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Comment 03 Jul 2020

From your posts, and you may have said so already, but you appear to have a role in public health. If so, I defer to you. I am merely a layman. Starting with TN’s first case on 3/5/20, I tracked daily cases, deaths, and percent increases statewide, my county, Nashville, Memphis, and a few other counties. Charted. Did this through May and then shifted to track weekly increases in cases, deaths statewide and my county. I guess I’m OCD. Until each of the last three weekly increases, which are each the greatest yet (until next Wednesday perhaps), the greatest spike in weekly case increases was 4/2/20, two weeks after the Soring Breakers returned. Effect doesn’t prove causation, but I also know a Vandy infectious disease guy and he’s always been concerned about Nashville as a tourist destination. I mean, COVID spread through the US primarily to and then from NYC. Why was that?

Comment 03 Jul 2020

The beach is a gathering place for others from across the south. They are from the Nashville area and will join others from Nashville, Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta, NOLA, Dallas, etc. Bringing it, bringing it back. It’s well known here that the first spike in cases in TN occurred two weeks after they and the other Spring Beeakers returned. And they don’t just bring their 18 year old son and 22 year old daughter, but also her friend and his girlfriend. I doubt they are hunkering down only inside and in the yard of the beach house. Beaches are open. Restaurants are open and serving liquor at 50% capacity. 

Yes, they can be just as responsible or irresponsible there as here  It’s the interstate transmission that is my main concern. Multiply them by 10,000, 20,000?  And they’ve been going back and forth since Spring Break and it’s clear they are too selfish and irresponsible to give a shit about the rest of the community. 

Comment 03 Jul 2020

Yesterday, the US added another record of 52K cases, and almost 33K were in the South. In May, the US never added more than 30K cases in any day. It’s exploding in the South. And it’s not simply because of more tests, as positivity rates in most southern states are > 10%. But someone else would need to Explain that stat. 

I’m not in the “destroy the economy” until there’s a vaccine crowd, but people just won’t act responsibly. My idiot neighbors returned to their FL beach house yesterday.

Comment 01 Jul 2020

With my daughter at Vanderbilt ER. Fell off skateboard backwards and has a nice hematoma on the back of her head. She’s fine but will be admitted overnight for MRI and observation. They had to do a COVID test on her and it was the drilling for oil kind. 20 seconds all the way back where the nasal passage meets the throat. I believe that’s the most accurate, but I couldn’t imagine getting  one of those every other day or even once a week for the next six months. 

Comment 01 Jul 2020

I’m with you, except I’d have Penn State over UGA and UF over Wisky. 

It all comes down to Rutgers v Arkansas for the bragging rights  LOL  

Comment 29 Jun 2020

That is true, and the biggest mistake was on Lawrence’s 67 yard gallop in the Fiesta Bowl. But in Baron’s defense, he was playing out of position. This year he won’t be. 

I love the depth at LB, especially given this year.  Washington is going to be rotating and rolling his guys  This is going to be the best LB play across the board this season that I can remember.      

Comment 26 Jun 2020

I understand, and I get it. An explosive return, a TD return, on occasion would be great. But I just want (a) catch the punt (or KO) or (b) be a good judge and fair catch or let it go into the end zone. The offense has been so good, I like our chances with the O driving 75 or fewer yards. 

Comment 26 Jun 2020

I wish the guy the best at BC and very appreciative of his role in turning around the Buckeye D in 2019 and helping us to the CFP, but he was in Columbus for less than one year.  That Buckeye Culture, at a minimum, was enhanced, accelerated, and built to an elite status, if it already wasn't, by Urban's seven seasons on top of Tressel's 10 seasons.  And Cooper's 13, Earle's nine, and Woody's 28 are also all part of it.  So, best of luck to Hafley, but no way in hell is he going to be able to instill an ounce of Buckeye culture in Chestnut Hill.  His 10 months don't measure up to seven, 17, let alone 67 years of Buckeye football (only four losing seasons, plus one .500 season in those 67 years).  And I'm not even including Paul Brown or Francis Schmidt.  

Comment 24 Jun 2020

He has to be dejected.  I mean, just look at all of the different ways his team has been beat.  Urban talks about wanting to know who they are recruiting, what are they working on in practice, etc.  I have to think he keeps an eye on who Ohio State is getting on the recruiting trail.  That has to be demoralizing too.  They run all over me, they pass all over me, they blow me out, they win close games, they bring QBs in off the bench to beat me, and now they've got the #1 class that could be the best ever!!!!!!!

It has to be demoralizing.  How much longer can he take the punishment?  I hope for a long time.

Comment 24 Jun 2020

I agree with this. I highly question whether JT could have brought us back again and again vs Maryland or put up 62 against that team the way Haskins did in 2018. Remember, it wasn’t looking good against that team in 2017 until Haskins came in. And, Haskins doesn’t miss a wide open McLaurin deep on two separate series or a screen to Dobbins with 65 yards of nobody in front of him in the 2017 CCG. 

Comment 23 Jun 2020

I think 2018 was a perfect storm that was forecast in 2017. 

1- I’m sure none of these coaches have small egos  

2- The loss of Fickel was huge and like that weak low pressure system that forms off the west coast of Africa this time of year. He had been in place and was strong enough to keep Schiano’s philosophy in check. 

