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Comment 21 Jan 2020

As Buck865 said, no, not from a geographical standpoint.  These are big states out west and relatively low population.  Eugene is 8.5 hours from San Fran (same distance Columbus is from Atlanta with a whole lot more talent in between) and a whole lot farther from So Cal.  Clemson is right next door to the #2 talent state of GA (and 2 hours from Atlanta) and easy pickings of the #1 talent state of FL (6.5 hours by car to Jacksonsville).  NC and SC are far more talent rich by a long stretch than is OR.  Look at Clemson's 2019 roster.  44 from SC, 20 from GA, 10, from FL, 9, NC, 7 AL, 6 TN, 5 VA with the remainder from 11 states and even one from Nigeria.  Roughly 76% of Clemson's roster is from those 7 states.      

Comment 20 Jan 2020

All he needs to do is get Rutgers to 8 wins and he's got a TaxSlayer Bowl match up with Pruitt and Tennessee.  Schiano needs to get to 8 wins fast, however.  With that delusional fan base in Knoxville and environs, they won't tolerate an 8 win season in 2020.  They should, but they won't.  Talk about schadenfreud, and I have nothing against Jeremy Pruitt, but how sweet would it be for Schiano if he can get Rutgers to 8 wins in 2021, a TaxSlayer Bowl against an 8 win Tennessee team.  If that comes about, that game will likely be against Phil Fulmer as Tennessee's interim coach and Schiano can deliver the coup de gras to that back stabber's career once and for all.  

Comment 18 Jan 2020

I thought it was good.  Learned some things that I didn't know.  I was expecting Urban to get some blame, so was pleased that wasn't part of it.  Finished it this afternoon.  Watched the first episode last night, and the remaining episodes today.  I somewhat feel the documentary suggests tough guy football made him stay in the closet and that and the CTE caused him to kill people (I say people, because I think he did kill the two guys from Cape Verde despite him being acquitted of those murders.)  Obviously, the guy had his demons, but he still pulled the trigger(s).  The Patriots organization cares only about winning.  Kraft is a sociopath.  Urban didn't want the kid to go back home when he was at UF.  The documentary emphasized that and that the Patriots talked with Urban before drafting Hernandez.  I've got to think Urban told them don't draft him because your guys are next door to Connecticut, and his high school buddy said he was hoping Hernandez would get drafted by the Seahawks, Raiders, 49ers, or Chargers.  But no, Kraft and Belicheck decided we'll just pay him 4th round money and if he's a problem, no big deal.  He's uber talented, he's kills people, they give him the second contract, and then Kraft talks about how he thought he was such an angel.  

Comment 15 Jan 2020

I strongly agree.  We can deliberate on this topic on our own or in-person with friends or family.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Yes they did. And in 2013 as well, as we all know. But IIRC, Clemson got blown out by WVU in that 2011 bowl and played in the 2012 Meineke Car Care Bowl. 

Thus, the question remains. How did Clemson go from two “weed eater” bowls and 1-1 in BCS bowls to five straight CFP appearances? Me thinks chemistry and money laundering had as much to do with it as did staff hires and QBs. 

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Good post. This is the only reason I wanted LSU to win. The Joe Burrow story is all warm and fuzzy, but the Clemson machine had to be slowed. They aren’t going anywhere next season, but cracks can be seen now with Bama. I still question how Clemson goes from the Russell Athletic Bowl to playing in 4 (and winning 2) of the first 6 CFPs, but had they won Monday night, they would be an even more formidable locomotive. 

Comment 13 Jan 2020

I was going to ask the same question.

Just out of curiousity, I took a peak at the Seahawks and 49ers staff.  Seahawks secondary coach is Nick Sorenson - 7 years experience.  After his NFL playing career, he did a stint at YSU in 2012, before joining the Seahawks.  49ers secondary coach is Joe Woods - 16 years all NFL.  Doubtful.  But the safeties coach is Daniel Bullocks - 4 years and his bio on the team website talks up his work with Hafley improving the 49ers pass defense in 2018.

Titans run a base 3-4, but do run cover 3 but a lot of multiple looks as well.  

Comment 10 Jan 2020

So sad.  Never knew he was ill.  He was amazing.  They were my favorite band in my junior high days.  Necromancer, 2112, Closer to the Heart period for Rush.  A tough time in my life from a family perspective and just being a boy going through the changes.  It was nice to lose myself every night listening to Rush.  Haven't really listened to Rush that much the past 30-35 years, but always enjoyed it when they came on the radio.  RIP Neil.

