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Comment 13 hours ago

So would Matta be regaled if he had better players that made him look like a genius?

Some people might say that in his successful seasons, that's exactly what happened.

Comment 13 hours ago

NC State still thinks of itself in terms of the David Thompson and 1983 teams. Being sandwiched between the Duke and UNC fan bases has imparted upon their fans the idea that NC State should be on the same plane as those two. In all honesty, given the expectations, it's not a very desirable coaching job if you ask me.

Comment 17 Feb 2017

Ed Warinner moved on to Minnesota and Tim Beck to Texas.

"Moved on" is such a nice way of saying, "given the choice to find another job or be fired." I hated seeing it end that way for Warinner after all that he did for the program, and Beck was a great recruiter, but in the end, they just didn't work well together within Meyer's system. On the plus side, Meyer's replacements for departing coaches have all worked out really, really well thus far, excepting Beck. I look forward to what Meyer's overall scheme will look like with Wilson concepts added into it. 

On the defensive side, as good as Fick was, I actually think that he's a bigger loss on the recruiting trail and as LB coach than he is as DC (Schiano obviously help to soften this blow). The good news is that a relatively experienced DL and LB corps return, and that should help with some of the adjustment period at MLB and in the defensive backfield.

I'm remaining cautiously optimistic for this team due to the fact that the CFP field is wide open with as many as 8-10 teams being legit contenders on paper, not to mention some of the surprises that we might see. It's a great time to be a Buckeye. I sure would like to see some more trophies added to this golden era.

Comment 17 Feb 2017

Doesn't he get 2 rings for the ones he wins as a player and GM?

Comment 17 Feb 2017

He's not taking less money to play for a winner

Just playing devil's advocate here, but in the unlikely scenario that New England, Green Bay, or Indianapolis (granted, not BIG winners this year) came calling for a little less cash, you don't think he'd bolt? I actually think a team like Detroit could really use his services better than the Browns. In the end, at this point in his career, he needs to do what's best for him. At some point, he's got to look at the situation that gives him the best opportunity to flourish as a WR and win football games along with making some serious coin. Realistically that's probably not Cleveland. However, I think that he does end up resigning there, because as you said, they'll give him the most $$$.

Comment 17 Feb 2017

Curtis Samuel is drafted by a competent team that will use him correctly, like the Patriots

As much as I don't like them, that would be a helluva fit for him. I could see the Packers working out pretty well too. I'd actually be very interested to seeing him play in Cincy as well, but as we all know, Ohio's professional teams are allergic to the idea of drafting former Buckeyes.

Comment 16 Feb 2017

I will freely admit that the thing that makes this Buckeye basketball season so frustrating is that the league only boasts 3 good teams, and a bunch of mediocre ones. In such a down year, I was hoping that the Buckeyes could finish in the top half of the B1G and go dancing by virtue of simply having more talent than most of the other teams in the league.

Boy was I wrong. Here's hoping that somehow they figure it out in the last few games and surprise by winning a couple of B1G tourney games.

Comment 16 Feb 2017

On paper, most "Experts" have said that they had more talent than any other team in the league over the last 3-4 seasons, which resulted in as many playoff wins as the Browns had over the same time.

Comment 16 Feb 2017

I wouldn't be shocked at all if the conference missed out on the Sweet 16 all together. I actually think that Purdue is the best team, but Maryland has the highest ceiling. So naturally, Wisconsin will make the deepest run. LOL. Given as the Bucks are out of it, I'm all in on NW. How about a first ever appearance resulting in a first ever Final Four!?!?

Comment 16 Feb 2017

I don't disagree with you, and hope you're right about the Tribe. I have only two predictions -
1. Spring Training hasn't started and the Reds are already eliminated from playoff contention until at least 2021.2
2. The Indians find yet another way to break their fans' hearts.

Comment 16 Feb 2017

That'd be a fun prop bet -

Which happens first:
A. Browns make the Super Bowl
B. Reds win the World Series
C. Bengals win the Super Bowl
D. LeBron surpasses MJ's 6 rings
E. Flying Cars

Honestly, I'm taking option D, with E finishing a close 2nd.

Comment 12 Feb 2017

Makes sense to make room for some younger guys. Am I the only Reds fan that will go to their grave haunted by the 2012 playoff loss to the Giants? Every year, that series feels more and more like their window slamming (and being nailed) shut.

Comment 10 Feb 2017

That's absolutely awful. No parent should ever have to bury a child, especially one that dies in such a cold hearted, senseless way. We throw the word "tragic" around far too haphazardly, but that's exactly what this is. Hopefully, whoever was responsible can be located swiftly and held to account for their actions.