this kid out of Georgia. Way more suited to play D1 than Gaffney was, and hopefully Holtmann sees the need to keep these kids engaged their freshman year.
Comment 24 hours ago
Do not think Holtmann is as freaked out by Muhamad's departure as a portion of this fan base is. All the talk of Zed Key coming in, but the real sleeper of this 2020 class is Eugene Brown. So with Muhamads departure, and the reality that a grad transfer point guard thats in the top what? 30?50? in the grad transfer rankings is guys full of glitter(and doom) I think Holtmann will come up with someone who is solid but outside the ESPN transfer hype. Might not even be a point guard, who knows?! Its all about finding the right fit. Desperstion is for the "sky is falling" portion of the fan base.
Comment 08 Apr 2020
Its a half inch water, we are all gonna drown. RIP Mr. John Prine. Really, got Eugene Brown coming in from DeKalb Georgia, 6'6" smooth as silk shooting guard. Musa will be back. For all these supposed rumored internal issues, these players wouldn't be coming here if something was rotten. Luther can go be an offensive stud at Rutgers.
Comment 08 Apr 2020
I think Eugene Brown next year will hàve the impact that many were thinking Gaffney should have had this year, but did not. Disciplined, son of a coach, smooth and comfortable from 3. Of course the country I am in now is in total lockdown mode, cannot leave house, and countrywide 3 PM curfew. So, I watched footage on you tube called labworks. He is on the slim side physically. But everyone is so busy dissecting Muhamads departure, no one can see clearly the future teams potential. Stay home stay safe.
Comment 08 Apr 2020
Doug Lesmeris(?)'s article certainly is a relevant take on the current state of recruiting at OSU. So Cartons gone(to Auburn?close to home) Gaffneys(well, whatev) Diallo still here! All respect. And Liddell is a helluva alot more bonafide than eiher Carton or Gaffney. So, 50% success rate in selling "the program" this year. Sheesh, all these stats mind numbing. Go Bucks!
Comment 07 Apr 2020
Whoa. Did not see that he is sit one play one. Agree, transition guard so maybe Meechie stays invested. Part of me believes Carton wanted the keys before the end of his first year, and Thad wanted Walker involved for his two years.
Comment 06 Apr 2020
The portal is fickle. Matta hated it for this reason. As well, teenagers are even more unpredictable than they are fickle. Pretty sure Holtmann offered the players he knew would fit, and Wertz, Burton, Sotos were all acceptable. Sotos jumped first.
Comment 06 Apr 2020
Kentucky grabbed Bucknells Nate Sestina last year as a grad transfer. Sotos had Xavier, Gonzaga and Butler pursuing him. You are right about the bluebloods, but they attract the one and dones, when it comes to grad transfers and the transfer portal, what is obviuos is the playing field levels somewhat.
Comment 06 Apr 2020
Its a destination for the highest rated player in the transfer portal. Its a destination for the two time Mr. Basketball in Illinois, EJ Liddell. Sueing, one of the better forwards PAC12. Kyle Young. Sheesh, Gonzaga pursued Sotos, so did Butler. Kentucky took Bucknell's Nate Sestina last year as a grad transfer. Its a destinaion. But if your disgruntled because we are not Kansas, Duke, or North Carolina, or MSU, nothing anyone can do to help you there. Fine line, even in football, between being the top tier, and a notch below that. Hell, only 3 teams in power 5 football, maybe 4, who can claim that, and our football team has not always been in that group. Is now. Hasn't always been. But right below the elite, got some damn attractive locations for kids to play at. Same in basketball. And in basketball, with 64 teams competing for the best, its always a roll of the dice.