Skull Session: Brendon White's a Bullet, Michael Drake Wants Bama, and Eddie George Takes on Musical Theatre

By Kevin Harrish on May 7, 2019 at 4:59 am
Tony Alford is pointing fingers in today's Skull Session.

Regretfully, the Stanley Cup parade has been postponed until next year.

Good series, B's.


Word of the Day: Eximious.

 THE BUCKEYES' BULLET. Brendon White didn't have a position when he first got to Ohio State. The high school quarterback started out as a linebacker when he first showed up at practice, then moved to wide receiver in his first spring and ultimately ended up at safety. 

This season, his position is essentially going to be: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . And he's fine with it.

From the great Tony Gerdeman of The Ozone:

The position requires White to be a linebacker at times, then a safety at other times, and sometimes both on the same snap.

After finally finding a home last season, you might think that White would have been a bit upset to find out that he would be moving around this season.

Of course, you’d be wrong.

“I was excited just because I’m doing what’s best for my teammates,” White said this spring. “If the coaches think that putting me in this position is going to help the team win, because at the end of the day, I’ve got to be a team player.”


“I like it a lot,” he said. “It’s a versatile position. So I can play the safety spot and I can come down and play the run with the ‘backers. I’m trying right now to do anything I can to just learn the position as fast as possible to try to help the team out to win.”

If there's anyone on the roster who fits the words "hybrid" or "versatile," it's Brendon White. It's like he was built for this.

 PRESIDENT DRAKE WANTS BAMA. Ohio State has been left out of the College Football Playoff for two-straight seasons, but that isn't enough to convince President Michael Drake that the Buckeyes can't hang with anyone in the country on any given day.

And quite frankly, he's damn right.

From Doug Lesmerises

Seated in the Ohio State team hotel before the Rose Bowl five months ago, Ohio State’s president said he would put the Buckeyes on the field with the Crimson Tide, the Clemson Tigers or any other team in the country.

Who would want a university president who shrinks from a fight?

“You know, I am extraordinarily competitive,” Drake told, “so I always expect to win beautifully, a magnificent victory every time we go out.”

He chuckled at that, understanding the idea was both overly hopeful and, at Ohio State, nearly truthful.

“Or to acquit ourselves well in the effort,” Drake said. “This year and last year, we had one game each season that didn’t go quite like it looked like it should have, and I believe this mostly, although not entirely, but two or three plays here or there can change things. And other than those two or three plays, I would love us to be on the field with Alabama or Clemson or anyone else.

“Love it. I’d play ‘em tonight.”

I don't know what it would take to get a home-and-home with Alabama, but I do know more than a few Ohioans would auction their children for tickets to Nick Saban's public execution at the hands of Ryan Day in Ohio Stadium.

But that's not going to happen anytime soon, so we'll have to settle for the good, old fashioned postseason victories.

People forget, Ohio State is undefeated against Alabama in the College Football Playoff.

 EDDIE TAKES ON CHICAGO. Eddie George ain't the type of guy to do anything halfway, and that includes musical theatre.

So when you see his name on the cast list for Chicago, know that it's far from just a cameo role, and it definitely isn't something he's hopping into unprepared.

From Chris Jones of the Chicago Tribune:

When did acting get to be your thing?

I’ve been acting ever since I was playing. I did movies when I was playing in the NFL. I was still a football player, so I didn’t take it too seriously. Once my football career ended, I tried to figure out a way to be successful. I had to learn how to understand the art of storytelling.

How does a football player do that?

He gets an acting coach for 12 years. She gave me all the nuances of acting, voice lessons, improvisation, writing — you know, all that stuff.


This is not a celebrity walk-on. You have to sing.

Vocal lessons were part of my learning how to act. I had no intentions ever of doing a musical, but my feisty Italian-American coach pushed me to develop my voice. She taught me how to use my diaphragm. “All I Care About is Love” was one of the first songs I learned. And it was my audition for “Chicago” in 2016.

As a newly indoctrinated musical theatre goer – thanks to my extremely real and definitely not fake girlfriend who happens to live in a different state – I feel some obligation to see Eddie in action.

There might be a theatre review in Eleven Warriors' future.

 JAE'SEAN TALKS EUROBALL. Jae'Sean Tate just finished his first season as a pro over in Europe, and he went on a podcast where he did an hour-long deep dive on his experience.

I don't expect a heavy number of you to have an hour to kill listening to a former BasketBuck talk about European basketball, but it really is a solid listen that gives a little insider look at those leagues and the guys playing in them.

And as always, Tate is an insightful interview.

 8 YEARS? Nothing forces me to ponder further into the future than I've ever planned on surviving than college football non-conference scheduling, but we might have a hit a new level.

Oklahoma and Georgia scheduled a home-and-home beginning in 2023, but with the second game not slated until eight years later in 2031.

Yes, eight years.

Two entire classes of four-year students will have come and gone between the first game and the second game. The 2031 recruiting class will be about 10 years old while watching the first game.

I don't know what are lower: the odds I make it until 2031, or the odds this game is actually played.

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