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    Played plenty of sports in High School, with very few truly great moments, unless getting into an all-out brawl with a private Catholic school during our soccer game counts.
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Comment 11 hours ago

I know that this is not a popular response, but it's something Birm has said over and over, and it's this -

They'll make it work. If they collect all the pieces that they can, they'll make them fit inside the puzzle frame.

Comment 12 hours ago

Hey at least they get there, which is way better than what Cleveland and Cincinnati fans have experienced.

Comment 13 hours ago

It is actually a common theme in UGA's history, even before Richt. They constantly underachieve. It is truly amazing the amount of talent that they accrue, yet fail to even win the SEC East.

Comment 13 hours ago

The drop may come more because of how other teams close, rather that OSU defections. I don't think that the Bucks lose Weber or Gibson, or anyone else that is currently committed, but  it's no sure thing that they add anyone. Ole Miss, UCLA, Auburn, ND, A&M, LSU, Texas, and even PSU are going to add more recruits for sure b/w now and NSD, which could push OSU down.

As I said, I'm more than happy with this recruiting haul, just enjoy the buzz surrounding a top 5-10 class, especially b/c I don't want to hear the BS regarding the B1G not having a single top 10 class, while the SEC has at least 5. 2016 and 2017 will both be top 3 classes though, you can lock it up.

Comment 13 hours ago

Agreed. Just because you're Coach of the Year, doesn't mean that you're the best coach. Meyer is the best coach, and the rest of the conference really harbors a great dislike to OSU, so I expect an OSU coach to never again win the award, which is an absolute joke.

Keep the Coach of the Year Award, I'll take the trophies.

Comment 14 hours ago

Ferentz really underachieved this year, so I say either he or Harbaugh win it by each going 8-4.

Comment 15 hours ago

This is a small ball roster and it's clear. I love the idea of Russell-Scott-Tate-Slam-Loving as the starting 5, and rotating in length and Kam as necessary. I think that we were all rooting for the big men, especially Amir, to put it all together, both for themselves and for the team. However, it has become obvious that is not going to happen, and this team's best chance is to lock down on man to man D and try to do all that they can to take the scoring pressure off of Russell, while also leaning on him when necessary.

Comment 16 hours ago

Let me be clear that I think that everyone in my top 10 is deserving, and think that I could make an argument for my top 12. Next year, Favre and T.O. become eligible, with Favre a shoe-in, and leaving room for, perhaps, 4 more inductees. 2017 is a really solid list of first timers (Tomlinson, Jason Taylor, Hines Ward, and Brian Dawkins), as is 2018 (Ray Lewis, Randy Moss, Urlacher, and Steve Hutchinson). Of those two classes, LT, Taylor, Dawkins, Lewis, Moss and Urlacher are pretty much sure things.

I'm just looking forward to a Buckeye really making a splash in the League again and joining the 9 (soon to be 10) other Buckeyes in the Hall!

Also kind of cool is the possibility (not a probability) that if Seau, Brown, and Pace all get in on this ballot, the three schools who have produced the most NFL HOFers would have players inducted at the same.