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Clemson Talent Level Similar to Michigan

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December 8, 2019 at 10:49pm

I have yet to do my official detailed research, but I do know this, Clemson has talent more equal to Michigan than it does to PSU. It's not the end all, coaching, who's your QB, and development comes into play too. I mean, look at Wisconsin, they are not OSU good, but really good with their talent level, because of coaching. I would give coaching an even grade on both sides overall based on this year only. I believe it will come down to talent and fewest mistakes.

According to 24/7's 2019 College Football Team Talent Composite, OSU has 60, 4 & 5 star players. Clemson has 40 on their roster, which is less than PSU's 50 and equal to Michigan's 40. I suppose since this is a forum article, I can say this. Clemson this year, is Michigan level talent, but they play in the ACC (and are defending champs) so it looks better overall.

I wrote this so all the people who think this will be a toughest of the 2 games, are probably wrong. LSU and Oklahoma have PSU level 4/5 star talent (51 & 50).

This is a game that will come down to confidence. If the Buckeyes have it, it will be a blowout. I have so many other reasons (like Trevor taking 7 step drops, Clemson rebuilt D-Line, etc), but for now, this article is just about recruited talent on the field.

Rest well my friends, and gain some confidence knowing that if Michigan and Clemson switched conferences, they would have very similar results as Clemson did this year.

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