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In the 11W game since November 2006, Chris has seen the site grow from the days of one or two posts to the coverage bonanza you experience today. A lifelong Columbus resident, his love for Ohio State was instilled at an early age by a Pop that spoke of Ohio State football and basketball with a professor's insight creating a passion now channeled through our corner of the internet. When not at home with his lovely wife and two kids, Chris spends his time collecting bourbon, vinyl records and chasing Phish across the country.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: It's a tie. I'm a diehard Buckeye and Yankee fan so...
    1. Seeing Ohio State beat Miami for the one and only national title of my lifetime
    1A. Seeing the Yankees win the '96 series. It wasn't the first of my lifetime but the first since I began religiously following them in 1983 when Mattingly was called up for good from Columbus.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Chris Spielman and Antoine Winfield
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Mike Conley or Bill Robinson
  • NFL TEAM: NFL is trash
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: No team but watch a ton
  • MLB TEAM: New York Yankees
  • SOCCER TEAM: Not my bag baby

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Comment 1 hour ago

Yeah, I don't see Day's offense having major struggles with any MAC defenses the way Tressel/Bollman would. 

I was just trying to poke some fun at how the non-conf games often suck, particularly in the past, since we don't to have them this year and I'm salty about it. Like "see if care!" Spoiler: I care. Watching a 76-5 win is better than nothing that's for damn sure. 

Comment 21 Jun 2020

Hell yeah man - we're glad you're here for them (and us) too! 

Comment 21 Jun 2020

In all honesty, my palette is still pretty inexperienced. I also think that's a tough question to answer in a black/white fashion considering the variables outside of just the mash. I do think it's interesting that the sweet mash process can basically "speed up" the aging process. For the most part though, I stick with the tried and true stuff like Blantons, Weller 107, Col Taylor SB and SiB, Old Forester (1910 and Statesmen mostly), I.W. Harper 15 etc. I did snag a bottle of Wilderness Trail bourbon recently which I know is a pretty talked about sweet mash and it's fine. What about you? 

Comment 20 Jun 2020

I work for a large company here locally, for 25 years now, currently leading a large group of folks in a call center environment. When I was first getting into leadership, I was turned down for a promotion 3x before finally getting the job that helped me earn an additional four promotions to my current role. 

My failures in not landing the same job 3x before finally breaking through helped me learn a little about perseverance and ability to receive and implement feedback. 

To this day, personally and professionally, I think I leverage a pretty solid work ethic, self-awareness and a legit commitment to self-improvement to overcome obstacles and provide for my family. Getting told "no" a bunch of times early in my career helped foster those traits. 

Comment 20 Jun 2020

Jason and I have been friends since around middle school time frame and obviously both grew up big Ohio State fans. He started 11W back in August 2006 (after moving to Chicago at some point a year or two prior) and it was something we talked about frequently during our normal conversation. When basketball season came around, I offered to join since I was in Columbus and either went to all the games or could watch them locally which he couldn't easily do from Chicago nor was he really much of a hoops follower at the time. I wrote previews/recaps for all the hoops games which of course happened to be the same season Oden/Conley reached the Final Four. I helped with football too and it was really a two-man operation for a while before we started bringing on other friends/colleagues. 

Make no mistake, Jason is the driver and brains of the outfit by a mile but I've been writing and helping influence the business since about 3 months after it was born. 

Comment 20 Jun 2020

I go medium. Typically, I roll with it straight up but if I do add something, it's usually gorgonzola butter / cream sauce. 

Comment 20 Jun 2020

That is a "Walking Fish" pewter statue created by artist Jim Pollock who happens to be Phish's primary artist when it comes to concert posters etc. 

These were a limited quantity run of like 500 and ran $125 a pop. Like anything phish-related he does, it's probably worth twice that on secondary market because phish fans are collectors. Some of his phish gig posters run well over $1000 on secondary market. I've got his gig print for the July 14-15, 2000 shows at Polaris here in Columbus and I've seen it go for like $2500 on ebay. Crazy. (I collect posters for all the phish shows I've been to.) 

Comment 20 Jun 2020

Whoa that's strange indeed. Ramzy would have a more experienced answer but I can safely say I don't think I've ever run into a bad batch of a bourbon I'm familiar with. 

I mean, we've all run into skunked beers in our life but that's never happened to me with liquor of any kind. 

Comment 20 Jun 2020

I'm pretty lame when it comes to attending college football games. For OSU specifically, I'd much rather watch at home. Even before 11W (when being near a laptop, guaranteed high-speed internet, replays etc. is a must), I preferred to watch on TV. 

As a result, I've been to a few games home and away but not a ton. I was in the Big House in '95 when Biakabatuka ran wild and I was in Iowa City in 2017 when OSU lost 55-24. 

Iowa's tailgating and fan base is generally pretty great imo. I went to a random Vanderbilt game about 10 years ago and that was a pretty fun setting too. Sorry, boring answers, I know. 

Comment 20 Jun 2020

Hmmm, I'm having a hard time with this one. I think I've just resigned myself to die quickly if a zombie apocalypse unfolds. 

I'll go with bringing my:

  • bourbon collection - I can either drink myself to death or use it barter with zombies
  • prilosec - I can't do without my daily prilosec, regardless of scenario
  • shiv - I don't have any legit weapons in the house so I guess I better whip up a shiv real quick