BREAKING: Hartline Enjoys Parties, Attracts Hotties

By Jason Priestas on March 31, 2009 at 4:00 pm

Busted Coverage, the kind of site that makes Maxim look like the Economist, stumbled upon some photos of Brian Hartline enjoying the spoils of playing football for a power program.

The photos appear to be from a costume party and while one of them is certainly worth looking at, the batch is really nothing more than a young man enjoying his last bit of school.

The site claims a tipster for the photos, but why the "DISCOVERED BY BUSTED COVERAGE" watermark? I realize this stuff plays in some parts, but is that what people are aspiring to be? A grown man that stalks Facebook for embarrassing photos?

(Sorry to get all Bissinger on everyone, but let these kids enjoy college a bit. This is a story. The Hartline party pictures are not.)

Digital ribbons coming to the Shoe? This is of course up for feedback in today's poll, but how do feel about the fact that Ohio Stadium may get some type of digital ribbon and/or other digital signage as part of the athletic department's new deal with IMG College for multimedia rights? This was something mentioned by Gene Smith that may be a part of the agreement and personally, I'm pretty agreeable to change (within reason), but would something like this cheapen the experience at the Shoe?

Perfect. And now to close on a lighter note, the Fab Five reunion spectacular that was to take place this weekend at Motor City Casino in Detroit has been canceled. Five days before the event. Could it have ended any other way?