Skull Session: Dwayne Haskins Could Be Top Draft QB, Confidence in Austin Mack and the Big Ten Ain't That Bad

By Kevin Harrish on September 19, 2018 at 4:59 am
Dwayne Haskins, J.K. Dobbins.
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The best news of the week:

This is great, but I feel like it shouldn't have taken Meyer getting suspended and having the reins of the offense yanked from his hands and given to Ryan Day as he watch from his couch for Meyer to decide this was the best option.

In any case, I'll take it.


Word of the Day: Wangle.

 HASKINS QB #1. Dwayne Haskins hadn't even started a college football game four weeks ago, now folks are legitimately talking about the prospects of him being the top quarterback selected in this year's draft.

Dane Brugler, an NFL Draft analyst for The Athletic, said he wouldn't be surprised at all if that were the case.

I've always quietly lamented the fact that Ohio State has never produced a quality NFL quarterback, even though it really has nothing to do with how good they are in college. But Haskins really does look like he could have a long NFL career.

 PATTERSON WANTS ROUND 2. The game hasn't been over a week and Gary Patterson is already talking about meeting the Buckeyes again down the line, which is hilarious for obvious reasons.

But my guy, you can't complain to your athletic director when he tries to schedule the home-and-home, decide that you need to alter said home-and-home after it's scheduled, and talk about how it's a better business decision to play one game instead of two, then act like you want a rematch in the postseason.

Take you $5 million, and eat the loss like a champ.

 RETURN OF THE MACK. Austin Mack did not have his best game against TCU, dropping at least three passes he should have come down with, one of which was going to be a touchdown.

It wasn't his day, but his teammates never lost faith in him.

From Tom Orr of

“I was just saying, ‘Look. Play. If you mess up, I’m going to keep coming to you, throwing you the ball,'” said Haskins after the game. “It was hard for him having those drops like that in key moments in the game, but he kept pushing.”

Haskins’ faith in his friend and roommate was rewarded in the second half.

With the Buckeyes down 21-13 and in desperate need of offense, Mack came through. Haskins hit him for a 12-yard gain, prompting a loud cheer from the Buckeye fans in attendance.

They connected again later in the third quarter, starting off the Buckeyes’ final scoring drive.

“I relied on him again on the big moments, and he came through for me,” Haskins said.

Sticking with him is absolutely the right call.

No matter how atrocious the drops were, I think you had to ride with Mack. He's never had problems with his hands in the past – quite the opposite, actually – and he's one of the best route runners and blockers on the roster.

Also, even after all those drops, he still finished as the team's second-leading receiver in terms of both yards and catches.

 BIG TEN NOT THAT BAD? Turns out, the Big Ten might not be as much of an absolute dumpster fire as we thought!

From Bill Connelly of SBNation:

As always, the B1G has dead weight. Rutgers currently ranks 114th in S&P+, Illinois (99th) and Maryland (81st) aren’t all that far ahead, and even taking luck into account, 1-2 Northwestern (66th) and 0-3 Purdue (54th) have been disappointments.

Still, Ohio State ranks second, Penn State has stabilized at eighth, and the conference features five teams in the top 20.

Plus, Indiana has looked fantastic (albeit against less than stellar competition) and has risen to 23rd, undefeated Minnesota has risen to 48th, and while Iowa’s offense has been horrific, its defense ranks first in Def. S&P+.

On average, Big Ten teams rank 0.2 spots below their preseason average. For every disappointment (Northwestern down 29 spots, Rutgers down 20), there’s a happy surprise (Minnesota up 28 spots, Indiana up 26).


The Big Ten certainly hasn’t done itself many favors, but it also hasn’t bottomed out. It has two national title contenders, and a third (Michigan) isn’t that far away if it comes up with a couple more answers. And it’s got a few pleasant surprises to offset Purdue’s and Northwestern’s horrid starts.

TL;DR: "It could really be so much worse!" And I totally resonate with that.

 RUN IT UP. South Dakota State's John Stiegelmeier became the latest head coach to apologize his team performing too well after his team blasted Arkansas-Pine Bluff 90-6.


South Dakota State coach John Stiegelmeier has publicly apologized for running up the score in a 90-6 win over Arkansas-Pine Bluff on Saturday afternoon in Brookings, South Dakota. The Jackrabbits were up 49-6 at halftime, scored 20 points in the third quarter and 20 in the fourth to light up the scoreboard like a Christmas tree.

"Disappointed in how I managed the game," Stiegelmeier said. "I should have slowed it down earlier in the game. I should have taken all passes out. And I should have been more respectful to our opponent. I apologize to Arkansas-Pine Bluff and coach [Cedric] Thomas. I am excited about the young guys who were in there and made plays when given the opportunity, so you have to balance that. I think I could have been a better head football coach tonight."

I have a #take: a coach should not have to apologize for running up the score, his opponent should have to apologize for failing to give him a competitive game.

Only one side is at fault for a 90-6 loss, and it ain't the one putting up 90.

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