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Comment 23 hours ago
And sometimes opposing coaches, even from MAC schools, come up with a game plan that works against another teams game plan. Maybe sometimes less about an individual players ability more about scheme. And the coaches did make the adjustments needed. Look, next week, Spielman, Wandale Robinson, Adrian Martinez...even if Nebraska is overrated, they will be testing our linebackers all night. Fun!
Comment 24 hours ago
Bad take. He may not be elite. But hes good. Intelligent. Such alot of bullying hyperbole. But he will be the "flavor of the season" this year for negative takes on the defense. He will probably rotate with Pete Werner.
Comment 21 Sep 2019
Yea its a weird matchup. If it was a CFP matchup, the wnd of the year, and somehow they were playing each other, then my pick would be the opposite. But this early in the season? Sometimes its easier to imagine unlikely scenarios sitting 8000 miles distant.
Comment 19 Sep 2019
Plus, I look at the schools pursuing a guy like Key, and I see a team like Florida recruiting him, that doesn't guarantee he is bonafide, but someone else who knows how to build a team is also in pursuit of an under the radar player. Go Bucks! hell, if Tom Crean wants him what further proof required,lol
Comment 19 Sep 2019
For whatever reason, Zed Key has been under the radar. Do not let the recruiting profile fool you. He is not built like a Nick Ward, but he definitely could be prototypical big strong player, with a touch, in the B1G. I think Holtmann got ahead of the curve on his recruitment, saw his huge upside before other big programs.
Comment 11 Sep 2019
Expressed these same sentiments exactly. Ask any OSU football player whether they would trade their schedule for Clemsons? Players live for big games...the easy ones can be tricky, but they are playing to win, for the big games on the horizon. The Buckeyes are young, excited to beat the likes of Indiana, Miami, Nebraska, and yes, even MSU, so they can matchup with Whisky(always a CFP contender until they aren't)PSU, Maryland?, its what gives the season a reason. So...Indiana?, nah, this year will not even be close