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Comment 21 Jun 2019

Would be an interesting study in correlation. I bet Clark Phillips announcing on CBS, owner of 247, means he doesn’t drop. Compare to kids who don’t announce via CBS/247 ...... like Grant Toutant. 

Comment 20 Jun 2019

Agree. Plus, Smith wants this podcast to succeed. How does DJ Byrnes help him do that?  Outside of 11W commenters and some people living in the congressional (or was it state) district that he tried to get elected to serve, no one in the college football world knows who DJ Byrnes is. There’s no business reason for Smith to have DJ on. What’s in it for Smith?

Comment 20 Jun 2019

According to this ---> -----> the quote is attributed to a Bob Hooey in 1948 who was the sports editor for the Ohio State Journal.  The same publication does quote a James Thurber poem entitled "When Chic Harley Got Away."

The link is also an interesting read about Chic Harley.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

Chic Harley's life after Ohio State is just tragic.  He suffered a mental breakdown from schizophrenia and spent most of his life in a VA hospital.  When he was a pilot, I guess the other pilots and his superior officers bullied him, as did him teammates on Bears.  Led him to a breakdown.  There needs to at least be a statue of Chic Harley outside Ohio Stadium.  From this Lantern article, it appears the stadium was originally supposed to be named after him.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

We sneer at the SEC, but I think their way of scheduling is the way to go.  Looking at another NFL draft with SEC picks being by far the most of any conference (again) is the only proof one needs to concede it is the strongest conference top to bottom.  Big Ten has become a close second, and occasional best in a given season.  I personally believe a CFP entrance requirement is to schedule at least 10 P5 teams and no FCS.  I've said it before and will say it again, UGA only beat 8 P5 teams in 2018.  Bama beat 11 P5 teams only because it made the CFP.  Only two teams beat 12 P5 teams - Clemson and Ohio State.  SEC went their route when they were even more top to bottom dominant.  Big Ten went its route when, let's face it, other than one or two teams (one usually being OSU), the Big Ten sucked.  The conf had to up schedule, and then Urban arrived and we know what he did to most other schools' boats so to speak.  The Big Ten schedule is beast now, so maybe we should look to tone it down elsewhere.  

I think the OP's point #1 is an old way, BCS way, of thinking. It undoubtedly can really help - see the OP's example of our win over OU in 2016.  But the downside is greater than the upside.  Point #4 is very important, I think, but all are trumped by point #2, and by up-scheduling OOC, a team runs a greater risk of missing on #2.  Plus, while an upset loss in conference hurts, it's just one loss and that team isn't any threat.  You can still go and beat your rival and top divisional competition and make your CCG if you get upset, regardless of margin of loss.  If you lose to an OU, you have no control.  You have to hope they lose to Iowa State and to Texas or Baylor or TCU etc.  OU has to lose two games in conference and, as 2017 points out, Ohio State couldn't lose any and did.  Very hard to go undefeated in conf.  So, if we don't want to go the SEC route and schedule fewer than 10 P5 teams and don't want to play FCS teams, then don't schedule tough OOC opponents.  Bad for the fans, but probably better for the CFP.  On the other hand, there's more to life than the CFP, and playing OU is better for recruiting than playing Cincy.

So, in conclusion, the OP's disclaimer definitely applies and I, for one, am going to stress about it.  

Comment 19 Jun 2019

2018 really does seem like the outlier.  We'll see how it plays out after a few more seasons.  I don't think there's any expansion until 2025 (when the broadcast rights come back up for negotiation, I think).  One loss, conf champion, got upset by a lesser team, but didn't get in.  2108 was not like any of the others.  Had Ohio State lost to Purdue by only 3 points, I still don't think they are getting in.  ND had zero losses and I still think the Committee would have put in OU over Ohio State, because it "avenged its loss."  Not saying that would have been correct or right, just how I see these things go through scarlet colored glasses.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

Yes, thankfully a different time.  The strength of the KKK in the 1920s in Ohio, Indiana, and many other states inside and outside of the South is a little known historical fact.  

