Tebow of Nazareth's Promise is Enduring

By Jason Priestas on March 25, 2009 at 12:19 am
Tebow's Promise will Outlive Mankind

Florida turned some heads last week when they announced the placement of a plaque on their brand new $7 million Heavener Football Complex. You see, it wasn't just any old plaque, but rather one commemorating the promise Tim Tebow made to Gator fans following their upset loss at the hands of Ole Miss last season.

Rightfully, the move has been roundly criticized -- not because Tebow isn't a gifted player, but because it's, like, too soon. Even the most Gatorest of them all is not beyond wondering what the program was thinking:

COME ON. He hasn't even left, or died, and they're putting this speech on the wall? I bleed orange and blue, and even I think this is a bit excessive. I mean, he is the most perfect human being ever born, and I'd purchase his sweaty used compression shorts to nail over my door for good luck, but for Tebow's sake, wait until he leaves to begin memorializing him.

But the internet, doing what it does best, closes the saga with poetry (background). Brilliant.