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Another Dry Goods Request

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April 22, 2020 at 10:20pm

How about an Eleven Warriors face mask?  But then I thought, (a) might be difficult to source, and (b) could it be a bad look, even if some were donated (e.g., buy one, donate one), for taking material away from medical suppliers?

I then thought why not do what I’m doing?  I can’t find masks. So I’m just going to use some neck gaiters that I have. An Eleven Warriors neck gaiter  Can help keep you warm during a November game, can double as a balaclava, lightweight one helps keep the sun off your neck during a September game, and doubled over works as a COVID-19 mask probably as good or better than a home made cloth variety (throw a coffee filter between the folds and even better). Hunters, anglers, hikers, cyclists love them. Just a thought. 

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