3- The talent on the 2016 D was insane and could overcome bad coaching and scheme, plus Coombs was still there  

4- We got hints in 2017. I think Davis gets too much blame. Yes, he’s no Fickel or Washington, but he’s been a 3-4 guy and Schiano was not a 3-4 guy. Bad hire by Urban when he was laser focused on fixing the O by hiring Wilson and Day. 

5- 2018, a dysfunctional mess. Grinch is hired to replace Schiano, but Schiano comes back. Now three different philosophies on D and at least two egos clash. 

6- Add the ZS affair and Urban misses all of Fall camp  Day in charge, he’s most likely just focused on the O while keeping the team together and tells Schiano and Grinch to handle their business, but he’s not Urban and really has no power. Grinch has been sulking and now Schiano is sulking. 

7- That weak low pressure system is now a Cat 5 hurricane  

8- Thankfully Coach Day was flying the hurricane spotter aircraft and knew what to do when he was given full and complete charge of the program. 

Comment 22 Jun 2020

I think this is the reason. The CFP will be 8 teams by 2027 and tOSU, Bama, UGA etc ADs know this. A win over Bama or UGA, who likely will either be SEC champ and in or competing for an at-large means TOSU is also in if a slip up occurs in the B1G schedule. 

I also think the CFP will eventually mandate minimum schedule of 10 P5 games played for eligibility  P5 might mean P6 by then or still P5 after realignment after next round of TV contracts. 

Comment 20 Jun 2020

That should be the question. What if Dabo was our HC?  When will ESPN, Feinbaum, Reece Davis, hell even Herbstreit comment about Dabo and what he and his staff are said to have done or failed to do?

Comment 20 Jun 2020

I still think you should go with the neck gaiter, but I’ll order some of those masks. Good idea and thanks. 

Comment 20 Jun 2020

I’m aware I’ve been tracked since the Patriot Act and NDAA. 

I was just curious if others got the auto download without knowing  Since you have to toggle it on, I was wondering if anyone, everyone, no one plans to  I’m big on privacy, but aware that owning an iPhone, smart TV, using a computer, etc I really have little. Voluntarily giving it up though?  I guess I already have and I’d like to know if I’ve possibly been exposed to the virus, assuming I haven’t been already. 

Comment 18 Jun 2020

Thing is, other than Farragut and “damn the torpedoes” taking Mobile Bay, and Hood nursing his Army of the Tennessee in AL after he burned Atlanta and before his ill fated, idiotic move into Tennessee in late 1864, I don’t think AL suffered from a lot of fighting in the Civil War. 

Comment 18 Jun 2020

I consider LSU to be that buster last season.  No one thought Burrow would have the season he had.  

I'm not sure about Auburn.  They've got a killer schedule.  UNC on the road, Bama on the road, UGA on the road.  They do have LSU at home.  I also don't think UGA has the QB or skill position players.  I kind of see them as Michigan last year with the newfangled OC, but is the skill there to execute what he wants to do and will the HC allow it?  Plus, working in a brand new QB and installing a brand new offense with no Spring practice will make it twice as hard on UGA.  I'm not sold on UF, but I think this is their year in the SEC East.  Watch out for Tennessee.  They could surprise in either direction.  The teams where COVID should have the lesser impact should be Ohio State, Alabama, Penn State, Clemson, Auburn, Florida, Notre Dame and to a lesser extent Oklahoma.  Texas has a new OC, but experienced QB so they may be somewhat lesser affected.

I expect the Buckeyes to win another close one in Happy Valley this season, but here's how the Big Ten gets two teams in.  Penn State and Ohio State have to dominate their entire schedule.  The loser of the 10/24 game gets in, but I think this is what needs to also happen.  Undefeated or one loss SEC champ and East winner ends up with two losses (both are likely).  Clemson goes undefeated (likely).  Big 12 champ has two losses or one loss, but loses out on the eye test to both Big Ten East leaders (also likely I think, especially the defense).  Ohio State handles Oregon by 2 TDs or more and Oregon doesn't lose again.  I don't think it will happen, but the Buckeyes lose a close one (in double OT or something like that) on 10/24.  More likely, IMO, Penn State loses that close one in double OT or something like that on 10/24 and dominates the rest of its schedule.  Penn State is the buster and the B1G gets two teams in.        

Comment 18 Jun 2020

I agree with about everyone else.  In alphabetical order, it's Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State.  Alabama and Ohio State have the greater chance of a stumble given strength of conferences, and Ohio State visiting Oregon.  Clemson's soft schedule will help them with replacing 4 O linemen in time to be gelling for the ND game, but will the WR room step up for Lawrence?  I still think these three win their respective conferences with unblemished records (but watch for Alabama visiting Tennessee and Ohio State visiting Penn State).  

The next tier is Florida, Georgia, LSU, maybe Notre Dame, Oklahoma, and Penn State.  Any one of these could be the 4th team in, but have various obstacles to overcome, whether replacing graduates/draftees, coaching, QB.  Oregon might also be in this tier.  

Auburn is alone in tier 3, but has a chance just not as great of a chance than any of the teams in the second tier (again because of conference, coaching).  But Auburn has accomplished what is necessary before and could do so again, but will have Bama and UGA on the road I think. Oregon could also be placed here.  I'm glad to be playing Oregon in week 2.  

No chance and shouldn't be on the list:  Michigan, Texas, Texas A&M, USC, Washington.