Eleven Dubcast: Ohio State Players and Parents Fight to Have Their Voices Heard

By Johnny Ginter on August 18, 2020 at 2:50 pm
Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields

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It's hard not to admire a guy like Justin Fields or people like Ohio State parents putting themselves at the forefront of the discussion around college football. We're seeing groups of people speak out in a way that has been rarely seen in sports, period. And that's pretty cool.

Also pretty cool is that whenever football and sports do happen, there are some people trying to plan things out instead of sitting on their hands. Those are the positives. The negatives... well, those are obvious. But hell, it ain't all bad.

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0:00 The SEC has a schedule. Cool. Cooooool...

9:55 I can't pretend to agree with everything that's being said, but I can't deny that I appreciate the hell out of players using their voice.

39:46 My 30th birthday was weird.

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