Saturday Skull Session

By D.J. Byrnes on August 30, 2014 at 6:00 am

We start this game day like I start every day: with a viewing of Stone Cold Steve Austin saving Team WWF from the WCW/ECW alliance:

People have been telling me since last week (with proof being a screen shot of a pixelated web stream of a DIII game) that COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK, BABY!

I didn't buy it. I never do. To me, college football isn't real until Ohio State takes the field.

Being as that hour is almost upon us: I normally ain't got a quarrel with Navy, but today the Midshipmen have got to fall. This is business, after all.

Here are some pertinent links:

Thanks to an 8:30 AM kickoff in Ireland featuring Penn State and UCF (our first look at James Franklin), it's possible to watch 12 hours of football today before 9 PM. (God Bless America.) 

Here are the non-Ohio State games on my radar today; it's a list obviously headlined by No. 14 Wisconsin vs. No. 13 LSU. (Leonard Fournette is about to run wild on the Badgers #BougaNation.)

Bert taking his 9th-straight conference loss is going to be a treat too.

Time (ET) Matchup Favorite TV Internet
8:30 AM PENN ST vs UCF (in Ireland) UCF (-2) ESPN2 WatchESPN
12:00 PM No. 12 UCLA at VIRGINIA UCLA (-20) ESPN WatchESPN
3:30 PM No. 2 ALABAMA vs WEST VIRGINIA (at Atlanta) BAMA (-26) ABC WatchESPN
4:00 PM ARKANSAS at No. 6 AUBURN AU (-16½) SEC WatchESPN
5:30 PM No. 16 CLEMSON at No. 12 GEORGIA UGA (-7½) ESPN WatchESPN
8:00 PM No. 1 FLORIDA STATE vs. OKLAHOMA STATE (in Dallas) FSU (-19) ABC WatchESPN
9:00 PM No. 14 WISCONSIN vs. No. 13 LSU (in Houston) LSU (-5½) ESPN WatchESPN

REMINDER: AT BEST, MICHIGAN IS .500 VS. APPY STATE AFTER TODAY. I don't drink coffee, but I do enjoy a nice cup of haterade in the morning. This headline does it for me:

Oral history: Wolverines recall shock, embarrassment of Appalachian State loss

I think they meant the "awesomeness" of the Appalachian State loss (how did we ever watch non-HD football?):


Hart: "I remember it being blocked. I was just on the sideline watching. At that point in time, there was nothing I could do. At that point, I had the feeling he could make the kick and win the game. The thing I remember most about the kick is it got blocked, and Gingell chased the guy down. I think that's huge, that's the kind of team we had that year. We didn't quit."

Yes, as an example of Michigan's "never quit attitude," Mike Hart cited a teammate chasing down an Appalachian State player as the cement hardened around the greatest upset in college football history. 

That's Pure Michigan.

I'm hoping Appy State keeps it close going into the fourth quarter. If they're within striking distance... look out; Michigan is about to goof. 

BREAKING BAD: CLASSIC SHOW. I feel like Urban Meyer and Ohio State, sans Braxton Miller, have a reminder for the country:

URBAN SWAG. Sorry bou'tcha Navy, but you're about to get dumped.


THOSE WMDs. PSA from Iowa: don't forget to set your VCRs... Great El Guapo read.. Movies have worst summer since 1997... Meanwhile, in Sochi... How to Criticize with Kindness: Philosopher Daniel Dennett on the Four Steps to Arguing Intelligently... Berlin's giant Lenin statue may have been lost... Why Your Team Sucks 2014: Pittsburgh Steelers... Inside the (brick) Lego factory.

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