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Comment 14 Jul 2017

He doesn't have a start yet, but what he does have is a seasons worth of reps that were split evenly between him and two first round corners... I don't have a crystal ball, but then again I don't think I need one to predict big things from ward this year. I think the nomination is warranted.

Comment 28 Jun 2017

In the 2019 class, it's well known that Ohio is loaded with d-line talent. Zach Harrison, Cade Stover, Jowon Briggs, Steven Faucheux, and even Rodas Johnson. Yet I keep seeing offers go out to national d-line prospects. I understand the national approach to recruiting and I understand the whole "Urban will always bring in the best" thing, but with the talent we have within our own boarders at the position this year can we really afford to allow these guys to leave the state? If a couple out if state prospects commit, will we make room for these guys or could some of them be left out in the cold?

Comment 13 Jun 2017

I agree about Williams, but I can't think of anyone else the cavs could get for the min that is as talented as him. It's a tough spot for sure. I also agree with the Celtics idea in theory but all the rumors were that they wanted love bad last year to pair with horford and Thomas, and the love for Bradley/Crowder/and a pick theory was a rumor I actually heard multiple times last year. I heard it was really just the pick that was the sticking point. Cavs wanted the nets pick and Boston wouldn't include it.

And who knows, The Celtics are every bit as far behind the cavs as the cavs are the warriors, maybe they think clearing space for the young guns to start will make them make them better in the long run and keep their window open longer for after the LeBron/GSW era is over.

Comment 13 Jun 2017

Just like some of the posters stated above, some of the moves being discussed here are delusional. Let's think realistic; if you were the pacers you aren't trading Paul George for a player like love, it makes you no better. If you're trading George you're scraping everything and rebuilding meaning they would want prospects and quality draft picks, neither of which the cavs have. George is not an option. 

So who could be an option? Who are talented players who could be traded for below market value? As much as I hate it, Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks want nothing to do with him and simply want to shed his contract. Shumpert and Frye get you close in salary and maybe you add a future pick or the rights to Cede Osmund to sweeten the deal. This is a doable trade. 

So now what to do with love? If Carmelo comes in he's coming in as a PF. So who in the league really wants love that we could get a reasonable return for? The Celtics. With them likely drafting a guard at 1, Avery Bradley (one of the most underrated players in the league) is expendable. Bradley alone isn't enough for love, but maybe they can add in Jay Crowder. Right now he's blocking Jaylen Brown's path to minutes, so maybe he's expendable as well. 

These are both reasonable deals that could actually be accomplished. The salaries are comparable and would actually work with some minor tweaking. This would give the cavs a lineup of Irving, Bradley, James,  Anthoney, and Thompson, with Smith, Crowder, and korver coming off the bench. Sign perhaps David Lee to the min as a backup big and do the same with D-Will at PG and that's a pretty deep, pretty powerful, and fairly realistic lineup that could actually challenge golden state.

Comment 04 Jun 2017

Not to be that guy, but you literally can discern nothing from that video. Lee never touches a woman in it. I mean, I get it, yelling at a woman in public is not a good look, but Lee has always seemed like a level-headed dude so I'd like to know what set him off. I've seen instances where a woman has punched/slapped a man an the man gets very heated and in her face, and if you missed the slap it looks like the guy is a first class dick. As long as he didn't lay hands on her I'm in the camp of reserving judgement. And I know enough to not go off the word of some random guys Twitter handle.

Comment 22 Apr 2017

4 of your top 5 sporting events involve soccer, and outside of the world cup watching a sport for 80+ minutes that can end in a tie is enough to make my eyes bleed. Therefore your opinion is invalid to me. 

Comment 16 Apr 2017

Take Garrett at 1 and pair him with Ogba and you have the makings of a half decent d-line. 

At 12, I think Hooker falls to them here, it's just a matter of if the browns are smart enough to take him. Unlikely 

I think pick 33 should be used with other resources (maybe a 2nd rounder next year) to jump back ahead of the Texans and take whichever QB between Watson and Trubiskey falls. And one of them will fall. 

At 52 I'm taking the best corner available. Hopefully Sidney Jones. Dude was I top 15 pick before the pro day injury. 

At the top of round three I like Chris Goodwin at WR. He was one of the only guys that gave our first round corners fits during the season. The dude is going to be a player a la Allen Robinson. Although I'd be very tempted to pull the trigger on Raekwon McMillan if he somehow fell to us there, and just finish completely making over the entire D.

Comment 10 Apr 2017

Here's what I don't get, why the hell is a top 150 player from Ohio going to play for an 8-loss SEC team instead of Mich st, or Penn St, or Wisc, and trying to stick it to OSU all while having the potential to win a Big 10 championship and play in the playoffs??? I mean, to each their own, but that makes no sense to me. 

Comment 13 Feb 2017

I thought the NCAA recently passed a rule that would prevent this thing from happening. I'm almost positive I read somewhere that if a school hired the parent/coach of a player, they would not be able to recruit that player for 2 years. Is that actually a thing, or am I slowly losing my mind?

Comment 16 Jan 2017

It's funny, outside of the #1 overall pick, the browns could take a buckeye at their next for picks and become substantially better:

#12: Hooker (projected 5-12 range)

#33: Conley/Latimore (projected late first/early second)

#52: McMillan (projected early/mid second)

#65: Elflein (projected early third)

And yet the clowns will select exactly 0 of those players...

Comment 09 Jan 2017

There's a reason the guy got a comparable number of reps to Lattimore and Conley, the kid can play. He did not struggle like Arnett did, and he was consistently solid in coverage. Not spectacular, but solid. Sure, he got beat a couple times, and occasionally those beats were bad, but so did Apple in his first year getting snaps... and Conley...

Given the progression those two made I feel its safe to assume Ward makes a similar jump, especially because it would not be a reach to say he performed better this year than either of them did during their first tour of duty. What seems crazy is all the people saying a guy who has NEVER PLAYED A SNAP of major conference football is immediately going to be better than Ward, who has some 500 or so game snaps of experience to his name already. Why? Because of a highlight film where he dominated other mostly poor competition? Has anyone actually seen a whole game film of the kid? Because you all seem pretty certain that he's never been out of position or beat on a route in his entire career. Of course you're only going to see his good plays... its a highlight film!!!

Sorry, but if I'm a gambling man (which I'm not), I'm putting my money on the known quantity. This is not to say that I don't want Sheffield in this class, because I do, but to say that he is even guaranteed to start over Arnett at this point would be a stretch. (See Pridgon v. Prince)

Comment 13 Dec 2016

There are five choices on the graphic. But Michigan St looks like it's slowly being erased like a Marty McFly picture... So it only looks like three