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Comment 14 Oct 2019

Much disappointment.  I'm running for local office over here in PA and I've gotta be out knocking a ton of doors that day. 

Comment 11 Oct 2019

Has anyone ever been to Greece?  

My god it's like Mad Max over there.  You know how sometimes people will parallel park and leave a few feet between cars?  Greeks will literally pull in perpendicular and leave the front or back end of their car hanging in the street.  People parking on sidewalks, or just straight stopping their car in the middle of busy roads.  I never appreciated American drivers so much as spending 2 weeks in Greece on my honeymoon.  

Comment 09 Oct 2019

Take Justin Fields' spot and throw for 45+ TD's with another 5-10 on the ground and a 65%+ completion ratio with an undefeated team.  

The award is sadly a joke now.  

Comment 08 Oct 2019

Too many factors to tell you.  

If Urban goes anywhere they are an automatic contender; be that USC, FSU, etc.  The rest of the PAC-12 is in disarray and I would say at least 4-5 years from having a shot.  I could see Penn State, Whisky, or Nebraska building up or catching lightning in a bottle sometime in the next 5 years (though I wouldn't put money on it).  Miami and FSU are the only other ACC teams with a chance at their best IMO; and only FSU could be turned around quickly enough IMO. 

If I had to bet on one of those I would say a non-OSU BIG Ten team... UNLESS Urban ends up at USC.  Then I vote PAC-12.  

Comment 23 Sep 2019

These guys are solid, I watch them regularly and checked out this video.  

One point I'll give them is we haven't played a team with a quarterback of this talent level yet.  

One criticism is they questioned whether or not our defense will still allow big breaks like last year... But last year we were giving them up to EVERYONE, including the worst teams on our schedule... haven't really had that problem this year (I'd suspect they haven't seen a TON of our actual games to know that).  

Comment 22 Sep 2019

Urban takes the job, leads them on an 11-0 campaign.  Game day vs tOSU comes..... Run up the middle on every offensive play and a goal line defense on every defensive play.  Clock hits 000's he tears off his shirt to reveal a block O shirt underneath and walks over to sing Carmen Ohio.  

Comment 22 Sep 2019

A friend of mine in Cali bought a pair and can't.  Dunno if she managed to sell yet.  E-mail me and I'll ask her, if they're still available I'll connect you.  

Comment 20 Sep 2019

I worked Burger King (at a super busy location) for about 6 months, and Taco Bell (at a super slow truck stop) for about 3 years in and just after high school.  Both were awful.  Fast food can be really grueling work, and the pay is dirt... not to mention you get yelled at by customers a few times a day (and thats before you get to your manager, who is probably a 40-60 year old who is pissed off because they're a 40-60 year old whose job is manager at Taco Bell).  I also worked at UPS loading trucks for a while in college, and I would take UPS again over fast food in a heart beat; and I was 3rd shift.    

My best non-professional jobs were as a day-camp-counselor at the YMCA and as a tutor for an autistic boy.  The YMCA gig was almost like being a coach.  Very rewarding, largely easy going, a bit of working out, and getting paid.  Added bonus they usually don't have many guys working there; but they certainly have a lot of ladies working there.... As a recent high-school grad it was a good setup.  The tutoring gig I had for years and it was also super rewarding; and paid well because it was semi-specialized.  

Comment 10 Sep 2019

In fairness to Deace; this was a pre-season video and he has since become more reasoned on his podcast.

He isn't really "wrong" in most of what he said in this video even; it's more a problem of his dramatic way of telling it makes these things seem like foregone conclusions. Yes, if Ohio State loses a select 3 games they won with Urban then they don't have a Big Ten Title or National title with him.... But they DID win those games. One could argue that if tOSU self imposes a bowl ban the year before then they'd have been playing Notre Dame for the last BCS title in Urban's first season.  But they didn't, and it didn't happen. 

All in all Deace is a pretty solid football officianado; he can just be a bit of a turd in his delivery. But if you're going to subject yourself to M*chigan podcasts you could do a lot worse than his.

Comment 10 Sep 2019

Tough to say.  From a "logical" standpoint he did bring the program out of the post Lloyd Carr malaise, but he hasn't been able to get them over that final hump of beating tOSU and winning the Big Ten.  Without peppering those milestones in at least SOME of the time one wonders if Harbaugh can survive a down year (which almost all programs have).  

I think he could see himself canned this year, but only if they drop like 4+ games and don't beat tOSU.  But anything less than a Big Ten title this year will probably put him on a very hot seat going into 2020.  

Comment 30 Aug 2019

Yah very true; hence why you should find a GOOD handyman early in life, lol.  

I learned that part of the lesson hard a few weeks ago.  Washing machine started sounding like a rocket about to take off; wife convinced me to hire tech to come out.  Tech comes out and takes a look, 10 minutes later says the bearings are shot, and because they are a single piece with the drum I would have to replace both -- which would be more expensive than just buying a new washer; so he advises I just toss it and get a new one.  

I talk it over with the wife, decide it's worth saving the 400ish dollars to have me buy the part and put it in myself.  I start tearing the machine apart to get part numbers and see what I'm dealing with -- discover what looks like a bolt missing a head on the back of the machine.... Turns out the bolt that holds the rotor secured had sheered it's head; so during the spin cycle the rotor was shaking like a mother (only being held on by magnetism); this also stopped the stator from really doing it's job so all our clothes came out soaked.  

