Ryan Day Discusses Redshirt Decisions and Looks Ahead to Ohio State's Trip to Nebraska on Buckeye Roundtable

By Dan Hope on September 23, 2019 at 7:11 pm
Ryan Day

Non-conference play is officially in the rear-view mirror.

With a 76-5 win over Miami (Ohio) in the books and the biggest test of the season to date coming up at Nebraska on Saturday, Ohio State coach Ryan Day made his weekly appearance on the Ohio State IMG Sports Network's Buckeye Roundtable show on Monday night to talk about the Buckeyes' progress through the first four games of the season and look ahead to their second road trip of the year.

A quick recap of what Day had to say:

  • Day said the Buckeyes split up their film-review meetings into two groups this week, with the starters watching the first half and then moving on to Nebraska, while the reserves who played in the second half had the opportunity to go over their film with their position coaches.
  • On preparing for the trip to Nebraska: "I think we're ready. We know we're going to have to play 60 minutes this weekend. But making sure those guys are ready and know what they're up against."
  • Day said the freshmen who have played in all four games – Garrett Wilson, Zach Harrison, Marcus Crowley, Harry Miller, Jameson Williams and Craig Young – will probably continue to play all season. For the freshmen who have played less than four games, the Buckeyes will be careful about playing them to potentially preserve their redshirts. They'll still play them if they feel they need them, but won't play them just to play them and burn their redshirts.
  • Day said Nebraska does a great job changing up its fronts on defense, so the Buckeyes will need to be prepared for them. On offense, the Cornhuskers "have a lot of skill." He described Adrian Martinez as "really dynamic" and also complimented their running backs and wide receivers.
  • Day said Chase Young has been dominant and needs to continue to sustain that level of play throughout the season.
  • On Haskell Garrett, who shared defensive player of the game honors with Young: "I thought he played his best game. He was active running to the ball. I thought he played with great energy."
  • Day said Nebraska's offensive line is the best Ohio State has played yet this season, so the defensive line needs to be ready for that.
  • On the decision to suspend the game with two minutes and 40 seconds remaining due to lightning in the area, Day said that both athletic directors agreed to end the game and the coaches agreed with that decision.
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