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Comment 17 Aug 2019

I think Jackson’s example speaks volumes about the culture of the program (and the insane depth of LJ’s D line). #51 overall in 2016 and now #4 NT/3T on this 2019 Buckeyes D line. I think he had a bad experience his freshman year at AUB. Next year will be his year for playing time, but he really seems to enjoy himself in Columbus, working on his masters, and something tells me he’s going to be a top D line coach in 10 years or so. Will probably begin that career as a GA for LJ.  

Comment 16 Aug 2019

Giants are beating the Bears handily. Jones 11-14, 181 yards, 2 TDs. 

Show of hands. Who thinks the Giants are better than the Bears?  Buehler?  Buehler?  Didn’t think so. 

With that ‘Skins O line, I hope Keenum starts at least through week 5. Even after 2 ps games it’s clear that Haskins’ ceiling is much higher than Keenum’s ever was, but I’d rather see him beat up by the Eagles, Cowboys, Bears, and Patriots (and probably Giants as well). Don’t know when the ‘Skins bye week is, but I’d rather see Haskins starting after that, assuming Keenum lives to see week 2. 

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Last I’ll say about this. Have probably said too much. All of us can benefit from self awareness. This is an opportunity for Harbaugh and his program to look within and ask “what should we do differently?”  He is obviously not. Michigan is a fine university with mental health programs to help their students and athletes. But the real question here is this:  “Blue” Smith had an apparent mental illness challenge well documented by the university and he was supported and helped by the football program. The common refrain from Harbaugh and Michigan fans about Hudson is “we didn’t know.”  That’s telling. Why didn’t they?  Of course Harbaugh and his fans will say because Hudson never said anything. People suffering from depression rarely do say anything. But how come Ohio State knew about Smith’s difficulties?  Why did he say something and not Hudson?    This is one of those opportunities for an institution to look within and ask “what could/should we have done differently?”  Instead, they are chugging down the tracks on the denial train. 

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Here's a question for you 1957.  Say you are a 14 year old girl (or boy).  You are being bullied at school and on social media starting at the end of your 7th grade year and accelerating through your 8th grade year.  You don't say anything to anyone because, well people who are depressed don't want to be a burden on their friends and family.  (That's ultimately a big reason why they commit suicide so as to not be a burden on others.)  About a month before the end of your 8th grade year, you are so upset in English class that you turn your desk to the wall and start crying.  Your teacher (a female and mother) sees this and thinks "oh middle school girls.  They are so emotional."  At that moment, was that "situational depression" or "clinical depression" or did it become "clinical depression" a month later when my daughter tried to kill herself?  When did she go from being a snowflake to being clinically depressed?  

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Harbaugh, Michigan, and their fans are pushing a false narrative.  Harbaugh stepped in it at B1G Media Days and continues to step in it.  As we know, football coaches are bad at PR and apparently even worse at listening to PR advice.  

Something that jumps out at me when I read Harbaugh's rambling statement in the tweet that Kevin posted in this morning's Skully.  Read it a second time.  I did.  So, the narrative Harbaugh and Michigan are pushing now is that Fickel or Cincy wanted them to lie and say Hudson was suffering from mental illness.  Wait a minute crazy Jimmie, where in your statement do you say that Fickel asked anything about Huson's mental health?  According to Harbaugh, Fickel asked him one question and one question only - about the position switch.  If Jimmie was never asked by Fickel anything about anything else other than a position switch, exactly when was it that Fickel asked Jimmie to lie about James Hudson's mental health?  Exactly who is lying Jimmie?

Coaches.  They just don't know when to shut up.  That whole Harbaugh and Michigan narrative is destroyed by that one tweet.

I don't know a lot about this situation.  I really know nothing at all other than having personal experience with someone dear and close to me who suffered from it, and it's always in silence.  

Something else that I do know, and I learned it early in my career.  It should apply equally as well to college football teams, coaches, and players.  When an employee decides to leave, the employee and the employer never burns the bridge.  As an employer, you treat them right, help them out.  They may want to return one day.  They may become a client one day.  You may want to hire another graduate from their university or someone your former employee knows.  Michigan can kiss goodbye ever getting another recruit from Toledo Central Catholic.  Michigan can kiss goodbye any recruit who suffers/has suffered mental illness or who knows a family member or close friend who has suffered.  And Michigan fans on this site, there are unfortunately way too many of those kids out there.   

