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Are the Mods/staff Aware Suspended Users Can't Access the Site at All? (Closed - Yes They Are)

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September 9, 2020 at 9:52am

I asked this question in a larger thread - but it was obviously overshadowed by the other content of said thread.  When I am suspended any computer/web browser I am logged into the site on can no longer access the site.  I just get an http500 error.  I legitimately have no idea how many times I've been suspended, it easily could have been half-dozen before I ever realized it.  I just though ya'll had shitty servers that went down.  Then one day I tried loading the site on a different computer and it worked, tried to login and saw I was suspended.  

Is this intentional or is something up with my hardware/software?  If intentional it seems like you might want some way to inform the user they've been suspended so they know they did something wrong.  

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