Eleven Dubcast: Ohio State Has the Luxury of Being Picky When It Comes to Recruiting From the Transfer Portal

By Andy Vance on May 17, 2022 at 2:50 pm
Justin Fields and Ryan Day

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The transfer portal ushered in a new era of player mobility, giving student athletes a modicum of autonomy they hadn't previously enjoyed. The portal also gave teams the opportunity to add players with more data behind them than your average high school recruit, although it also meant losing players hoping the grass might be greener elsewhere.

For programs with the cache of an Ohio State, the portal hasn't necessarily been a free-for-all each offseason, however. The Buckeyes – along with a few other teams like Alabama, for example – can afford to be highly selective with the players they recruit off the transfer wire.

This week the Dubcast takes a look at that strategy, and how farming the portal has largely helped the Buckeyes in recent years. We'll also take a look at how NIL might change the dynamics of the portal, and what Ohio State needs to do to stay ahead of the curve.

Gene Smith shared his feelings about the NCAA's latest moves to corral the wild wild west of the NIL era, and we'll discuss what his insights add to the discussion and where the sport goes from here.

Finally, an extended Ask Us Anything segment tasks us with building a championship coaching staff from among our favorite literary/movie characters mentioned in recent episodes of the program. Who from Game of Thrones would we want coaching the Buckeyes, you ask? Stay tuned, my friend! And you should absolutely Ask Us Anything by emailing your question to dubcast@elevenwarriors.com!


0:00 Ohio State is taking the approach of being highly selective in the transfer portal, and thus far that seems to be the smart play for the program.

8:03 Has the portal increased the amount of tampering out there among the coaching ranks? Some D1 coaches seem to think so, but not everyone is convinced.

16:10 Back to the NCAA's latest guidance on NIL, which we discussed extensively last week, Gene Smith shared his insights on the latest efforts.

20:45 Ohio State has a platoon of support staffers for its football program. But why is the program limited to just 10 on-field coaches, and will the NCAA eventually scrap this arcane rule?

25:45 Ask Us Anything! Let's talk about what we would name our band if we were in fact musically talented at all, how we would assemble a coaching staff from literary and cinematic characters mentioned recently on the Dubcast, and finally why the Cincinnati Reds are so, so terrible.

54:05 Ohio State's track teams burned up the track at the Big Ten championships, the women's rowing team does the same on the water, and we salute Kyle Young.

And that'll do it! Thanks as always to you for listening, Travis for our cool logo, and to the Dry Goods store for existing and having all sorts of cool things for you to buy. See you next week!

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