Skull Session: Ezekiel Elliott Will Sit Until He Has a Deal, Jeff Okudah Gets a Jalen Ramsey Comparison, and Curtis Samuel Impresses

By Kevin Harrish on August 7, 2019 at 4:59 am
K.J. Hill is looking like the fresh prince in today's skull session.

Shoutout to Carmen's Crew for making me $100 richer (I told y'all to sign up as a fan!) and to Aaron Craft for putting a baby in my stomach with this pass:


Word of the Day: Vituperate.

 PAY OR HE WON'T PLAY. We've already had one Buckeye become the highest-paid player ever at his position this offseason, and it looks like Ezekiel Elliott is gonna get paid too.

It's either that, or he just won't play.

From ESPN:

Representatives for running back Ezekiel Elliott have told the Dallas Cowboys that he will not play during the 2019 season without a new contract, a source close to the situation told ESPN's Josina Anderson on Tuesday.

The source added that at this time, it is not likely that Elliott's holdout continues into the regular season, based on the belief that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants to get a new deal done before Week 1.

Elliott informed the Cowboys in January that he would not play without a new contract, the source said.

On Monday, former NFL running back Eric Dickerson said on FS1's "Undisputed" that he spoke with Elliott's agent, Rocky Arceneaux. According to Dickerson, Arceneaux said it was possible Elliott would miss part of the regular season, but that they didn't want that to happen.

It's very reassuring to hear that Zeke does not want to forfeit a quarter million dollars a game. I was quite concerned that was his endgame, as opposed to inking a deal worth $13-15 million well before that point.

Folks get understandably nervous when they hear a star running back talk about skipping regular season games because... well...

But this doesn't appear to be the game of chicken the Bell situation was. Both sides seem convinced they'll get a deal done before the regular season starts. Zeke's just going to enjoy a few more $40,000 vacation training days in Cabo before it happens.

 BIA BACK? Ohio State took a brief hiatus of producing first-round defensive backs this year, but the universe is self-correcting and it looks like things will be getting back to normal this April, courtesy of Jefe Okudah.

I'd normally write off that last Tweet as some throwaway #analysis and a cheap player comparison, but the thing is Matt Miller might have loved Jalen Ramsey more than his wife when he was coming out of college.

So, when he says "Okudah is for sure on that level of Ramsey as a prospect," that loosely translates to it "I would bet my scrotum that Jeff Okudah is successful in the NFL," in Matt Miller language.

 THE SUMMER OF SAMUEL. Remember that one majestic season where Curtis Samuel could do whatever he wanted on a football field and nobody could stop him?

Like this?

Folks, curtis samuel.

Or this?


Or this?

It seems Panthers fans (and defensive backs) are getting a little taste this preseason.

From Max Henson of

What's it like covering wide receiver Curtis Samuel in one-on-ones?

Put it this way: It's been the most unenviable position at Panthers training camp this year.

“Man, he’s been whooping my ass lately,” cornerback James Bradberry said.

As Bradberry will tell you, it’s been almost impossible to check Samuel in the one-on-one drill. He's electric off the line. He darts one way and then the other so quickly. His explosive, yet subtle, movements allow him to create separation with ease.

With no help over the top, he’ll make you look silly.

And it’s not just in one-on-ones. Team drills, 7-on-7 – you name it, Samuel has been making plays in every situation this camp.

He’s routinely blowing by defenders for deep balls, making contested catches over the middle and using his quickness to get open underneath. That's led to a lot of first downs, touchdowns and dance moves.

As a result, his confidence is soaring.

“When I’m in my zone,” Samuel said, “I don’t feel I can be stopped.”

Apparently he's been in his zone the entire offseason because everyone's taking notice.

Me celebrating after I ride Michael Thomas and Curtis Samuel to my fantasy football title:

 TERRY MCLAURIN FOR PRESIDENT. Hello, yes, I would like to report a murder.


That hurts, for sure, but what's going to hurt even more is when Chesson is eventually bumped off the final roster at least in part because of the Redskins' added McLaurin, who's already up to second on the depth chart.

Terry McLaurin – dropper of mics and taker of jobs.

 RUNNIN WITH THE ONES. It didn't take long for the Bengals to decide that a(nother) former All-American interior lineman from Ohio State could probably help its uh... uninspiring offensive line.

Ohio's other Super Bowl contender gave Michael Jordan a shot to run with the first-team offense today. Here he is blocking Geno Atkins (with whom I shared a conga line at my sister's wedding):

He started as a true freshman at Ohio State, and being a Bengals fans that seems like a much steeper mountain to climb than starting as a rookie in Cincinnati. Needless to say, I wouldn't bet against him.

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