Anxiously Awaiting Roderick Smith?

By Chris Lauderback on July 27, 2010 at 7:00 am
Roderick Smith breaks freeBig Rod unleashes a long one

Until Adam Jardy reported yesterday that Roderick Smith told his HS coach that he indeed took care of the necessary school work in time to report for the August 5th start of fall camp, I really hadn't given Smith much thought as far as the 2010 season is concerned.

Now, knowing he'll be in camp in time to make an impression, I'm wondering if the relief that he won't possibly go the juco route and potentially never play for Ohio State has tricked me into thinking he can help this year? There's no question the 4-star has the size (6'3", 220) but is there room for a true freshman in a crowded backfield of Zoom, Boom, Hall, Berry and Hyde? His HS coach certainly seems to think so but that's what he's supposed to say.

Where do you stand - does Smith has any chance to win meaningful reps in 2010? I'm excited for his future (2011 and beyond) but I just don't see it in 2010. I know he can run and he's said to have a nice set of hands but what about learning the playbook and picking up blitzes? Regardless, it's great to know he's apparently in the fold so he can start the learning curve in nine days.

In other RB news, Ken Gordon reports Jermil Martin is in summer school and stil hasn't ruled out a possible transfer according to comments by Dick Tressel:

"I can't say (the transfer issue) has gone away; I'm sure he's still thinking about it. He's had so many struggles along the way, and health issues. We know he's a good, strong inside runner, but he hasn't been in a position where he's been able to expand that role, and everyone wants their role to be as broad as it can be."

Considering the glut of studs at both RB and FB, I wouldn't blame Martin if he tapped out. It doesn't sound as the coaches would be all that shocked either.

Speaking of health issues, Jacory Harris feels confident that the torn thumb ligament on his throwing hand will be ready in time for The U's season opener against Florida A&M on September 2nd. Cane fans are hoping the thumb injury contributed to Jacory's 17 interceptions, good for 2nd most in the country.

Participating in seven on seven drills since May, Harris should have no excuses when the Cane's invade Ohio Stadium at 3:40pm on September 11th.

The ACC desperately needs the Canes to upset the Buckeyes, one of four non-conference affairs that could go a long way toward earning the sketchy ACC a tad more street cred:

  • 9/4: UNC vs. LSU (Georgia Dome)
  • 9/6: Virginia Tech vs. Boise State (Landover, MD)
  • 9/11: Florida State @ Oklahoma
  • 9/11: Miami, Fl @ Ohio State
At first glance, 2-2 might be about as well as the ACC can do but time will tell. How do you see these games unfolding?

Time Warner customers are simply hoping their TV will project the OSU/Miami game. Currently, Time Warner and the four letter are locked in a contractual dispute regarding fees that Time Warner has to pay in order to carry all of ESPN's channels. The existing contract expires nine days before the big game in the 'Shoe.

Most experts plus dolts like me figure this is headed for an 11th hour resolution in which both sides spin it as if they both won while trumpeting how important it was for each to consider their loyal customers. Whatever. Just show us the game, biotches.