Skull Session: If the Big Ten Tournament Started Today, Ohio State's National Title Odds Improve, and Baron Browning is Versatile

By Kevin Harrish on February 22, 2021 at 5:20 am
I am grateful to Duane Washington Jr. in today's skull session.
Barbara J. Perenic/Columbus Dispatch via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Losing ain't fun, but I need to offer my sincerest contrast to Michigan for accomplishing something it hasn't done in almost two decades.

Maybe they should just shutter their football program? 

Word of the Day: Emaciated.

 IF THE TOURNAMENT STARTED TODAY... We're getting close enough to the Big Ten Tournament that we can start dreaming. And you can sign me the hell up for this:

I'll be stoked if Ohio State and Michigan are on opposite ends of the bathroom setting up a potential title game showdown, because I was ready to run that back as soon as Sunday's game ended.

This time, we just need to keep Michigan from shooting 80 percent from three for an entire half, and then also make more than 50 percent of our layups. All totally doable things!

 HIGHEST CEILING IN THE DRAFT. If the pre-draft buzz is any indication, it would seem that Baron Browning is about to make himself quite a bit of money in these next few months.

I'm afraid I'm going to feel the same "why the hell did we not use him like this in college?" feelings towards Baron Browning as I do with former third-team All-Big Ten receiver Michael Thomas.

But hey, if that happens, it means Baron's balling out in The League, and I'll gladly take on a little remorse in that case.

 PROVED THEMSELVES. The Buckeyes may have lost yesterday, but it seems they've earned themselves a few believers with their performance because their national title odds actually improved.

Ohio State entered the weekend with +1200 odds to win the national title, but after Sunday afternoon's 92-87 loss to Michigan in an absolutely incredible back-and-forth game, Ohio State now has +1100 odds to win the NCAA Tournament – the fourth-best odds in the country with all odds coming courtesy of

That tells me that even though Ohio State didn't get the win on Sunday, they accomplished the mission of proving they belong on can hang with anybody in the country.

 HOT MIC MOMENT. Lesson: always check your microphone before screaming profanities to everyone within earshot.

(NSFW audio ahead, just FYI)

Can the ref throw an unsportsmanlike conduct flag on himself? How does that work?

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Redbone" by Lando Calrissian

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