Sullinger v. Sibert, Round One

By Jason Priestas on March 30, 2009 at 7:00 am
Northland's Jared Sullinger got the better of Princeton's Jordan Sibert SaturdaySullinger 1, Sibert 0 with some controversy

Jared Sullinger and Northland may have captured the state championship in an instant classic Saturday night, but all people want to talk about is the foul called on Princeton's Marcus Davis with 2.7 seconds left sending Sullinger to the line for the winning margin. Though the call is debatable depending on which part of the state you live in (or your ability to combat homeritus-burstus), what's undeniable is that two future Buckeyes put up sick numbers battling to the very end. And they're only juniors!

Sullinger finished with 15 points and 12 rebounds including the decisive two at the end, while Princeton's Sibert finished with 21 points (11 of which came during the final quarter). If you didn't catch the game, you might be in luck because there's a pretty good chance the two Matta recruits will meet again next March.

Other highlights included Xavier-bound J.D. Weatherspoon pouring in 18 for Northland and finding out Princeton's coach is only 26. Mark our words: Josh Andrews will be coaching in the NBA before he's 29.

Thad Matta continues to be a hot name in the Kentucky coaching search though Calipari is getting the bulk of the heat right now. Izzo's name keeps popping up as well, but I just don't see that happening because not only do you have the fact that he's a Michigan native, but word is the UK athletic department wants to wrap this up sooner rather than later and the Spartan's win over Louisville pretty much throws a wrench into that.

Some good news for us -- over the weekend AD Gene Smith confirmed that the Wildcats had not contacted him for permission to speak to the coach. That, and the fact that several other coaches are also rumored to be on UK's list, providing cover.

USC started spring practice on Saturday and Pete Carroll loved what he saw. Granted, Pete Carroll loves everything, but how can you not be impressed moving the pieces of that juggernaut around. And thanks the the wonders of open practices, there are plenty of photos and the dish on who looked good. We love James Tressel like our own fathers and trust most everything he does, but is there any harm in opening a practice or 10 up to the public?

Elsewhere: The Silver Bullet has the new Guitar Hero commercial featuring one Robert Montgomery Knight, Greg Oden is hanging with Ronald McDonald and Tim Brewster is doing his best Pete Carroll on Twitter.