Comment 07 Jan 2020

I had a colleague who was ticketed to fly on American Airlines flight 77 departing Dulles International to Los Angeles the morning of September 11, 2001.  The day before his secretary talked him into staying in DC for additional meetings, he had just recently joined my old firm and she thought it would be a good idea for him to meet more of his new colleagues.  He rescheduled his flight for Wednesday, September 12.  Ended up having to drive a rental car across country later that week to get home.  That was the plane that was crashed into the Pentagon. 

I had another colleague who was flying from Chicago to Pittsburgh on old US "Scare."  He got to O'Hare and was running late for the flight.  The ticket agent told him he could make the flight if he ran.  He said no, just re-book me on the next flight, my knee is hurting me.  That flight he missed is the 737 that went into an uncontrollable dive on approach to Pittsburgh killing everyone.  

Two people originally ticketed for those flights lived.  Two people got their seats and died.  I always think about this whenever I change my flight plans when traveling on business.

Comment 07 Jan 2020

I don't agree with this.  In the first quarter, you take the points.  The offensive and defensive game plans were working well at that point.  I'm sure he was as disappointed, as all of us were, with the drops, missed DPI on KJ Hill, etc. and having to kick FGs, but he's probably also thinking we're moving the ball and we're going to score.  Now, in the 4th quarter and the 4th and 4 at the Clemson 39 and Buckeyes up by 2, I was thinking he should have gone for it there.  Instead, we punted and pinned Clemson at their 6 (after the ball hit the Clemson player and bounced right back to him; some bad foreshadowing right there).  However, after the fact, I think Coach Day made the right call on that 4th down as well.  The Titans had almost the exact same situation in their game against the Patriots.  4th and 3 at the New England 34 and Titans up by one and Vrabel punted pinning the Patriots at their one.  That's when Vrabel pulled the Belichek manuever regarding the arcane rule (took the successive penalties but the clock kept running because there were more than 5 minutes remaining yada yada yada).  The announcers said that analytics says there's only a 46% chance of converting a first down in that situation.  So, Day, like Vrabel, played the odds correctly in that situation too.  

Comment 06 Jan 2020

Based on recent and current CFP history, I still think Clemson/Bama are 1a.  Ohio State/Georgia are 1b.  LSU will fall back into the "tier 2" pack with Oklahoma, maybe Oregon, maybe Penn State, maybe Auburn, maybe Notre Dame.  For a third tier, it's probably Florida and probably Wisconsin, maybe Washington.  Texas, ttun, USC are way back.  In any given year, any of those second tier teams could be in the third tier, or first.  Oklahoma should not be allowed back in next year given they are 0-4 with three bad losses.  I think this also shows that playoff expansion isn't necessary.  

Comment 06 Jan 2020

Take this FWIW, and it's almost a month old now.  Coombs has done very well with the Titans, and they seem bummed to be possibly losing him.  Note the title, again FWIW.

Comment 06 Jan 2020

There used to be Nor' easters and "lake effect snow."  After Weather Channel got big, now these are "bomb cyclones" and "polar vortexes."  It's like there's a damn hurricane every week now.  I don't subscribe to the ESPN conspiracy is why we lost the Fiesta Bowl or why the SEC replay official f'd up the scoop and score call.  That guy is known to be bad and how he was the replay official of a national championship semi-final game is more a question for the new national coordinator of officials who was until 12/20/19 the SEC coordinator of officials. 

ESPN, like all other media companies these days, considers itself an influencer of opinion in accord with its interests.  In other words, ESPN, Fox News, CNN, Weather Channel, etc etc are all propaganda networks.  We all love Fox Sports because they love Ohio State and the Big Ten, as that is in accord with their interests.  We hate ESPN because they love Alabama, Clemson, the SEC and the ACC, as those are in accord with their interests.  Both networks have to discuss the other side so as to maintain appearances.  ESPN also broadcasts Big Ten games and pays handsomely to do so.  The way it's set up for ESPN, they are in a win-win.  They pay to broadcast Big Ten games as well, but that investment is dwarfed by what they've invested in the SEC and ACC networks, and with CBS getting out of broadcasting SEC games (and ESPN probably taking that over), that SEC investment will only grow.  There's only one reason for that - the SEC makes a lot of money for ESPN.  They are more than happy to broadcast some Big Ten games as well, same for their parent ABC.  But ESPN's cash cow is the SEC Network (jury is probably still out on the ACC Network since that is new).  ESPN would have loved a LSU vs OSU national championship game, but not as much as another SEC vs ACC game.  The former probably generates a lot more revenue from that airing.  However, ESPN can leverage the content from LSU vs Clemson across its spectrum of channels, as well as generate channel specific content from the match-up on its SEC and ACC networks.  It's a win-win for ESPN, but a much more lucrative win when the game is LSU vs Clemson.    

