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Comment 01 May 2017

Iowa is always said to be a trap game, and it seems like they always play OSU tough, but in my lifetime, they've only beaten OSU 4 times and I'm 49 years old. Stats: Minnesota only has 7 wins all time against OSU, Indiana 12, and Purdue, MSU and Iowa only have 14 wins all time against OSU.

Comment 29 Mar 2017

That 94 PSU team was something to behold. One of the best teams I've ever watched. They should have easily won the NC in a normal year, and even so, they should have gained a split. When a team is that good, blowing everybody out, including our beloved Buckeyes, you have to admire them.

Comment 20 Mar 2017

Bukirob: I'm talking about OSU losing a linebacker coach to a promotion, and suffering in the backer corps because of it. I'm talking OSU losing an O-Line coach to a promotion and suffering on the line because of it. I'm hoping the same wouldn't happen with Kerry. I am rooting for Fickel too, for the most part - Have to be a little cautious since he is recruiting some of the same people in our state.

Comment 20 Mar 2017

Moving a position coach to a Coordinator position is always a risky thing. Look what happend to Fickel when he became HC, and his 1st year as DC (before Ash), and also look at Ed Warriner, you can even throw in Walrus, but one might question him as a OL coach too. When you hire a Coordinator from within, you lose the great position coach you had, and you are hiring a 1st time Coordinator at The Ohio State University. Like I said risky, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. An example of when it did work, was Freddy Pagic, dude was a star. Heacock also worked out well, although I was never a big fan of his.

Comment 20 Feb 2017

In fariness, I was at the game, and I can't remember one play where someone actually went vertical deep in the first half. I'm not talking throwing deep, I'm talking actually a play where a receiver actually went vertical at all. In the 2nd half it changed, but after the fumble by our RB in the first series, our college team was demoralized...