Bolt cost me $12; job would've taken me about 20 minutes if I'd known from the get go what was up.  Note to self; never hire that guy again.  (and I gave him a bad yelp review).  

Comment 29 Aug 2019

We paid both of ours on our own.  Our insurance (through Travelers) is on an auto-pay monthly payment still.  We budget the money for taxes into our savings account ourselves every month.  

As long as you're actually setting the money aside, you won't really have any trouble.  I wouldn't say it really gives us that much "flexibility" (if we had to dip into that money for another cost we would still have to pay it big when taxes came due)... but we are at least making interest on it in the savings account (for what that's worth).  

Comment 29 Aug 2019

Our realtor threw in a 1 year home warranty for us for free; and frankly it still sucked.  Our hot water heater went out and it was a whole mess to get ahold of the warranty people, see how to get it covered, try to work with their vendors (who all had awful ratings on yelp), and get a crappy replacement that was still going to cost us a ton because the warranty only covered so much labor.  

We finally just out of pocketed a new one, I installed it.  Eventually we were able to wrestle like 400-500 out of them.  If we had paid for the warranty ourselves it would've been a COMPLETE waste of money and a major rip off.  

Comment 29 Aug 2019

The wife and I bought a house a few years ago; so we're just a few years passed you (in our 30's, first kid on the way now, couple pets).  The biggest thing I would suggest is finding a good contractor, and reliable options for plumbing/etc.  Not that I'm suggesting you don't do any of the jobs around the house yourself; but you'll start to realize your time is more valuable than doing it yourself.  

Since we've moved in I; reinsulated our attic, installed a hot water heater, built a shed, painted 3 rooms (one of them needing massive ceiling sanding/work, built a large shelving system in our basement, repaired the brand new washing machine, etc, etc.... There's TOO much to do, and honestly it's not worth it if you can remotely afford the cost to pay someone to do half of it.  The jobs will never end, choose the ones you're going to do wisely.  

Comment 28 Aug 2019

Underestimate your enemy at your own risk.  

Regardless of how "the game" turned out last year, M*chigan was that game away from going to the play-offs.  Yes; their off-season changes could have made them worse.... but they might also have made them better.  

M*chigan's ceiling is a play-off appearance.  

Comment 27 Aug 2019


FAU has a ton of talented players (transfers from big name programs) and a coach who is incredibly inconsistent, but can throw some big punches when he's on.... and even revamped our defense will suffer some growing pains.  Our offense however will be dominant.  7-14 of the Owls' points come in garbage time after we smash the gas to put away a fiesty team.  We'll spend the next week demanding Urban Meyer to retake his coaching job and fire the entire defensive staff.... but FAU goes on to win 11+ games and as the season goes on we see the defense, while not to historic Silver-Bullet levels, is much improved from last year.  

Comment 15 Aug 2019

It depends on the wording in the lease.  They may have called it a 12 month lease while talking to you, but if the lease says it's 11 months and 1 week, then that's what it is and whatever rate you're paying is for that length of time.  

IF the wording on the lease says it's 12 months, and that is the rate they are charging you, then you would be in the right and will probably win if you took legal action.  The problem is taking the legal action is a pain in the ass and might end up costing you more than you'd save by winning.  So it becomes a how important is it to you to stick it to the landlord for being jagoffs situation; as you probably won't save the $, let alone benefit.  

In my experience challenging a landlord they folded before taking any real legal action (have to imagine they're in the same scenario of wondering if it's worth the $ to pursue a few hundred dollars); but then I clearly highlighted how they were in the wrong and I think they knew it, so your mileage may vary.  

Comment 12 Aug 2019

I have a 2 dollar bill collection.  Not just a ton of the modern ones but several going back to the 1860's (including a pair of Confederate 2's).  This has got me to collecting some other old money; the most prized being a Denarius that was minted during the reign of Augustus Caesar (literally older than Jesus).  

I collect statues of Chinese Dragons (the long snake ones with legs and no wings); but caveat that I only buy new ones if they're unique to the collection (so I have one porcelain, one metal, one jade, one wooden, etc).  

I also collect political buttons (I'm an active member of one political party, and candidate this year).  So I have a list of presidential buttons/pins;  FDR's first run, a Teddy Bull-Moose pin, JFK, LBG, I Like Ike... all the way back to a US Grant button.  

I collect X-Men Figurines from the early 90's.  I've probably got about 30 of these now, most of the team itself and major villains.  

They weren't meant to be collections but they've turned into it: I have a ton of graphic novels and board games.  

It's not part of a collection (I only have 2), but my most expensive item is probably my Tecumseh Sherman signature; alternatively it could be a set of GI Joe Replica swords I have (don't hate); Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes swords from a limited run they did back in the very early 2000's.  Last time a pair came up they went for close to $1000.

Comment 01 Aug 2019

I grew up in Toledo and originally I was a Buckeye to go against my brother.  My family is from M*chigan, my mother is an alum (though hardly a big sports fan/school-spirit fan, numerous cousins attended, etc).  My older brother was a dutiful M*chigan fan growing up and I rooted for Ohio State basically to be contrary.  

But it stuck; and I ended up going there for school... and now every holiday season with the family is pretty fun because I get to brag about winning again.  

Comment 09 Jul 2019

AirBNB for the whole trip.  Combined cost for a week a little over $700 (though that's single room places big enough for the wife and I).