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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1995 Ohio State-Notre Dame game. Close Second: 2002 Ohio State-Michigan. In The Shoe for both!

    Played plenty of sports in High School, with very few truly great moments, unless getting into an all-out brawl with a private Catholic school during our soccer game counts.
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Comment 24 minutes ago

Well, what's the maximum number of redshirts one can use? I'm pretty sure it's less than 60. Lol

Comment 27 minutes ago

In all honesty, it hasn't helped the NBA much either. I remember guys like Lenny Cooke, and those stories are pretty sad/tragic. However guys could go still go play in Europe if they go undrafted, and earn their way back into the NBA. Guys like Cooke are the only reason that this rule exists. Maybe the top 20 High School seniors every year could petition a draft board/committee as is done with football underclassmen, and then make a more education decision.

Let's be real, for as good as they were/are in college, there was no reason for Oden, Rose, Beasley, Durant, Kyrie, Mayo, Tyreke Evans, Greg Monroe, Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Okafor, and several of these UK guys to ever go to college.

Comment 42 minutes ago

I'm too damn busy re-liiving the Buckeyes destroy the Badgers, Satan, and The Ducks on the way to the National Championship to care about a team that has beaten OSU once since 2004 and has exactly 1/2 of a National Championship since 1948.

So, to hell with Michigan. Call me when they're relevant.

Comment 51 minutes ago

I think that the NBA should copy the MLB rule, which I believe is that you can either leave for the Entry Draft after high school or go to college for 3 years. Although in the NBA's case, I'd be fine with it being 2 instead.

Comment 8 hours ago

Is this serious?

Comment 8 hours ago

Enough to keep him company, and make sure he's not lonely.

Comment 8 hours ago

Well, if there were, there would have to be a female Rob Lowe, because somehow Title IX would have to be involved with any such discussion.

Comment 18 hours ago

2-12 from 3 is killing the Bucks. They shot pretty mediocre from foul line too, but since they've attempted so many more FTs than PU, it doesn't look as bad I guess.

Comment 19 hours ago

Mullins, Oden, Koufos, Sully, and Amir were all 5 star big men, and I'm pretty sure McD's All Americans as well. So saying that he can't recruit big men is just flat out wrong. Amir has been a disappointment sure, but I refuse to impugn the entire program and staff for two off years.

Comment 20 hours ago

WTF? I leave 11W for 48 hours, and I missed it! 

In Ramzy's defense, there is a BIG difference between having a different opinion and being a total jerk who thinks that no one else could possibly be as smart as he is. There are plenty of intelligent contributors here on 11W that do not act like arrogant douchebags, regardless of whether their opinion is popular or not. If you don't want to play by the rules, GTFO. 

For those concerned about the response, once the no jiggle gif policy went into effect, would you have minded someone getting the boot if they continued to post such content, and then created forum posts and other comments/content/arguments essentially daring those who run the site to ban him? I think not.  

MMan showed very little respect in his posts. I respect him, as I do everyone else, as a human being with an opinion. However, as a commentor/contributor/member of the 11W community, he deserves the same respect that he clearly had for anyone with a differing opinion. So I say good riddance, and thank you Ramzy for removing this blight from the Best Damn Site in the Land!

Comment 27 Feb 2015

If you watch Manziel's highlights, it is easy for anyone to see that he was an exceptional scrambler and playmaker with his feet, who was repeatedly bailed out by his receivers. They made a ton of great catches and big plays after he simply threw some jump balls and even threw into coverage.