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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Played plenty of sports in High School, with very few truly great moments, unless getting into an all-out brawl during our high school soccer game counts. Favorite sports moment was my wife's reaction (my in laws are Alabama fans) when Powell clinched the Sugar Bowl.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Eddie George and Joshua Perry
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals/Browns (affection) and Titans (location)
  • NHL TEAM: Predators
  • NBA TEAM: Wherever there are Buckeyes or LeBron
  • MLB TEAM: Reds and Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: Arsenal

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Comment 59 minutes ago

Just used Stout to make beef stew yesterday. If you haven't done that, you need to give it a try.

As far as the Guiness Blonde goes, I'd give it a solid 6, maybe 6.5. It's okay, but not really good. If I'm gonna try something like that, I prefer Yuengling, or even some local brews that we have here.

Comment 1 hour ago

Atwater and Lynch should get in, but it is historically difficult for safeties to make it.

Favre should be unanimous, and Pace should have gotten in last year, so they're locks IMO. So, I'd go Favre, Pace, Atwater, Harrison, and Dungy, assuming I only get 5. Next 5 would be Owens, Lynch, Faneca, Coryell, and Jacoby.

As far as who I think actually makes it - Favre, Pace, Harrison, Faneca, and Dungy. Debartolo is a lock, deservedly so.

Comment 7 hours ago

Really go back and look at '91 and '92 and it was clear that the program was on the uptick. '93 was no fluke, and the '94 team was a pretty solid squad that was a year away and lost to some very, very good teams. Let's give Coop some due for what the '96 team (which lost a TON of talent at the skill positions from the prior year) was able to accomplish. You're entitled to your opinion, but Coop is a better coach than Bruce. At the very least, he is a vastly superior recruiter. If nothing else, give the man his due for bring OSU into a more modern age of college football and appealing to an entirely new generation. As I said, for all his failings, Cooper had a huge hand in building the Buckeye football brand into what it is today.

Comment 14 hours ago

You left out a TD pass for Ginn. Maybe we need to start a "Will Ginn Throw?" thread.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Wow. Just wow. A true tragedy. What his children have to endure the rest of their lives is unimaginable. As mentioned above, if you need help, please seek it. No situation is worth taking away the most precious gift we've been given.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

In many ways, Cooper saved the Buckeye program. Sure, he lost to UM and the SEC (among others) in bowl games on a consistent basis. However, it was Cooper who turned the Buckeyes into a national brand. That 1993-1998 run returned the Bucks to the forefront of the national discussion and built the foundation for what we now see in Columbus. Thanks for bringing attention to the most under appreciated coach that most of us have ever known. 

The other thing that this article reminds me of is how blessed/lucky we are as Buckeye fans. 5 coaches over the last 60+ years. That's pretty damn good. That's what happens with consistent success.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Look, I hate everything about Alabama, but they only have 23 commits, so I'm not sure it qualifies as "oversigning", given their graduations and draft entries. In fact, if you look at 2013-2016, Bama has signed 26, 27, 24, and 23 kids (100 total), respectively. Ohio State has signed 23, 23, 26, and 25 (97).

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Disappointing still to see the #1 recruit, at a position of need for the Buckeyes, commit to UM. Let's see what happens on the field.

So, for next year, Meyer clearly needs to hire the head coach at IMG, right?

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Very true. As I said, optimistic, just cautious. What they could do at WR in 2016-17 could be really special, like the corps that they had during the 1994-98 run.