Yesterday's Warren Western Reserve got me checking on high schools I played against, as I also wasn't aware that Reserve had been closed.  Lots of high schools that I played against in Youngstown also closed - South, North, Rayen, Woodrow Wilson.  Looks like only East and Chaney are still open.  Didn't play a lot of Akron schools, plenty in/around Canton.  Can't believe that Canton Timken is closed.  My how times have changes and how old it makes me feel.  

Comment 18 Jun 2019

Price was a 4 star #211 overall.  But to your point, Elflein was a 3 star and #998 overall and the lowest in his class. Another guy was also a three star and the third lowest in that same 2012 class, Michael Thomas (just behind one Cardale Jones). 

Still, we gotta get the 5s and 4s. Top 5 classes are simply critical if we want to win national championships. 

Comment 18 Jun 2019

Warren Western Reserve.  All three Warren schools, at that time, were in our conference and Reserve was really good (basketball and football).  Can't believe that school is gone.  I guess the decline in population of the city of Warren resulted in them combining Reserve and Harding.  Reserve was a newer school, a lot newer than the dump of a gym that was Harding (and JFK) in my day.  But I looked at the conference that Harding is in, and it includes a bunch of what used to be podunk country schools that aren't podunk anymore I guess.  What's funny is that Harding took the Reserve colors and the Raiders nickname.  I forget what Harding was called in my day.  We always had little trouble with Harding on the basketball court (except that painful night my senior season), but Reserve just always put a beating on us.    

Comment 17 Jun 2019

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Cure

I saw Morrissey at the Ryman a couple years ago.  Man, I was disappointed.  Opened with How Soon is Now, which was awesome, but then nothing from Viva Hate or any of his earlier solo stuff and the only other Smiths song he performed was Meat is Murder, of course.  

Comment 14 Jun 2019

Smith said on one of the podcast episodes that it was very important to Urban to develop his coaches, and Urban’s tree definitely confirms this. It was the one where Smith talks about his annual eval (yeah, I know). Urban’s tree, not Smith’s words, prove the claim. So, Urban may have just thought he could develop Ed. 

Comment 14 Jun 2019

When did this all take place?  I’m not on Twitter, and I guess I tired of the Smith saga once the 2018 season began.  DJ got me to make the Skully a part of my daily morning routine to this day, but I have to admit I hate domestic cats. I’m just curious about when this all went down?  I can’t recall if DJ left 11W @ the time it all blew up or was this somehow a campaign strategy?  

I agree that I’m intrigued with Smith’s podcast for now (and for the most part) and will continue to listen. But I think it’s a mistake to engage a guy like Smith on equal terms. DJ has no advantage and really nothing to gain. 

Comment 14 Jun 2019

So, this is how I decided.  It's a 6-7 hour drive for us (me and two of the kids, 12 and 16).  We can also only get up there for one game. 

Wisky is out.  Anniversary weekend (yes, I know).  Originally, it was going to be PSU, given the recent history.  I think their decline, if any, really starts moreso in 2020, 2021.  They should have a strong D, which could make that a close one given late November weather.  I do think they take a step back on O starting this year.  Given the late November date, the kids, the ticket prices (now), I scratched the PSU game from the plan.  I've decided to go with the MSU game.  I agree with others that they should be better this year and that could be a huge early(ish) B1G game, as both teams could be unbeaten for that game.  It's a night game too.  Cincy is intriguing, but we all wanted to take in a B1G game this year (went to Tulane last year for the kids' first game at the 'Shoe).  Also gave some thought to MD, but there have been some classic OSU v MSU battles.  LOL, however.  Wisky was probably my first choice, but then I remembered.     

Comment 13 Jun 2019

I have to admit I've enjoyed the 3 episodes I've listened to.  I could do without some of the shade throwing, and his sign-off has to go not because it's not funny, it's not original.  Although one can tell he's no professional, 90% of the time, if not more, you can't really tell (at least I can't).  But where does he ultimately go with this once, as someone else said above, he's out of stories?  I guess Edward could never pull off something like this, but I'd love to give him or a surrogate a chance to give his side of the stories.  I love the "inside college football".  I'll continue to listen.