Comment 13 Aug 2019

Stick to your guns. You were correct. One of Haskins’ best plays, spun out of pressure, and dropped that pass right into the WR’s hands in the corner of the end zone. WR dropped it. Maybe he wouldn’t have gotten both feet in. But you were right. A great pass. 

Comment 10 Aug 2019

Yes, I saw that and should have edited it. I meant the message from Bijan was “I was committing to Ohio State, but then Herman/Drayton convinced me the staff responsible for Ohio State’s 2014 title are in Austin”. That’s serious BS, but Bijan bought it. Herman/Drayton conveniently didn’t mention a key reason for 2015/2016 Ohio State disappointments will be Bijan’s OC. 

Comment 10 Aug 2019

I think just the first Redskins offensive play. Starters don’t play much in the first NFL preseason games. 

Comment 09 Aug 2019

The 2017 Buckeyes that beat Wisky had two losses - vs OU and @ Iowa.  I still think a one loss B1G champion should get in, last year, any year.  Don't care that ND was undefeated through 12 games.  That schedule wasn't much.  I also don't think the 29 point Purdue loss should matter (and one criteria the Committee does follow if it has to break a tie, i.e., can't rely on the favored "eye test," is wins vs common opponents, without incenting margin of victory).  I understand how that's a perception thing and have come to accept it, just as ND's undefeated record was perceived better than either OSU or UGA, when they weren't based on their schedule IMO.

That said, an undefeated B1G champion is an absolute lock.  But a one loss B1G champion after last year means we are all scUM fans this 10/26.  Yuck.

Comment 08 Aug 2019

This is an outstanding article.  Ramzy, you really point out the road map.  How does 11W market and disseminate this kind of material?  

The difficulty confronting the "enterprising, strapping young investigative journalist" are also touched on by Ramzy.  No one knew who were Woodward and Bernstein, but they had a sleepy home town newspaper that was then owned by a family, the matriarch of which thought her little newspaper could and should compete with the New York Times.  The Times scooped the Post on the Pentagon Papers and Katherine Graham was determined that wasn't going to happen again.  But today it's corporate media with all of their inherent biases, access relationships, and let's face it the news rooms have been hollowed out.  The other key impediment are the "sunshine laws" that Ramzy references.  Now, for Clemson, Alabama, and the other schools mentioned in Marty Blazer's testimony, there are at least two felons sitting in federal prisons that would probably love to get out of the hole and talk for some time with a visiting journalist, but how do you get the records?  From personal experience dealing with one of the SEC states, this can take years of litigation.  On top of that, Clemson is a private university, so does the SC open record law even apply to Clemson?  LSU athletics is funded by a private foundation.  Do the LA open records laws apply to that foundation?  Grand jury testimony is confidential.  The prosecutors aren't going to cooperate, as most of those investigations - Blazer, LSU, etc. are probably still ongoing.    

Comment 07 Aug 2019

Didn’t some one once say luck is where preparation and opportunity meet?  

The 2016 spot wasn’t luck. Good call, bad call, or just a call. One player made a play. The opposing player(s) didn’t. 

The 2015 muffed punt was an unlucky play. For Ohio State. It was the same as the 2016 spot for UM. UM player failed, MSU player had been prepared and happened to succeed given the opportunity. It was unlucky for Ohio State, because that would have been MSU’s first of two losses. Buckeyes still win the division even with their loss to MSU. 

Comment 06 Aug 2019

I’ve said before Fields has to stay healthy and then the D has to be fixed. Nine returning starters, incredible depth along the D line, and the new coaches, and I’m confident the D will be much better. That leaves Fields. 

And that brings us to the O line, which will keep him clean, give him time to find his deep, talented WRs, and create holes for the run game. As others have said, it all starts with the O line playing strong and staying healthy. 

Comment 05 Aug 2019

Shouldn’t Harbaugh’s best season not be “won division” but rather “tied for division, lost tiebreaker to Urban Meyer 62-39.”

Edit:  I hate saying he tied Urban for the East.  He didn’t. I don’t care what Jack Harbaugh says. 

Comment 04 Aug 2019

As best I recall they were, but we hated Boardman back in the day and Fitch. They were bigger schools than my HS, still are. But every school in the Youngstown area is smaller now, if still around. 

Comment 04 Aug 2019

Alford has to get credit for Snead.  He got the #3 RB in the 2018 class to Columbus.  Wasn't his fault that Snead was dismissed.

I'm in the camp that, like the NFL, RB is still important, but the bell cow RB isn't the necessity it once was.. I'm much happier that we've got the #1 WR, and an immense haul of talent in the WR room of the 2019 class.

