Campus Connection: Alexander Hamilton Society Discusses Foreign Affairs

By Jake Anderson on August 30, 2018 at 7:25 pm
Members of Alexander Hamilton Society listen in during a discussion of North Korea's nuclear arsenal.

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With football season rapidly approaching and the autumn semester turning up, students are slowly re-acclimating to campus life.

This means the return of classes, late nights in the library, and yes, thousands of emails describing the clubs and organizations that students can join. There is one organization, however, that may deserve a little more attention from students.

The Alexander Hamilton Society is a national organization with campus chapters that is centered around constructive discussions on foreign policy while creating a tight-knit community.

“It’s a great organization," three-year member Austin Ward said. "I can debate someone I disagree with for an hour and then go grab dinner with him right after.”

In addition to weekly dialogue, Ohio State’s AHS hosts high-profile guests to speak on current events and how they may influence future policies. Past guests include Dr. Steven David, Professor of International Relations from Johns Hopkins, and Ian Brzezinski, former security advisor for Europe and NATO.

The Alexander Hamilton Society also grants professional opportunities to their members. Internship listings often come through the national organization and cycled to their chapters, giving AHS members the first priority.

Additionally, AHS allows a number of students to attend the Reagan National Defense Forum, one of the most prestigious conferences in the nation on foreign policy. Past speakers at the event include the late John McCain and California congresswoman Julia Brownley.

Recently, Ohio State’s Alexander Hamilton chapter was the recipient of the national Chapter of the Year Award at the 2018 Student Leadership Conference. The conference also allowed for further discussion and gave members the chance to meet professionals in the field.

“The Student Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. gave me the opportunity to network with foreign policy experts,” Vice-President Cheyenne Hall said. “It was a trip I will never forget.”

Alexander Hamilton Society has a number of upcoming events, including a discussion on China’s growing presence in foreign affairs on Sept. 6. Learn more about this event, which is open to the public, here.

You can follow Ohio State’s Alexander Hamilton Society on Twitter by clicking here.

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