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Comment 18 Mar 2014

"Just pour a glass of water on your keyboard and take a walk outside, please."

And then light yourself on fire.

Comment 11 Feb 2014

Be careful with the sword of Exact Zero. You might end up needing The Shroud of Ban'Daeed.

Comment 28 Jan 2014
This is, by far, the best Internet site in the world. However I am still mad about the refusal to make the comment sections .gif only.
Comment 24 Jan 2014

Disappointed by the comments in this thread. Really? Just one gif? Step up your game people!

I am renewing my call to make have comment threads be gif only!

**noting, ironically, that this comment is not a .gif**

Comment 20 Dec 2013

I always ensure that my dolphin is tuna-safe.

Comment 11 Sep 2013

Buckeyes - 48

Cal - 10



Comment 05 Sep 2013

That sound you hear is Johnny Football regressing to the mean.  Do you think they cover that in his online stats class?

Comment 21 Jan 2013

Wow, I did not know student tickets were that much.  IN 1993, they were $60 for five games.  That is an increase of 9.9% compounded annually.  That is pretty steep but it seems to be in line with what the market will bear.