Yes, UGA for one has a very deep RB room loaded with talent already there and now committed, but does anyone really want UGA's offense?  Great O line, I'd take, but very thin at WR.  Don't know what their 2019 WR class looks like, but how many really want to go there?  Fleming never visited and instead committed to us on the day he had scheduled to visit UGA.  They lost the #1 player in Georgia last year to Oklahoma, WR Hazelwood.  UGA's got a very good QB, but they only ask him to be a game manager and throw the ball 20-25 times a game at most.  They want the backs to do the damage.  Makes sense, the HC is a defensive guy.  If I was a running back, I'd want to go there too.  But if I was a QB or WR, I might not.    

Comment 02 Aug 2019

Urban tried hard, was invested in ZS. Can’t fault him for that. Compassionate leader. It all goes back to Earle. But the bottom line IMO is Urban ultimately did the right thing. We can criticize about the timing, but Urban the human was as much in charge re ZS, as Urban the HC. 

You know what though, could you envision ZS as our OC!?!  OMG. Hartline coaching for Cincy now!?!  Urban’s cyst is real. Day a first time HC for ..........!?!  A blessing in disguise so to speak me thinks. 

Comment 02 Aug 2019

That’s a point also made by the nerds. I agree with you both. Cincy scares me, but only because it’s vs Fickel and game 2. Indiana scares me a little also - first road/B1G game for Fields. No team individually is of great concern, but for time of season and the back-to-back match ups you point out  

If we lose, my money is it’s earlier than later, unless Fields gets hurt and D sucks again (no control over the former and I don’t expect the latter). I’m expecting a team playing very well come November. 

Comment 01 Aug 2019

They used to call themselves "SEC Fans."  I guess they got the cease and desist letter from the SEC.  Still like their analyses.  I also tend to agree that 11-1 is most likely for the Buckeyes, and agree that two losses probably means more than two.  Two losses probably means two things - Justin Fields got hurt and the D isn't fixed, and that means more than two losses.  That's the absolute worst case scenario.  I think 12-0 is more likely than 9-3 or 8-4, with 11-1 most likely.  I just don't see the 1 being Nebraska or Wisky.  I also wouldn't be surprised that they are correct and Michigan is the first ranked team we play, as I'm not sold on MSU or PSU, but who knows.  I don't buy Michigan being the 1 either.   

Comment 01 Aug 2019

I can see ND losing those three.  I just have a hard time seeing them losing two more.  Both UVA, VA Tech, USC, all three could be good, could be bad (and I think only UVA is more likely to be good) are all at home.  I've got them losing at least two of the three of their tough road games (definitely UGA, maybe UM and Stanford), but their other road games are very manageable.  

Could happen to Texas too, I just don't know much about Baylor and TCU.  They also have WVU on the road, who I think will be down but those mountain people will be fired up on their moonshine for that game.  

Comment 01 Aug 2019

Lots of head-to-head match-ups, in addition to the traditional, that could keep one in (e.g., either UM or ND, but not both finish unranked, same for LSU v UT).  Plus, I think for any of these teams, 5 losses will be required.  

To me, the main suspects (outside of the absolute worst case scenario) are 6-10.  Like JT said, I don't see a 4 loss SECW LSU unranked.  They've got UF and AUB at home, don't see them losing to either of the Miss teams or Ark.  At worst losses to Texas and Bama and TAM (doubtful, at home), and upset by Utah St.  Too much a worst case and that still leaves just 4 losses.  

UM?  Losses to tOSU and ND.  But 3 of 4 against Army, Wisky, MSU, and PSU?  I can see anywhere from 2-4 losses for UM, but 5?   

UF?  At first, the Gators were my most likely, but look at that schedule.  OK losses to LSU on the road and UGA, but then one sees how bad the SECE still is.  UK, SC, or MO.  I could see one or two losses, but all three?  AUB at home and FSU?  I think the Gators are still my favorite, and I can see 5 losses amongst all those opponents.  

ND?  Requires a loss to UM.  Will lose to UGA.  Losses to UVA, USC, and Stanford (two of these games at home)?

UT?  See ND.  Requires a loss to LSU.  Can see another loss to OU, but also a win. Like Nutinpa said, who else is on the Horns schedule?  iowa State on the road?  Just don't see a schedule that's going to produce 5 losses.

I'd have to say the Gators, and then UM as my #2, but both teams are going to have to try hard.