Across the Twitterverse: Review of This Week's Best Tweets

By D.J. Byrnes on July 10, 2015 at 2:25 pm

You may find that work, school, or other obligations keep you from focusing on Twitter the way you should. Thankfully, I — DJ Byrnes, not Kevin Harrish — am able to tune out those distractions and provide you with a weekly rundown of the best tweets from around campus.

It's funny to me that our intern, Kevin, turned 21 and immediately found the gall to dump an assignment on my "desk" like somebody actually crowned him as King Tut.

And by "funny" I mean that Kevin is now dead. He was killed by me, the man unable to control his infantile anger outbursts. R.I.P to Kevin the Intern, who will be missed nonetheless, but you know what they say: The show must go on. 

Let's review Kevin's last Twitter haul.

Props to that girl. Openly knitting in class is way kinglier than sneaking a text message while pretending to read your textbook. I wish I would've been have as productive as her in class.

Sorry, Cavs fans. There won't be a saucin' Jamal Crawford, but here are Kevin Love and an extremely bad Mo Williams as consolation.

Alternate headline: Brady Taylor has been asleep since December!

The joke here is Tyvis' "bae" is actually the sport of football. 

Urban Meyer must be plotting to disrupt the hell out of special teams this year.

R.I.P. to the Crocodile Hunter.

Like I've been saying: Australian powers hold mystical powers.

The antithesis of Happy Jamarco: Petrified Jamarco.

I shed no tears for this man. I went to college when people could only display one Facebook picture. THINK ABOUT THAT.

Taylor, I've seen enough of your @OSUCrush RTs to know you don't have body issues.

Wise words from noted playmaker collector, Mark Pantoni.

Don't feel bad, Stephen. In five years, you will hate 98% of everything for which you stand right now. (I may be projecting a bit on that statistic.)

Yes, 20 is a decidedly lame number. But look at the bright side: 20 is not 25 or 30. (Also: A #teen destroyed college football last year.)


They must trigger his Jason vs. Freddy PTSD.

Mike Thomas used our nation's birthday celebrations to humblebrag. Flawless execution, my friend.


They're celebrating the USWNT's conquest in NYC today.


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