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Comment 29 Dec 2016

Stick with what we do best: use our 3-headed rushing attack to slowly beat them into submission, while utilizing our short passing game to frustrate them. If that doesn't work, have Cam pin them deep in their own territory and let the Bullets do their thing. 

My fear with doing what you suggested is that we're essentially telling the young men that we don't have a lot of faith in what they've done all season to get to this point in the playoffs. If the "new plan" doesn't work, we've shot ourselves in the foot. Just my $.02

Comment 02 Dec 2016

Unfortunately, I think that our "Clearly we were one of the best 4 teams last year" moments weren't shown until Ann Arbor and the Fiesta Bowl. Had we performed similarly to those games for the bulk of the season, then I'm on board with that comment.

Comment 23 Nov 2016

I'd have to go with Troy for what he did in 3 consecutive seasons, but let's not forget the OG who first made beating M*chigan the cool thing to do... 

Comment 18 Nov 2016

I don't believe he led us in tackles in a season, but he did finish his first full season with 6 INTs, so he wasn't exactly a slouch there either. I, too, remember Bell a bit differently than the OP. I think most school's would kill to have had a Vonn Bell in their secondary... we've been blessed with a Bell and now a Hooker.

Comment 16 Nov 2016

Oh, for sure... my point was simply that if those things were to happen, we'd basically be sitting pretty. You know, assuming we go in and crush TSUN next weekend.

Comment 14 Nov 2016

For anyone who doesn't simply want to "let the chips fall as they may," and feels that their own fandom and cheering can impact the outcome of the games, here's a quick and extensive viewer's guide to Week 12 and what OSU needs to have happen in order to make the College Football Playoffs (my own subjective opinion). 

In order of importance (I think):

Ohio State beats MSU (12pm)
Rutgers beats PSU (8pm - yep, for real, it's a night game)
Oklahoma beats WVU (8pm)
Houston beats U of L (8pm, 11/17)
Wake Forest beats Clemson (7pm)
Arizona State beats Washington (7:30pm)
Wisconsin beats Purdue (12pm)
Nebraska beats Maryland (12pm)

Comment 07 Nov 2016

Meh. I hate them with the burning hatred of 1000 suns, but they've beaten 3 teams currently ranked in the top 15. Doesn't matter to me, and I doubt if the Rose Bowl committee will hold it against them either.