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March 6, 2014 at 5:17pm

Hey all, I know a lot of times on this site people will ask "Who will be the next commit", but with what seems like a majority of our recruits this year saying they will wait until after their seasons to make a choice, that next commit could be a long way off. So my question is how fast does everyone think this class fills up this year? I am especially interested in what the staff thinks on this topic.

I'm setting the over/under for total number of commits by summer at 6.5 (so keeping all of our commits and adding 4 more would be over).

I'm setting the over/under for total number of commits by the start of the season at 11.5.

Personally I think we wind up under on both numbers and a lot of people start unnecessarily walking towards the ledge in panic by mid June... I think Van Jefferson, Dre'mont Jones, and Sh'mar Kilby-Lane are the only add-ons by summer and we add Nick Conner, C. J. Conrad, Steven Gonzalez, Marcus Lewis and a surprise Torance Gibson commitment by week 1.

So what do you think, and who ya got?


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