The 11W Top Play Poll: Week 1 - Indiana

By Kyle Jones on September 5, 2017 at 5:00 pm
Choose the Top Play from Ohio State's big win over Indiana in week one.

Finally, the regular season is upon us.

After months of anticipation, the sweet release of watching a scarlet and gray whirlwind pass through southern Indiana has come and gone. Just as past road openers provided Buckeye fans with some memorable moments that shaped the narrative for the months that followed, Ohio State's 2017 opener gave us plenty to talk about.

As we announced last week, this year you, the readers, will have the chance to determine which of those moments was the biggest, best, and most memorable of what looks to be a special autumn in Columbus. To start things off, we've chosen the top moments from Ohio State's 49-21 victory over Indiana: 

1) Kendall Sheffield tips a pass in Jordan Fuller's direction for a momentum-shifting interception:

Sheffield sets up Fuller

2) J.K. Dobbins makes an Indiana defender look foolish with this crazy jump-cut:

Meet J.K.Dobbins

3) Robert Landers gives the 2017 season it's first fat-guy touchdown:

Bullet BB is still breathing hard

4) Parris Campbell makes good and finds the end zone after a 74-yard catch-and-run:

Parris outruns everyone

5) Johnnie Dixon's long journey back from injury is complete after this 59-yard TD catch:

Dixon's redemption song

Now it's your turn to vote below for this week's Top Play, which will then face-off against the biggest moments of next week's matchup with Baker Mayfield and the Oklahoma Sooners:

Disagree with the voting? Make your case in the comments below!

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