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Comment 22 Mar 2019
Kaleb will have his first two fouls in the first 5 minutes. I' d prefer he just not try to hard for the first 5 minutes. Avoid any movement. The refs will be on him like white on rice. Iowa state will use the high pick and rolls to force him out into bad position. I do not like Iowa State. Kyle aYoung, as banged up as he is, needs to be hard underneath. Weeks rest, hes gonna be the key to this game.
Comment 20 Mar 2019
Holtmann took his time offering. He was not a "desperation" offer. Besides that, Holtmann likes to spread his scholarships from one season to the next. The fact that he did get an offer reveals that he will probably be a good fit, if not next year, certainly his second year.
Comment 18 Mar 2019
After the grind that is the B1G, playing Iowa State, beating them, sheesh Houston is not at the level even of our second round matchup from a year ago. The field is some really talented elite teams at the top, and about 60 other teams all interchangeable seedwise. Go Bucks!