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Tatum 1.04 Release Notes

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May 9, 2014 at 7:03am

Welcome to version 1.04 of Tatum, now powering this site. We're calling this the chillwave release because it addresses usability problems for non-Webkit browsers (browsers that are not Chrome and Safari, basically), along with some performance and quality of life improvements.

Here's what's in this release:

  • The site now works as intended on Firefox, IE8, and Android stock browser, among others.
  • External links now pop a new window. The old site had this and Tatum needed it.
  • The poll block now shows the number of comments for the poll, as well as new comment count (if any).
  • Strike through text now works in comments. I promise.
  • Added a link to the Buckshots block on the front page to view all Buckshots.
  • Comment signatures now work on IE9 and up.
  • Tables, images and callouts now align to the center on mobile devices. Further, wide tables have horizontal scrolling enabled for mobile.
  • The menu is no longer obscuring the top of HTML bookmarks. Previously, when you clicked the "comments" link to an article, you'd go to the comments, but the subheader was covered by the sticky menu at the top. Ditto for linking directly to a comment. No longer.
  • Responsive ads are now in place. We also cut down the number of ads shown to mobile users, which should improve the time it takes to render a page.
  • Buckshots can now feature YouTube videos in the header.
  • We now have a fancy divider for articles instead of the faint gray line that we used to have. An example of it in action can be found towards the end of this piece.
  • It's now a thousand times easier for the staff to feature animated GIFs on the front page and in the article headers. #GIFMAGEDDON coming.
  • Several backend features that won't be apparent, but will make our lives easier. Which should translate to a better 11W.

We're still working on a great many things so look for another update in the near future. As always, thanks for your patience and your patronage.

Previous Release Notes: 1.01, 1.02 and 1.03

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