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Comment 15 Apr 2016

As a HS punter and stat nerd, I'd like to put a little perspective on this kid's talent, purely based on the highlight video and Vico's write-up.

If he averaged 46.4 on 17 punts, then he punted for just under 800 yards on the year. The tape shows 8 of those punts (6 blasts, 1 pooch, and 1 good punt that was fumbled) for a total of roughly 444 yards. So, the average punt distance on his highlight tape is 55.5 yards, which is absolutely, insanely monstrous. Taking those punts out, the remaining 9 punts of his season still averaged out to over 38 yards per kick, and there were likely several pooches in there, since he managed to drop over half inside the 20. The 38+ yard per punt average of his "not good enough for a highlight video" kicks would still have him ranked in the top 10 in the state. For the record, his unseen punts would have ranked him just above my HS average.

Welcome to OSU!

Comment 13 Apr 2016

Eh, I don't mind him so much, but I won't stop you from hating someone from TSUN.

Comment 13 Apr 2016

Can't decide what's better right now: Better Call Saul or The Americans, but I do know fans of The Walking Dead owe me an apology as their show isn't even playing the same sport.

Sorry, DJ, but I'm gonna have to sort of disagree here. The Walking Dead is definitely one of the best shows out there right now, and The Americans is way up there too. I like Better Call Saul thus far, but if I hadn't watched Breaking Bad and known the connections, it would only be in the "meh, if I have time I guess I'll turn it on" category. It's riding some brilliant coattails right now. I will say, if it were a show only about Mike Ehrmantraut, I'd be all in every week. My #HotTake.

Comment 04 Apr 2016

I'm not trying to put Donte down, as he's one of my favorite Buckeyes, but let's face it (regarding the tackling numbers), Browns safeties are going to continue to have big tackling stats, unfortunately. This may not be a product of his excellent play as much as our DL and LBs not being able to stop anything until the 3rd level.

Comment 02 Apr 2016

When commenting, the capital I that's slightly tilted toward the S with a line through it helps make your sarcasm easier to identify. In all seriousness, OSU has missed on a couple of big in-state guys, but has done pretty well in recruiting and amazingly well at developing OL talent. We lost a whole lot, but I am not prepared to buckle up for a rough year.