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Comment 15 hours ago
He scored 18, 5-9 shooting. Later in the game, when he stepped to the line OSU down by 15 or so, the away crowd started shouting airball, at this point he laughed realizing they wouldn't let his previuos airball go. Give him some credit, he did sink the free throw(maybe both, not sure if was 1 and 1 at that point.) Its the team as a whole, and the coach, that have possibly hit rock bottom at this point. Never in Holtmann's tenure here have the Basketball Bucks endured so much wrath from this, a football first site. Even last year, during the six(?) game skid I did not see so many personal verbal dressdown of individual players and Holtmann. One ludicrous post suggested he be replaced with Rick Pitino. But last year, less was expected of the team, even after a similar start to the season. I am not implying the wrwth of the fanbase is not warranted to some extent,( after all, only a person living in a vacuum would not think we are a spoiled fanbase) with that said, some of it is just off the hook. Go Bucks!
Comment 17 Jan 2020
I decided to go back read some of your comments about basketball. Trying to answer your question. Best answrr to your question...why not?! But you don't enter discussions too much...but you did say this years team reminds you of Mattas last teams, referring to them as "one trick ponies".If thats the case, not much to be lost playing Hummer, is there. But honestly,I think tbe one trick pony thing is just wrong. I remember Mattas last teams, getting blown out by virtually every team, down by 20 at half time every game against any team with a pulse, being coached by Thad Matta.Players like Loving, Amir Williams, they would not be on a Holtmann coached team. It is a scenario that doesn't apply to this team. Even at the ugly game against Maryland they had many opportunities to get back in the game up til the final minutes. With their best shooter mired in a slump and riding the bench, and Muhammad playing idiot ball. So he benches them, fields a new lineup and beat a maudlin Nebraska team, handily. This is a team coached by a different coach, different ball players, differsnt attitude, on an upward trajectory for the last two years. Hes recruited within what he was given, and until this slump, exceeded expectations. Maybe this isn't "the year". Maybe, like you say, its two years down the road. Who knows. 14 games left in conference, and while they have all but eliminated themselves from winning the conference, still plenty of time to get things right. As far as Young " starting at center" next year(as you mentioned) do not really see him playing a 5 like Kaleb does now. Go Bucks!
Comment 16 Jan 2020
And Rutgers is now 4-2 in conference, 12-0 at home. Great to see Holtmann sit those guys. Make them watch the game from the lockerroom. Guarantee they will play focused on Saturday. Gonna be a game.