Eleven Dubcast: Ted Ginn Jr. Retires, Justin Fields Has a Brilliant Memory, and the NCAA Has to Change

By Andy Vance on July 20, 2021 at 2:50 pm
The Eleven Dubcast Talks Ted Ginn Jr.

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Ted Ginn Jr. is fast. How fast? There's an argument to be made that he's the fastest Buckeye in recent memory, maybe in our lifetimes. The noted speedster announced last week that he's retired from the NFL after 14 seasons, so we'll reflect on what he means to Ohio State... and ponder what he might have accomplished in the modern Buckeye offense.

In this episode we'll also discuss the brilliant mind of Justin Fields, which is apparently every bit as exceptional as his athletic abilities. We may not be Bears fans, but it's a near certainty that we'll be watching Chicago's newest signal caller balling out on Sundays this fall.

On the other hand, things aren't going quite so well for Dwayne Haskins. It's been a rough go for the former Buckeye star, and we'll discuss the likelihood that he gets things back on track in the Steel City. Fingers crossed!

From the NFL back to college football: Mark Emmert, a man no one has credibly accused of being a leader, says his organization has to change how it governs college sports. Oh, really? We'll talk through what that might look like and why the adage "be careful what you wish for" might well apply to this situation.

Finally we'll have a sensible chuckle thinking about current FBS coaches in their football playing days, and as always we'll tackle your questions in Ask Us Anything (which you should totally do, by emailing your questions to dubcast@elevenwarriors.com).


0:00 Ted Ginn, Jr., is hanging up his cleats. Is he the fastest Buckeye in our lifetimes? Oh, and our hosts did go to class, and paid at least enough attention to know what OSU athletes were in class with them.

12:23 Justin FIelds has a brilliant memory. How brilliant, you ask? Well, he aced a test that only four other professional quarterbacks have ever aced. We'll discuss his burgeoning career with Da'Bears, and contrast his situation with that of fellow former Buckeye QB Dwayne Haskins.

24:47 Mark Emmert says the governance of the NCAA needs to change. Thanks, Captain Obvious! Let's ponder what the future of the college sports infrastructure might look like.

32:01 With NIL in play, could we see athletes becoming literal billboards on the field this season? A rules technicality could make your favorite uniform look a little more like a soccer kit, according to one official.

35:33 ESPN's Adam Rittenberg graded current FBS coaches based on how good they were during their playing days. Who was better, PJ Fleck, Brady Hoke or Ryan Day?

38:21 Ask Us Anything! Questions this week tackle movie sequels and the ideal nap.

50:06 Quick Cals: Nebraska has a new AD who will be familiar to Buckeye fans, and the Big Ten Media days get underway later this week.

Thanks as always to Travis for the logo, thank you for listening and if you're thinking about what t-shirt you'd like tattooed on your carcass, check out the Dry Goods Store. We'll see you next week!

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