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Comment 3 hours ago

I can understand Haskins' reactions to all this, I'd probably feel the same if I were him, and he'll have his chance(s) to get some payback.

For the short term, I'm eager to seeing him signed and into camp where he can get settled in and learn the ways of the NFL and Jon Gruden's offense. I'm hopeful I don't see him in live, meaningful play anytime soon - the Redskins can't throw him out there right now as he gets up to speed and they still have other roster needs (I'd love a number 1 wide receiver, please) to address.

In time, he'll learn to play for himself, all supported by a fanbase that's desperate for a long-term winner at QB.

Comment 15 hours ago
That dude was frustrating to see at Iowa, but he's going to kill it on Sundays.