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Forum Posting 101 *Update 5 - 2017 Season Kickoff*

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October 14, 2015 at 5:50pm

Hi all,

At the midway point of the [off] season, and with so much very little going on, I just wanted to post a quick refresher update on sensible forum posts.

Please ensure the following before posting:

Check for duplicates. Both staff and the community are very much on point when it comes to breaking news. Dupes happen, and I'm guilty of a few myself (self-moderated). If information is hours or days old, it's likely already posted. When checking, please review the front page, the forums, and Buckshots. *Update* Use Google if the 11W search comes up empty, and add "eleven warriors" to the end of your search, to optimize results. Try to post and bump active threads related to your posts, if you can. Each week of football season will provide a lot of members seeking similar information. 

[Props to NorCal for this tip.] 

Post in the correct forum. It's an easy enough request, but still see posts placed incorrectly (an example would be placing this post in the OSU Football forum, as opposed to Site Stuff). It's a better look for both the site and your contribution to the boards.

Details, details, details. Be descriptive with your post - both the title and body. My original title of "POSTING: READ THIS" here didn't quite cut it, so I added a little more to it for an engaging read. WHEN REFERENCING ANOTHER SOURCE, DON'T CUT AND PASTE A LINK (Linking and running), THAT SUCKS. THAT REALLY SUCKS. Cite your source, pull a sentence or two from it to highlight the reference and add your own input to it. Please do not copy and paste entire articles, that's also a no-no, nor share premium (paywall) content.

Clickbait. Don't waste your time, nor site space. Post at your own risk.

[Please don't simply post a hyperlink as that violates two forum posting faux pas, lack of details and clickbait.  The same goes for embedding a Tweet and posting it.  If you can't take the time to add context to steer the conversation, then don't be surprised when your effort is rewarded.]

Think before you post. See more than enough forum posts that would actually serve better as comments in existing threads. The "Is M...igan Back?" topic could surely work it's way into an existing thread somewhere. It's great to initiate discussion, but it's better to sustain one that's already in place. Fine line, but I wouldn't be too off saying we've seen thread redundancy in some of the hotter topics (at least I think).

Lastly, an all-around request to please be civil. There's plenty of opportunity to share ideas, opinions, comments...and we can all do so by being respectful. Makes for an already great experience here even better. Refer to the guidelines for further reference.

I'm not as proficient as others...if you post with some frequency please feel free to share any input here.

Appreciate your time.

Updated with link to the upper level Forum Posting 350.

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