After the Ed Warriner episode, I came to my conclusion that it probably was time for Urban to hand over the whistle.  I think his post-2014 hires and retentions were a mixed bag, and I think he had started to lose at least that aspect (hiring quality assistants and firing the incompetent), among many others, that made him one of the top 2/3 coaches.  It's gotta be hard though having to wrangle over 100 18-21 year olds and to have to manage some of these assistant coaches who seem to be about as mature as my rising 7th grader.  Makes me respect Saban all the more with all of his staff turnover (which will eventually catch up to him).  And it's another reason why Dabo ain't taking Urban's place just yet.  He has had hardly any staff turn over and we'll see how he manages that when, not if, it happens.  Looking forward to Smith's discussion of both Saban and Swinney.         

Comment 11 Jun 2019

Woody was one of the youngest tOSU head coaches at 38 when he was hired.  Earle was 48 when hired, Cooper was 51, Tressel was 49, and Urban was 48.  Ryan Day was hired at 39.  

Paul Brown was 33 when hired.

Comment 09 Jun 2019

See eye aye has been wrong too many times from their inception for their record to be only coincidental. 

Comment 06 Jun 2019

I can't claim to know UM's roster very well at all, but I think DPJ, Collins, and Black are each third or fourth year guys.  Looks like the kid heading into the portal is a third year as well.  You are saying two of your three best WRs will be on the field at once.  OK so far.  However, none of them really seem to be slot receivers, although maybe DPJ can dabble at it some.  So, if I understand correctly, you seem not all concerned about relying on who I think are (1) an early enrolled frosh, (2) a redshirt frosh (Bell?), (3) a just arrived frosh, or (4) a RB frosh coming off surgery as your starting slot receiver?

I think your move to the spread might take some time.  It just doesn't seem like you've got the personnel.       

Comment 05 Jun 2019

I mentioned my personal story involving adolescent mental health and teen suicide in the story about the Days’ Nationwide Hospital fund this morning. Life events, such as bullying of kids, will bring on long lasting depression. Depression isn’t sadness. It’s not woe is me my wife or girlfriend left me.   A depressed person kills themself because they don’t want to be a burden on those they love.  It’s not because they are sad and they have nothing to live for.  Depression is also usually accompanied by its insidious cousin, anxiety.  A lot of kids and adults are born with it and others get it from life. 

Comment 05 Jun 2019

So proud of Coach Day and Mrs. Day.  As others have said, this is such a worthy and important cause.  Teenage suicide and mental health is such an insidious, and too often ignored, adolescent epidemic.  Suicide is the second leading cause of death for adolescents after accidents.  There definitely is a stigma attached to addressing teen mental health. 

It also hits home for me.  I know first-hand how critical the best mental health care for adolescents in crisis is to their lives.  I think this is important to share, so I will.  Vanderbilt Monroe Carroll Children's Hospital saved my teenage daughter's life and recovery.  That children's hospital ER averages nine teenage suicide attempts a night.  That's right.  Per night.  We had to wait a week in the main children's hospital for a bed to open up on the adolescent floor of the psych hospital.  Only 24 beds for adolescents.  Another 24 for pediatric (they had four and five year olds in there).  Every day one or more kids are discharged, and every day an equal number take their place.  But she got in, and it was their care, therapy and programs that saved her life and started her on recovery.  But the best mental health care for adolescents that is provided by hospitals like Vanderbilt and Nationwide takes a lot of money for facilities, nurses, social workers, and doctors for the inpatient and outpatient care, programs and outreach.  I'm sure Nationwide located in a large metropolitan area, like Vanderbilt, simply needs more beds and personnel.     

Comment 03 Jun 2019

Fukushima is still melting down though isn’t it?  Slowly and inexorably.  I think the same can be said about Chernobyl.  

Russians and Japanese aren’t the only with hubris. We’ve got Diablo Canyon and Indian Point.