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By D.J. Byrnes on June 18, 2014 at 6:00 am
OSU at 15th and High, 1944 via The Ohio State University Archives

Yesterday's sweet 11W drip before we talk news:

DUBLIN ROCK CITY. A lot of commenters wanted Dublin's Nick Conner to be a Buckeye, and apparently the inmates are running the asylum now, because yesterday, the four-star inside linebacking prospect became the seventh member of the #Elite15.

Like Tyler Green before him, Conner earned his offer by showing out for OSU coaches during a camp. According to Birm, the staff was impressed by Conner's athleticism and versatility to play all over the field.

"I know once they get to know me and who I am and how I do things it will work out," Conner told Eleven Warriors. "I know they've been wanting me to continue working on my speed and I have been."

The Lord of Whispers' full breakdown (with profile and highlights) can be found over here. Conner's Instagram announcement is here.

Props to Conner for staying patient through the process and earning what he thought belonged to him.

IS THIS AN INSULT TO URBAN OR WHAT IS GOING ON. These numbers are skewed by Urban's first class not being until 2012 and the fallout from Tatgate right?

*looks over Urban Meyer's recruiting classes*

Suddenly, I don't even care.

WUT R U DOING CINCI. I've never been accused of being biased in favor of Cincinnati, but this? This is not good. I don't care if Tommy Tuberville is crazy like a fox. This is not a good idea.

When was the last time Nick Saban lost an early-season, out-of-conference game? Because I'm pretty sure Alabama has destroyed all comers. The spread against Cincinnati would be Alabama (-56½), and I'd throw all my money on the Tide.

You know who the true loser of an Alabama at Cincinnati game would be? Ohio State. Either Alabama frolics within 110 miles of Columbus and in a Midwest recruiting hotbed, or Cincinnati pulls an upset akin to Appalachian State over Michigan.

I will be furious with UC if this happens. Take this ass-kicking to Tuscaloosa or pimp these squads to some soulless NFL stadium far, far away from here.

EDSALL-FRANKLIN BEEF ESCALATES. Last July, I wrote about the lack of villains among the current crop of Big Ten coaches. Enter James Franklin, a man who seems to relish the villain role.

Here's Franklin in May:

“I consider [Maryland] in-state. I consider New Jersey in-state. They might as well shut them down because they don’t have a chance.”

Maryland's Randy Edsall responded (yesterday) to the shot across the bow. From

“Talk is cheap. We’re not gonna boast and brag,” Terps head coach Randy Edsall said at a charity golf tournament in Pennsylvania. “We’re more about substance at Maryland. We’re gonna find guys that fit the profile we’re looking for. We’re gonna worry about ourselves and not worry about anything else.”

Hopefully this doesn't end up like Biggie and Tupac, you guys. 

NOT A GOOD DAY FOR BOOTLEG OSU. You know how summer offers no good news for your football program other than commitments? The latest example comes out of Stillwater.

From Tulsa World:

Devon Deshon Thomas, a freshman Oklahoma State running back and former Broken Arrow High School standout who faces charges of burglary, robbery and shooting with intent to kill, was suspended for four games in 2012 after being charged in juvenile court with distribution of child pornography, according to juvenile records released Tuesday.

Well, that's just salt in the wound at that point. But, if you can believe it, that wasn't the worst Oklahoma State football-related story of the day.


The victim told police a white male pulled him into a hunter green pickup after stabbing him sometime between 4:30 and 9 p.m. Monday on the 1100 block of South Ridge. The victim reported he was dumped at a location in southwest Stillwater.


Police did not identify the victim, but multiple sources close to the program confirmed it is wide receiver Cameron Hunter. 


No arrests have been made, and police are not currently pursuing any suspects. 

Throw these two stories on top of losing a weekly practice for the 2014 season, and it's been a bang-up off-season for Mike Gundy and company.

Their first game of the season, by the way, is against Florida State.

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