Skull Session: Dwayne Haskins is a Seer, The Colts Loved Parris Campbells Speed, and Why Mike Weber Fell to the Final Round

By Kevin Harrish on April 29, 2019 at 4:59 am
Mike Yurcich is playing imaginary catch in today's Skull Session.

The Buckeyes had the second-most players drafted and added two quarterbacks while the Blue Jackets dumped the Bruins on the road to send the series home tied 1-1.

Solid weekend's work, in this Internet boy's honest opinion.

Speaking of Gunnar Hoak's commitment, I seem to remember someone accusing me of "scrambling for content" and claiming that Hoak was "irrelevant (to) OSU's roster" when I talked about him in these very Skull Sessions last week. Things must have switched big time! 


Draft/Free Agency Recap

Word of the Day: Agog.

 DWAYNE THE PROPHET. Turns out, Dwayne Haskins totally called this Washington Redskins pick back in high school four years ago while writing for his school paper.

He didn't specifically say "The Washington Redskins will draft me in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft" – though I wish he would have because that would be the most legendary thing ever published in a school paper.

He did, however, predict they would take a quarterback within the next five years.

From Dwayne Haskins of The Bullis Bulldogheard through Jacob Bogage of The Washington Post:

5. Washington Redskins

The Redskins have drafted 3 quarterbacks since 2002. They also have been missing a 1st round pick for the last two years they also haven’t one in 2003, 2006, 2008. In 2002, they had drafted Patrick Ramsey, Jason Campbell in 2005 and RG3 in 2012. Hopefully RG3 pans out in DC but if not expect them to draft another in the next 5 years. This year the Redskins should look to add talent on on both sides of the ball especially on defense in the Secondary and up front.

He obviously didn't know for sure that quarterback would be him, but you know he at least thought about it. It's not like he's incapable of doing the mental math to figure out where he'll be in four or five years, and there's not a person on Earth who doubts his confidence.

The other takeaway here is that reading through some of his old high school stories, it seems clear Dwayne was better at my job when he was 17 years old than I am now. So if the whole millionaire football thing fails, the Skull Session throne waits to be conquered. I'll defend it to the death, but we all know that death will be swift.

 “REALLY BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP FAST.” It's fitting as hell that Parris Campbell now shares a city with one of the most famous automobile races in the world, because he's a damn race car.

So it should shock exactly nobody that his speed was what first enthralled Colts scout Chad Henry.

From Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star:

Obviously you gotta play in the offense you’re in, and you gotta do what they ask you to do, but the key thing for us with this guy is speed. You can really feel it, feel like we can do a lot of things with him vertically. He’s a great kid, he’s worked really hard, football’s really important to him. And he’s already shown improvements in terms of multiple routes. So we’re really looking forward to working with him and expanding his role that way.

We started watching the guys last summer. I sent an email to our college (scouting) coordinator, Anthony Coughlan, who’s an Ohio State guy, with some very colorful language, with apologies to my mother, kids and pastor. Basically it was, “This guy is really bleep, bleep, bleep fast.” I’ve been really excited about the guy since July. We talk about the opportunity for explosive plays in our offense, and he’s a guy that I can see doing that. Add the character on top of it, we’re excited about it. Anthony and I have been joking about it all week. The very end of my email was: "We have to get this guy on our team."

This guy’s run-after-catch is exceptional. He was a high school running back, you see that. There’s some plays you can turn on over the past few years, and you’re like, 'Holy cow.' Then he runs 4.32 and he brings it and he’s got that dimension you’re looking for.

Campbell's ain't just fast, he's an absolute angle slayer. Guys who would be in great position to tackle a normal human being just get blown right by. It has to be absolutely demoralizing.


The biggest knock on him is that he rarely used that speed vertically, since he played in the slot pretty much his entire career. But when someone has that much explosiveness, you'll make it work somehow. That Colts did well with this pick and will be rewarded.

 MIKE WEBER ON HIS SLIP. Mike Weber probably knew he wasn't going in the first, second or even third rounds of the NFL Draft, but there weren't many – if any – prognosticators who had him falling all the way to the final round.

Weber was a little caught off guard, but remains optimistic.

From Jon Machota of SportsDay:

"I guess some stuff happened that pushed me back to the last round," Weber said. "Everything happens for a reason."

Were there running backs drafted ahead of him that had Weber shaking his head?

"Yeah," he responded with a laugh. "It was crazy."

"I guess some stuff happened" doesn't exactly sound like it has anything to do with his football ability, and I'm not the type of fellow to speculate or pretend to know what that could be.

What I do know is that from an on-field standpoint, I was calling Mike Weber the sleeper of the draft back when I thought he was going to be an early fifth round pick. As a seventh round pick, this is just straight up felony theft.

 THE VILLAIN'S CRYSTAL BALL. Evan Turner is predicting a fairly gigantic #BasketBoom for Chris Holtmann's squad in the rather distant future.

I'm between 1 and 5 percent sure Bronny is even going to play college basketball, but I sincerely admire Turner's confidence.

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