Skull Session: Urban Meyer Didn't Believe in the Fake Punt, Dwayne Haskins is a Potential Silver Football Snub, and the Offensive Line's Dominance

By Kevin Harrish on November 27, 2018 at 4:59 am
Mike Weber strikes a pose.

Because I don't think this win is ever going to get old, let's start today by enjoying the glorious reaction of the Michigan cheerleaders.

It looks like someone just took a sledge hammer to their car. Which honestly, they might have preferred to the destruction that was actually taking place.


Word of the Day: Schadenfreude. Still.

 THE BLOCKED PUNT ALMOST WASN'T. Folks, Ohio State could do no wrong on Saturday. The Buckeyes were out there successfully running plays Urban Meyer thought had no business working.

Meyer admitted after the game he had little faith in the punt block play, saying "to be honest, I didn't think we could do it," mostly because the math didn't really work in their favor.

Greg Schiano, along with quality control assistant Parker Fleming, essentially said "to hell with math!"

From Jeff Seidel of the Detroit Free Press:

When he saw the play in practice on Wednesday, Meyer didn’t have any confidence in the play: “I grabbed Parker and I said, ‘You can’t! You only have 2.1 seconds to get there. And he’s not that fast.'”

But Schiano was certain that it would.

“We can do it!” Schiano said. “We can do it!”


But the Buckeyes have two different punt blocks.

“I thought we were going to go with the other one,” Meyer said. “And I hear him go ahead and I see the signal and I got really pissed.”

They lined up, and Meyer was still in doubt: “I said, ‘We’re not going to get there, we’re not going to get there. We’re not going to get there.’”

As you now know, they got there.

There's something so refreshing about true freshmen accounting for three touchdowns on Saturday. It's not like it was just the seniors laying waste to the north, the #teens are clowning them as well.

 HASKINS SNUB INCOMING? Dwayne Haskins has had one of the most dominant seasons in Big Ten conference history.

He's shredding Ohio State's single-season passing records like a little kid with safety scissors, has already taken a down a few conference records as a well, has his team on the verge of a Big Ten title and potentially a college football playoff appearance, just smart bombed the nation's No. 1 defense and set a new record for Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week honors with six, literally averaging an award every other game.

Yet, somehow...

I'm sorry, nine different players? Guys, this isn't hard. Don't overthink this. I can think of three at most, and the other two – Rondale Moore and Jonathan Taylor – should be significantly behind Haskins.

Haskins is the obvious choice, but Taylor is 11 yards shy of 2,000 on the season and Moore has led the conference in receptions, receiving yards and touchdown catches. So I guess I wouldn't be absolutely outraged there.

Which means that the award is absolutely going to Chase Winovich and his four sacks.

 SLOBS NOT BAD? I think the conventional school of thought is that Ohio State's offensive line has struggled this season and not been quite as dominant as expected.

But this seems pretty damn good:

I don't think a Wolverine was even able to breathe on Haskins on Saturday, and I'm sure that goes a long way in him slicing their secondary up like butter.

The bigger knock on the slobs has been the run blocking, but they seem to be pushing people around with ease the past few games.

We just have to pray that keeps happening with Wavy Dub in the lineup.

 BECOMING SELF AWARE. This loss seems to have absolutely broken Michigan, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

See, all my life Wolverine fandom has been marked by a special kind of delusion. But after that beatdown, even the most high profile Michigan Men seem to have shifted into a stage of acceptance.

Selfishly, I'm not sure I like this. I thoroughly enjoy their bitter disappointment when they genuinely, genuinely think that they will win. Without that, it just feels like bullying.

But in this case, I'm also totally fine with bullying. So carry on, Buckeyes.

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