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Comment 19 Nov 2019
Yes. Agree. Feeling smeelings, hes back there gettin thrown on his touchas by 300 lb raging monsters 6 times a game...lawdy, this oline gots no room to act putoff by his approach or demeanor or words. The reality that he needs to do this instead of the idiot offensive coordinator of this team speaks volumes in and of itself. He knows he is on a sinking ship, the oline should be grateful he simply didn't call them pathetic in front of the camera, because then, all the people who comment "its not a good look" would be saying "damn, spot on!".
Comment 18 Nov 2019
I honestly think he is trying to be humble, and they are just so mired down in the total shitshow that is Dan Synderland, that they have to be respecting his words more than anything else. Granted, must be a little puzzling to them that a rookie would have the gumption to approach them, but they only got themselves to look at when the 4th quarter ends, and you've been thrashed by what should be, by all accounts, a bigger dumpster fire than your own.
Comment 18 Nov 2019
The fans were probably doing this. The ones who haven't bailed out of sheer frustration of watching the Skins hitting rock bottom.
Comment 18 Nov 2019
Yea thats the only takeaway I can get from this. Dwaynes got chutzpah, but I think he also has the talent to back it up. Just an unfortunate set of circumstances he finds himself in.
Comment 18 Nov 2019
Its a helluva alot harder playing horrible teams as opposed to good teams. And doing it two weeks in arow would suck the wind out of anybody. I am not concerned with any of their perceived let downs. As much as Day has tried to keep them focused on the moment, guys like Wilson, young guys, cannot help but look ahead. When you are young, everything is out in front of you. Rutgers in the moment is a depressing thing. Go Bucks! Time to get serial
Comment 17 Nov 2019
Stopped reading at the Jaelen Gill part. Good on him for getting a highlight reel. I know its Rutgers, I know its the second half, but have been totally perplexed that he has not bust out more this year. KJ Hill is there is that. But Gill has a 4.43 forty, has put on 10-15 lbs, and actually was a monster running back at Westerville South. Lesmeris and company said pump the brakes on the hype, because, they said for all of the above reasons I mentioned. But I think its part of Day's master plan, to wait right before Penn State and the assholes up north games, and have them worrying not just about KJ but also Gill. We have not seen the last of him this year in primetime. Go Bucks! Time to believe the hype
Comment 17 Nov 2019
They also have Louisville as a number 1 seed. I know we beat them in a "secret" scrimmage, but they are a good team, but one I do not see as a 1 seed come tourney time. As far as us being a two seed, hell, I'd be satisfied if we finish 4th in the BIG. Why? Because in spite of teams like Purdue losing some key figuresi.e. Carson Edwards) many tesms have reloaded with good players,(see MSU, Maryland, Illinois, TTUN, others) and the BIG is tough this year. No knock against the potential of us, but once conference play begins, I think you throw the OOC games to the side. Its gonna be a rough and tumble season. Hell, Maryland has two freshman 7' twins ftom the DC area backing up a 6'10" potential all BIG center. MSU just beat Seton hall in their house because a freshman who had not scored a point all season all of a sudden lived up to his 5 star hype and scored 14 in the second half. Nah, while extremely psyched with what I have seen so far, I will pump the brakes until conference play begins.Beat Stetson!
Comment 17 Nov 2019
Andre Wesson is injured. Musa Jallow, also. The offense is designed to pull people away from the paint to guard Kaleb outside. He is an excellent passer, and has proven he can hit the 3. When Andre returns, a key component in the frontcourt also returns.
Comment 16 Nov 2019
Carlin did an "addendum" series for spotify, 8 episodes, but he has discontinued his Common Sense podcasts. Quite informative to hear is reasoning behind discontinuing his Common Sense, and also a little saddening.
Comment 15 Nov 2019
Crazed that you are even having this conversation. But maybe you should check into Israeli companies. They are giving the green light for them to begin exporting medical marijuana(while many complain that they cannot provide enough for people here). They love to boast of having better science for it, they probably do. Better product. Irie
Comment 13 Nov 2019
At Butler, in 2017, Holtmann topped Jay Wright twice. Only two other coaches have done this(consecutive wins). McDermott is one, Seton Halls coach as well. No coach has ever done this consecutively three times against a Jay Wright coached team. Third time is a charm.
Comment 12 Nov 2019
Yea hard to call. Nova has only played one game, and despite pounding Army, their back court is anything but a finished product, a combined 3 of 11. Last year there turnover to possession was a dismal stat, something in the 130's nationally. They got a 5 star point freshman, but hes been injured. Walker, according to Holtmann, is "rusty". Better squirt some WD 40 on him, with Andre out, this team needs a steadying hand more than anything else.