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    Played plenty of sports in High School, with very few truly great moments, unless getting into an all-out brawl with a private Catholic school during our soccer game counts.
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Comment 12 hours ago

I'll admit it. I was wrong. Hope he can get back to 100%. QB competition in 2015 will be AMAZING.

Comment 12 hours ago

Wow. Just wow. I need to find a shoe to eat, b/c I was completely off on this. I thought that there was no way he'd be back. Damn, they're going to be really, REALLY good next year. Imagine a backup with either Brax's or JT's experience, and perhaps even alternating them to keep them both healthy.

WOW. I hope for a speedy recovery, although not too speedy, and am glad that he'll pursue a graduate degree. What a pleasure it is to have this young man as part of OSU's football program.

Comment 19 hours ago

No way Brax comes back. It would be very irresponsible honestly. He has suffered an injury every single season in Columbus, so why risk anything further? This injury is serious enough. No need to risk any further damage without being paid for it. Load up on classes and rehab. Graduate and prepare for the Combine. Stay determined and persevere. He can lead this team from the sidelines and in the locker room. He can help JT lead the team this year, and develop him, still being a significant contributor to what will still be a B1G Title contending team.

Long term, the future leaders get a ton of experience, winning 9-10 games, playing in a January Bowl Game, and develop into an unstoppable juggernaut for 2015-2016.

Comment 20 hours ago

"Retooling? I'll retool you!"

But, seriously, Bosa, Holmes, Lewis, Cornell as Ends, Schutt, Carter, and Hill in the middle. They'll be just fine. And that is operating on the assumption that Spence and Washington leave. They both have a year of eligibility left.

They will be loaded with talent that gains a lot of experience this year. Just look at the depth chart. This may be one of those years like 1994, 1997, or even 2004, when you can see that there is a ton of talent, and this team is just ready to be launched on a crazy run of success. I am not sure how 2014 will pan out, probably a top 12-15 season. If Barrett starts all year, with that experience under his belt, and Herman and Meyer are still there, they're a playoff team for sure. Lock it up.

Comment 21 hours ago

I just hope he's able to heal up enough to work out at the Combine. I hate seeing it happen his Senior year especially. Now, time for the rest of the team to go out and get him a B1G Title! He has carried them consistently for three years...time for them to carry him. We're with you Brax, and hope everything works out so that you can fulfill your dream of playing on Sundays!

Let's go Bucks! 11 Days!

Comment 21 hours ago

Birm, thanks for providing some sunshine on what most are calling a dark day. Given the activity with LB recruiting, has the staff resigned themselves that the Baker ship has completely sailed, or is there a chance that he may take some officials this fall? I know he's pretty tight lipped, but was wondering if you'd heard anything.

Thanks again!

Comment 21 hours ago

So, is this SI's fault or Herbie's? I'm confused!

Sad to hear this about Brax, but OSU's mentality should fall in line with that of the great philosopher, Any Katzenmoyer, "At Ohio State...we reload." OSU was always going to have a tough transition after Brax, so at least now it will happen in a year when they're working in a new OLine, developing the abundant youthful talent at the skill positions, and getting younger on D. 2014 may end up being a 9-3, 10-2 type season with a New Year's Day Bowl at the end of the rainbow. Who knows, with a few bounces their way, they could still certainly win the B1G. Things could always be worse. I feel much worse for #5 missing being robbed of his final year in Scarlet and Gray, and getting a chance to lead his team to a championship. Then again, they may lead him to one...

Either way, 2014 will be a good year, and 2015 is looking like a very, VERY good year.

Comment 21 hours ago

I agree. One way or another, 2014 is almost certainly his last as a Buckeye football player.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Don't forget, OSU won a championship with a brand new starting QB in 2002, and nearly did so in 1996 with a new starting QB as well. So, that alone won't eliminate them. However, it means that everyone on offense, ESPECIALLY our experienced WRs need to step their game up and carry this team and the young nucleus along. Hopefully, the OLine comes together and the young RBs are productive enough to take pressure off of a "green" QB.

Don't forget, Meyer won a title at UF with Chris Leak (?!?!) running an option offense, while sprinkling in Tebow in specific circumstances. Maybe they throw in some direct snaps to guys like Dontre, Marshall (played QB in HS, didn't he?), and Samuel, just to spice things up, and utilize the "SEC" speed that they have on the roster. The good news is that they are still more talented than every team that they are scheduled to play. They may not have the experience yet, but they have the talent.

After all, the true silver lining, if there is one, is that they should be very good in 2014, really, really (scary) good in 2015.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I think that it is the opposite of low threshold for pain. IMO, he is unwilling to admit that he cannot play. It's pretty common, and that is why teams/schools employ trainers and doctors, because often, you just cannot trust what a player says regarding their health.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I thought that these were both interesting reads re: Barrett, particularly the piece written before everyone learned of Miller's injury.



Take heart my fellow Buckeyes, as we do at least have a four star recruit on which we can fall back. So, it could be a lot worse...we could be Tennessee fans!

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I am indeed disappointed for us as fans, but I am more disappointed for a young man who was looking forward to fulfilling his dream of leading his team out onto the field for a 4th and final season, and hugging his coaches and parents on Senior Day, before leading his favorite team from childhood to a B1G title while probably winning his 3rd Silver Football, and possibly garnering All-American honors and serious Heisman consideration while competing for a National Championship.

All of that MAY be gone for us. However, it is almost certainly gone for Miller. There will be other teams and players for us as Buckeye fans, but as a Buckeye QB, he may have just seen his last chance fly by in the blink of an eye. I certainly hope that this is not the case, and it is an injury that "looks/feels worse than it really is." (almost like rolling an ankle sometimes) Perhaps it's one that only takes 4-5 weeks from which to recover.

Either way, let's all count ourselves blessed to witness what we have over the last 3 years. This one will still always be my favorite - The Greatest Half-Yard Run of All Time!

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Well, given the circumstances, the Orange Bowl may have been his last appearance as a Buckeye. I am hoping that they rally and win him a B1G Title as a send off. I can't imagine him returning and risking yet another injury. Then again, his NFL future may be at RB, so perhaps they try Brax in the "Percy Harvin" role if he returns?

Let's just all hope whatever the outcome of the season and his career at OSU, he at least recuperates quickly enough to pursue his NFL dreams.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

 Okay, I have been calm and relatively confident about the situation up until now, but -

Well, I hate to see this happen. I wonder if he'll just sit out and try to redshirt. I know that he has a kid, so he may try and come back for the latter part of the season to help his draft stock, or simply rehab and stay in shape for the combine. This was honestly the one player that OSU could not afford to lose. I wouldn't say that the season is toast, but probably no way they win at East Lansing without Brax. I'm calling 9-3 if he's out all year.

One thing that is not being asked, that will not be popular, is this - how does everyone feel about the decision to allow him to keep playing in the Orange Bowl despite the obvious pain? I know he told the coaches he was fine, but had they been worried about another type of injury, such as a concussion, would they have taken his word for it?

I hope for a speedy, and most importantly, full physical recovery for Brax, and hope that he does still plan to at least finish his degree before moving on. So...can we blame Herbie for jinxing him now?