Comment 05 Jan 2020

Herbstreit's issues with Ohio State fans all center on his employer.  I honestly think he's a professional and strives to be objective.  He never makes a pick on Game Day when he's calling the game.  His problem is he's not only paid very handsomely to do what he does, but the perks are ridiculous.  He could watch his boys play their high school football game for MBA on Friday night and then hop on a plane to wherever Game Day was for Saturday.  He could do Game Day, for example, in Pullman, WA and then do color on the ABC/ESPN prime time telecast in West Lafayette, IN that night.  You can't do that flying commercial.  From the Ohio State fan perception standpoint, he works for a media company that also employs Paul Finebaum, a blatant, biased SEC homer, and Desmond Howard, a blatant, biased Michigan homer.  THE two biggest rivals to fans of Ohio State.  ESPN allows those two, indeed encourages them, to spew their biased hot takes.  And then you throw in Fowler and Davis and their more subtle, but still biased, opinions.  On the one hand, you've got Herbie trying to be professional and objective while no one else is held to that same standard by ESPN, and that pisses off Ohio State fans.  And then when he says something favorable in regard to another team that cuts against the interests of Ohio State and their fans, it doesn't matter if he's just being objective or thinks he's being objective or even if he's correct, because there are these other personalities spewing their bias.  As far as ESPN is concerned, it's great for business.  Herbstreit doesn't get it, or more likely, he's just another corporate schmuck like the rest of us, regardless of whether he gets paid $2M/year or whatever.  Maybe he thinks, if he rocks the boat too much, that could go away and like most rich people, he probably has rich people problems.  

I don't know what he did or didn't do in Columbus, how he acted in Columbus, what he's like as a person, but he seems to me very tone deaf.  With the background above, engaging with the "radical wing" of the Ohio State fanbase is a lose-lose for him.  As a professional, he needs to stop doing that, and if ESPN isn't telling him to stop, he needs to ask himself why aren't they?   

Comment 05 Jan 2020

I can understand him being that way, however.  Maybe it's just because I've been accused of being aloof when it's really just because I'm kind of introverted in the day-to-day of life sort of way, but not professionally.  He may have just been thinking "this is my private life so leave me alone with my kids or at Kroger."  I think that's a challenge for a lot of people who are famous.  It can be tough having a private life.  Cooper sounds like a gregarious sort, while Herbstreit might be a closet introvert.  Alternatively, he may be a jerk.  

But one thing living in Nashville that is interesting is there are a lot of very famous people here.  Celebrities.  They choose to live here for at least three reasons. One, tax reasons.  Two, most are in the music or movie business and this is where most of the studios are located.  Three, for some reason, they are left alone here.  TMZ opened a branch here and it didn't last.  They were shunned.  Restaurants, bars, and just normal people ran them off.  

Comment 05 Jan 2020

And again Saints today with push off in the end zone for Vikings win in OT after Brees fumble in regulation and missed FG right before the half. Saints might stop drafting Buckeyes. It’s an Ohio thing (the drive, the fumble, Jose Mesa, up 3-1 vs Cubs, 1971 Rose Bowl, 1976 Rose Bowl etc etc etc). As someone on this or another thread so aptly pointed out, National championship heartbreak is an Ohio State tradition about as long as dotting the i in script Ohio. 

Comment 05 Jan 2020

Was that the visit when Urban and Smith got to Toledo on the way back and didn’t wait for Coombs?  Urban and Smith took off in the private plane and Coombs had to drive the rest of the way through the snow?

Comment 05 Jan 2020

He may have been. I only remember being surprised that he was calling that Bahamas game which is why I remember that one b

Comment 05 Jan 2020

Desmond has called a few games. I think it was the Bahamas Bowl last year he was the color guy. 

Comment 05 Jan 2020

I don’t mind Herbstreit. He’s good, not Klatt good, but good. Just like some fans, he’ll take an indefensible position on occasion (eg, 2 loss UGA deserved to be in the 2018 final 4). Fowler is the one I can’t stand and his bias (and that of Reece Davis) is undeniable. On top of that, Fowler is awful as a play-by-play guy. Herbstreit shouldn’t be engaging with or commenting about twitter/social media fan posts. I do wonder what’s genuine and what’s scripted with him and have wondered if it moves with who he’s talking to or trying to impress. 

Comment 05 Jan 2020

Alternatively, he could learn from Rod Gilmore (Outback Bowl) and how he politely corrected the ESPN “rules expert” on the Johnson TD. The difference, ironically, is Gilmore is a lawyer who has probably deposed and cross examined numerous experts.