The Rundown: No. 4 Ohio State at Purdue

THE RUNNING STArt TV: Saturday, Noon (BTN) Ohio State leads the series 39-14-2 and is 7-3 in the last ten games at Ross-Ade Stadium. The Buckeyes last won at Purdue in 2007;  a 23-7 victory over the 23rd ranked Boilermakers. Since 2004 Ohio State is 1-3 at West Lafayette. The three losse...
29 Oct 2013
by Remy

Bert # karma

  Anything to take the focus off of sucking up the SEC......good job Berto!   Arkansas upset with Auburn video Updated: October 28, 2013, 6:50 PM ET Associated Press RECOMMEND334TWEET57COMMENTS87EMAILPRINT FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Bret Bielema's war of words with Auburn is aliv...
28 Oct 2013
by osufitz

The Ohio State Effect: Penn State

Another week and another opponent's stats get flipped upside down. We all know that Ohio State embarrassed Penn State 63-14 in the Horseshoe Saturday night, but the Buckeyes dominated the stat sheet as well. It's always interesting to see how a team's stats change after playing Ohio ...
28 Oct 2013
by Remy

What to Root For: Week 10

Last week's list here. Well, I was astonishingly close on some games, and WAY off on a few in terms of the score.  I did a surprisingly impressive 7-1 in terms of result.  Last week's predictions and results (with scores as away-home): Wake Forest at #7 Miami (FL): Predict...
28 Oct 2013
by BED

Top Five - Remaining Schedule.

I'll go in order of the current polls.  Biggest games I see are bolded and asterisks = if they qualify. 1.  Alabama (Dynamited Rocky Top  45-10) Alabama has tests vs LSU and Auburn, with @ Auburn circled.  Minus CH St a couple of these games could be the one that takes them...
28 Oct 2013
by toad1204

Weekly Probabilities 10/28

Here they are!  Again, although the process is objective, I acknowledge my probabilities of individual games are subjective, though I think this gives us a pretty good picture of where we are at.  *I tried to find the vegas or massey odds people talked about last week, but after a short se...
28 Oct 2013
by Goalscorer9


I honestly can't really see much of a difference between these two hits.  Obviously both players led with their upperbody/shoulder and there was some incidental helmet contact on each hit...Roby was ejected for "targeting" but this player for UCLA wasn't.  Can they even e...

Happy Anniversary & Numerology III

Happy Anniversary ! 94 years ago Chic Harley led The Ohio State University Buckeyes to their first win 13-3 over the School Up North on Oct 25, 1919. In 1941, James Thurber described Harley's running skills for the New York City newspaper, PM, "If you never saw him run with a football, we c...

Big Ten Championship Game

As the weeks go by and the victories pile up, it saddens me to think that another season of Buckeye football will eventually come to an end. However, there is a sense of joy, a sense of happiness in me which comes from the fact that this season will not end on the 30th of November. Additional opport...
25 Oct 2013
by bucknut82


I am laying forth an action plan to all Buckeye fans everywhere, all over the universe, to STOP READING, POSTING, CLICKING, WATCHING, TALKING SHIT TO FOLKS ON TWITTER AND/OR OTHERWISE REACTING TO NEGATIVE MEDIA REGARDING THE BUCKEYES for the entire month of November!  Feel free to peruse the ES...

What to Root For: Week 9

Now that the BCS standings have been published, I thought it would be interesting to start a weekly blogpost of what upsets Buckeye fans should be rooting for.  (*Reminder Buckeye Nation, the '02 team started at #6 in the BCS standings, we win and history says we'll be in.  Breathe...
24 Oct 2013
by BED

The Series History: Ohio State/Penn State

When looking at the overall series 15-13 (without vacated wins) you would believe Ohio State and Penn State are evenly matched rivals. However, the 15-13 (.536) series mark is misleading. Penn State amassed the majority of its wins against Ohio State before joining the Big Ten in 1993. Before ...
23 Oct 2013
by Remy

Justin Hilliard

Just a quick question for anybody who knows... Obviously, the Iowa game was last week and on hand was Justin Hilliard from Cincy checking out not only his Hawkeye brother, but the Bucks as well! Anybody know how his visit went? I looked around on some sites but didn't really catch anything to ho...

Real issue in defense

This is a section from GAMETIME's post and I think its one of the most insightful  posts and gets to the heart of the problem (though I dont think I would agree with the last line, also dont know the source of  the research he quotes). What do you guys think  : &nb...
23 Oct 2013
by DocBuckeye

The Rundown: Penn State at No. 4 Ohio State

THE RUNNING START TV: Saturday, 8:00 (ABC) Ohio State leads the series 15-13-and is 9-7 against Penn State in Columbus. Since 1993, the first year Penn State played football in the Big Ten, Ohio State has a 13-6 overall and 8-2 at home against the Nittany Lions. The Buckeyes' lo...
22 Oct 2013
by Remy

Weekly Probabilities 10/22

Here they are!  Thanks to Buckeyes8222, I remember how to do the more complicated calculations now.  Again, although the process is objective, I acknowledge my probabilities of individual games are subjective, though I think this gives us a pretty good picture of where we are at.  As ...
22 Oct 2013
by Goalscorer9

The National Narrative (A Defense of Ohio State)

The debate over who is most deserving to play in the BCS NC is in full swing. It is amazing to see how passionate some fans and even national commentators are in their advocacy of Oregon/FSU/Baylor/Mizzou as the most deserving team to play in the title game. Two points are taken for granted by every...
21 Oct 2013
by ATXbucknut

The SOS Argument

I was reading through the blogs this morning, and when I saw all of the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the BCS and its unfairness (which I openly participate in, as well), I thought I'd look at the perception of the SOS or lack thereof for the 4 teams at the top. I looked at the records for ...
21 Oct 2013
by WC Buckeye

The Big Ten Problem

      It is the elephant in the room, and it’s not invisible.  It is pointed out by bloggers on the internet, and talking heads at ESPN.  The Ohio State University Buckeyes, in its current state of being undefeated for 19 games in a row, is almost relegated to undefeat...
21 Oct 2013
by Jonnferrell