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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 National Championship Game... nuff said
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Bo Jackson... I know he's not a Buckeye, but Bo Jackson... Favorite Buckeye is Chris Speilmen
  • NFL TEAM: Broncos/Packers/Raiders
  • NHL TEAM: Penguins
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: This is still a sport in America?

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Comment 10 Apr 2019

The issue isn't that CO2 levels are high right now. The world has consistently oscillated back and forth between high CO2 and O2 levels. The issue is that we, as humans, are consistently doing things that add CO2 to the atmosphere (leading to an accelerated rise in CO2 levels) while simultaneously hacking away at the world forests (removing Earth's only real way of consuming the CO2 we produce and self-correcting the issue). The CO2 levels in the world are fine right now, hence us not currently being in the middle of a global catastrophy, but if the trend we're on continues (and I don't see how it doesn't without some significant changes/innovations) CO2 levels never start to oscillate back the other direction again which could eventually be significant trouble for our planet...

But it's cool, go ahead and keep believing things will get better on their own.

Comment 02 Apr 2019

I don't know a ton about Murray, but this feels like Dorsey going out of his way just to bring in one of his guys. I understand that most of his moves thus far have turned into gold, so he deserves the benefit of the the doubt, but it seems like we broke even at best on this one. I really liked the idea of keeping Ogbah and actually having good depth at DE for once. I thought he was probably best suited for a 3rd DE role who could help keep our starters fresh. Instead, we're now back to having little depth on the edge, just so we can bring in a safety who is only marginally better than the one we just cut. 

Comment 15 Mar 2019

Yea, that LT and RT you speak of came together to help allow the least sacks of any team in the league over the second half. Are they all-stars? Hell no. But to say that they are massive holes wouldn't exactly be accurate either.

Comment 15 Mar 2019

Seems to me he might be a trade deadline candidate. Let him support Chubb for the first half of the year and then if you still really want to deal him, do it closer to when Hunt is set to come back.

Comment 12 Mar 2019

I agree that this D-line class is absolutely loaded, but I also think that may mean they could get a first round talent like Dexter Lawrence or Dre'mont Jones if they move up a bit in round 2. I'm betting they finish free agency by signing a WR (Williams?) and a DB (Roby?), and then go OT in the first round unless Devin White falls to them at 17.

Comment 09 Mar 2019

The replacement is Cobertt (the 33rd pick pay year). He must have impressed enough last year in a back up role to be trusted to start this year.

I like the trade as well. The idea of pairing Garrett with another end who had double digit sack potential is enticing. As long as he stays healthy I think this is a win. It also works to get Ogba off the field and frees is to take a DT, WR, or CB with pick 17. All positions of strength in the draft.

Comment 06 Mar 2019

I'll never understand how last year Baker was too short to succeed at 6'1/2" (in fairness, I agreed with that sentiment), then he succeeds, and all the sudden its alright that Murray is 5'10" because Baker did it? Baker is closer in height and weight to Aaron Rodgers than he is to Murray. How the two are in any way connected blows my mind. 

Comment 05 Mar 2019

You say from year 1 to year 4, but I think he has even made significant strides from year 4 - to senior bowl - to combine. I don't think we ever saw the Terry that put on a show at the senior bowl. He was always solid, but I never thought of him as a guy who made life hard for opposing CB's. Either he improved greatly over the last few months, or his talents were poorly mismanaged here. (I very much fear it was the latter. See Thomas, Michael)