Urban Meyer Coach's Show Recap: Maryland's Athleticism, Burger's Kirk Gibson Moment, Barrett as a Red Zone QB and More

By D.J. Byrnes on October 8, 2015 at 11:58 am
Urban Meyer Coach's Show: Maryland

With Indiana dispatched and Maryland on tap, Urban Meyer took to 97.1 The Fan's airwaves to discuss all things Buckeye football with Paul Keels, the Voice of the Buckeyes, and former All-American Jim Lachey.

"We have to eliminate [turnovers]. If you're a team who does that, you're average."

Raekwon McMillan is playing at a "very high level," but the defense is playing too many plays due to the turnovers.

On a caller's question on his go-for-two philosophy: It's a matter of percentages. "You won't see us go for two often... maybe later in the game." ... "To go for two early on, it's just not my plan."

On how he divides two-point play practice: "We do it during training camp, and we practice each day against the scouts... You kinda keep the same one until you use it."

Urban makes sure players who grade out as champions are honored before the team during its victory dinner.

Maryland is "very athletic" featuring "the best returner in America... [Will Likely] isn't big, but he's dynamic." .... "Maryland is always going to have great athletes with its recruiting area."

Maryland runs a 4-3 and doesn't blitz a lot, but Ohio State generally gets more blitzes than teams' statistical average. "We haven't made people pay this year like we did last year."

"Very good corners. No. 7 [DL Yannick Ngakoue] might be their best defensive player."

On offensive struggles: "We're not playing well in tight spots." ... "Cardale is 8-0 as a starter..." Noted the lack of quarterback run is limiting them right now.

"Red zone production and turnovers... those have to be fixed."

Caller noted Ohio State is a few plays away from "bumrushing" teams. Is this the week we see the "2015 Ohio State Buckeye offense." ... "Sure," Meyer jokingly deadpanned.

The increasing length of games is turning into "dog years" for coaches, but Urban conceded he "doesn't know" about the bigger things regarding advertising and stuff. "I have plenty of things to worry about... but that's not one of them."

On bringing J.T. Barrett cold into games as a red zone quarterback: Notes they did it at Florida, and it worked out. "You have to have a very special group of players." ... "Not going to say it's happen... but I can promise anyone listening there's been an inordinate amount of time thought about it."

"Right now... [the offense] is messing around in the average category, and we've got to get out of that."

On fake punt stop vs. Indiana: Meyer compared Joe Burger to Kirk Gibson in that they both harkened back to advice given by coaches about possible big situations.

On bad snaps: Not in sync, which only will be fixed by hard work. "At some point, the rock will be broken."

[Kerry Coombs subbed for Urban Meyer]

"I was kind of surprised Indiana [faked a punt from its own 10], but Joe wasn't."

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