Skull Session: Buckeyes Dominate Big Ten Draft Rankings, Dwayne Haskins is Better Than the 2018 Quarterbacks, and Terry McLaurin Continues to Impress

By Kevin Harrish on February 25, 2019 at 4:59 am
Brutus is upside-down with excitement for today's Skull Session.

Despite the wind's best efforts, my house is still standing. But not everyone was so lucky.

Prayers up for those folks, who will almost certainly be looking for somewhere else to live for the next two months of classes.


Word of the Day: Echt.

 BUCKS LEAD THE B1G. It's not really news that Ohio State has the most talent in the Big Ten by far, because it's consistently been that way literally as long as I can remember, but it still seems ridiculous sometimes when it's put into prospective.

Out of's top 22 Big Ten players in the NFL Draft, nine of them are Buckeyes, including the top player overall and five of the top nine. That's a hilarious embarrassment of riches, it's even more hilarious visualized with a highlight tool, so we'll do that.


  Round Grade Full Name Pos School Yr
1 1st 5.50 Nick Bosa DE Ohio State 3Jr
2 1st 5.11 Rashan Gary DE Michigan 3Jr
3 1st 4.60 Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State 3So
4 1st 4.22 T.J. Hockenson TE Iowa 3So
5 1st 4.17 Dre'Mont Jones DT Ohio State 4Jr
6 1st/2nd 4.08M David Edwards T Wisconsin 4Jr
7 1st/2nd 4.08 Noah Fant TE Iowa 3Jr
8 2nd 3.84 Terry McLaurin WR Ohio State 5Sr
9 2nd 3.82 Kendall Sheffield CB Ohio State 3Jr
10 2nd 3.75 Devin Bush ILB Michigan 3Jr
11 3rd 3.72 Zach Gentry TE Michigan 4Jr
12 3rd 3.70 Anthony Nelson DE Iowa 4Jr
13 3rd 3.69 Isaiah Prince T Ohio State 4Sr
14 3rd 3.68 Parris Campbell WR Ohio State 5Sr
15 3rd 3.66 Derwin Gray T Maryland 5Sr
16 3rd 3.65 Miles Sanders RB Penn State 3Jr
17 3rd 3.64 Amani Oruwariye CB Penn State 5Sr
18 3rd 3.63 Justin Layne CB Michigan State 3Jr
19 3rd 3.63 Michael Jordan C Ohio State 3Jr
20 3rd 3.63 Ryan Bates G Penn State 4Jr
21 3rd/4th 3.59 David Long CB Michigan 3Jr
22 4th 3.55 Mike Weber RB Ohio State 4Jr

They also have Malcolm Pridgeon, Johnnie Dixon, Dante Booker and Demetrius Knox as undrafted free agents, who will all almost certainly have a shot to make a team.

My initial takeaway is that while I appreciate the Terry McLaurin love, listing him as a second rounder makes me seriously wonder if they got him and Parris Campbell mixed up, especially with Campbell listed as a third rounder behind Isaiah Prince. That just seems backwards based on every other pre-draft piece I've read so far this year.

I also think Mike Weber is going to be an absolute steal for a team if he slips all the way to the fourth round, which he very well could.

But regardless of all of that, the point is the Buckeyes dominate the Big Ten, and this is a prime visualization of that fact.

 HASKINS > 2018 QUARTERBACKS? The #narrative of this draft season is that Dwayne Haskins is just the best of a bad quarterback class, but he's really not worth where he'll be selected. Some scouts have gone as far as to say he's overrated and would have been the fourth quarterback in last year's class.

But not everyone is riding with the current.

C- running skills? I'm sorry, am I missing something? I was led to believe Dwayne Haskins was more of a running quarterback. I even bet my life savings that he would run under a 4.71 at the NFL Combine. Was that a bad bet?

I think it's a fine #take to value Haskins over any quarterback in the 2018 class. I'd still probably take Baker given that he had similar passing numbers and drastically better legs, but we're really going to pretend Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen are decidedly better prospects than Haskins?

Let's revisit this this in five years.

 MORE TERRY MCLAURIN LOVE. I may not believe Terry McLaurin is going to go in the second round, but that doesn't mean I don't believe he should.

A Terry McLaurin swoon Twitter thread appeared on my timeline this week and my self-written Skull Session rules dictate that I must share it with y'all.

I'm not going to embed all of the Tweets, because there are 13 of them and that would get a little obnoxious, so click this one and scroll down to see all the goods.

This may shock you, but I was not always a Terry McLaurin lover. There were times last year that I honestly though he was a liability as a receiver. I'm sure a bit of that was my own ignorance, but it's not like everyone else was picking him to go for 700 yards and 11 touchdowns this year either.

I always knew Terry was a fantastic leader, an extremely intelligent guy and a rare blocker, but the dude turned into a legitimately dangerous playmaking receiver almost overnight. I'm not sure I've ever seen a guy improve so drastically in such a short amount of time.

Six months ago I didn't even believe he was going to get drafted, now analysts are grading him as a second rounder. And it's all well deserved.

 PUTTING IT TOGETHER. When you make up almost an entire roster of graduate transfer players who've never played together, there are probably going to be some growing pains.

There definitely were for the women's hoops Buckeyes, and it was evident when they lost five-straight games from Dec. 20 to Jan. 5. But it seems like something's clicked, cause they've now won three straight.

The most recent win came against Michigan State, ruining the Spartans 13-game home winning streak.

At 13-12, the Buckeyes aren't realistically even near the NCAA Tournament bubble and would probably need a magical run in the Big Ten Tournament to reach the Big Dance at this point, but it's still a solid way to close out the season.

And some history is being made in the process:

The Buckeyes have two regular season games remaining against Rutgers and Wisconsin and will need to win one of them to clinch at least a .500 record this season.

 CAN HE RECLASSIFY? I've been easing my way aboard the D.J. Carton bandwagon, mostly because I don't like betting future Kevin's happiness on a fellow who hasn't even gone to his senior prom, but it's getting harder and harder to limit my excitement.

So, now that his high school regular season is over, is there any way he could reclassify and jump aboard the roster for a late NCAA Tournament push? I don't really care if it uses up a year of his eligibility, I'm not banking on him staying four years anyway.

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