A message to calm your nerves...using math

Hey everyone! A sentiment that used to be quite obvious seems to have been forgotten here in the buckeye nation as of late.  Going undefeated is hard. It seems like everyone is very worried about the possibility of the buckeyes going undefeated and being left out of the championship game.&nbs...
08 Oct 2013
by Goalscorer9

Are we really overrated?

Today's polls all seem to be based on perception's, opinion, and bias. I have attempted to create a ranking system that will rank all teams equally and fairly without any human element. The system is simple. When a team beats another team they gain points. Points are determined by the oppone...
08 Oct 2013
by Nkohl13

The Ohio State Effect: Northwestern

Another week and another opponent's stats get flipped upside down. It's always interesting to see how a team's stats change after playing Ohio State. Below you will be able to compare Northwestern's stats before playing and after playing Ohio State. The Wildcats were able to imp...
07 Oct 2013
by Remy

Northwestern: Let's play that one again!

What a great trip to the Windy City for a great game and another great turnout by the Scarlet Invasion.  I really expected to the Buckeyes to play better and win handily but given the near panic I was having realizing we were nearing a loss, I was thrilled with any victory.  Gone are the d...

"The 2013, scUM, 2-For-1, BCS Bonus Plan"

Halfway into the college football season the evil empire known as the Electronic Sports Propaganda Network, is commencing primary ignition of America's, final, annual BCS debate. ESPN's campaigns to brainwash America into associating the Big Ten conference with weakness and paint all of Ohi...
07 Oct 2013
by Hoody Wayes

The History of Beast Mode. A Study in Pain.

The Ohio State University has long had a rich history of having one of the best stables of running backs in the country. Carlos "El Guapo" Hyde may be one of the best we've had. I absolutely love watching this guy work. This past weekend against Northwestern, watching Carlos go off got...
06 Oct 2013
by Dr. Buck

Could Hyde be a 1st Rounder?

Alright guys this is my first blog post on elevenwarriors so I'm pretty excited. Carlos Hyde has been a favorite of mine the last year and a half and I was wondering what the consensus was on his draft stock. I know RBs don't often go in the first round unless they are really something speci...
06 Oct 2013

This is so terribly tragic Star SM West receiver Andre Maloney not expected to recover from stroke October 4 BY SAM MCDOWELL The Kansas City Star Shawnee Mission West High School senior Andre Maloney is in vegetative state after suffering ...
04 Oct 2013
by Maestro

Cheat? Who Cheats?

I attended the annual OHSAA Basketball Coaching Clinic in Columbus this past Sunday and the final speaker of the night was a retired coach that shocked me by telling us all how he cheated at Clemson when he coached there.  I guess he wrote a book or something about it already, but he said that ...
04 Oct 2013
by Maceyko

The Series History: Ohio State/Northwestern

Many clips have been replayed from the 2004 (27-33) overtime loss in Evanston. That was a big win for the Wildcats, but I just want to spin some perspective on that win. Since 1972 Ohio State is 28-1 against Northwestern. Since 1959 Ohio State is 15-1 in Evanston. The loss in both i...
03 Oct 2013
by Remy

Wear 2

In honor of Christian Bryant being lost for the season, Ryan Shazier is going to don the #2 jersey for the Nothwestern game. What are the thoughts of eleven warriors readers and Buckeye fans in general wearing their #2 jerseys to the Northwestern game to not only honor Christian Bryant but Ryan Shaz...
03 Oct 2013
by jkleva

Numerology Stats and Whatever Else

    What I'm about to write here has nothing to do with what is going to happen on the field, it's all about history between Ohio State and Northwestern and a few records Ohio State is in the midst of. The Ohio State Buckeyes have been ranked 19 times (depending on what part o...

Rundown: No. 3 Ohio State at No. 15 Northwestern

THE RUNNING START TV: Saturday, 8:00 (ABC) Ohio State leads the series 59-14-1 and is 9-1 in the last ten games at Ryan Field. College Gameday has decided to make the trip to Evanston. This is only the second time the Gameday crew has broadcast from a Northwestern game. Will these clowns b...
02 Oct 2013
by Remy

Buckeye Charting Project - FAMU Offense

I actually didn't get to watch this game, and well... FCS team. And a bad one. But here's the report. Original Spreadsheet 13:43 FAMU 30 1 and 10 Pass Spencer 20 1-1 Pistol L Packaged IZR/hitch 4 7 Catchable Plus: Kenny G Minus: Either packaged play or PA. K...
01 Oct 2013
by yrro

Asia Doss Makes It The Fantastic Five

It was briefly mentioned in Monday's Skull Session but the news deserves it's own write up. Asia Doss made her official visit to Ohio State this past weekend, while there she decided it was time to announce her decision and verbally commited to the Buckeyes. Asia is a 5'7" point...